Working Out That Attitude

| Australia | Working | August 3, 2016

(A new member has recently joined my gym, and it’s obvious from the start that he’s incredibly socially awkward, tending to strike up conversations with the other members while they’re trying to work out. I don’t mind him, because even though he’s slightly inappropriate, he’s very sweet and it’s obvious he’s just being friendly. One day he stops showing up.)

Me: “Hey, [Receptionist], I’ve noticed [New Member] hasn’t been going to his regular classes.

Receptionist: “Oh, yeah, he hasn’t been in for a few weeks.” *quietly* “Are you asking because he was making you feel uncomfortable? We’ve got a lot of complaints about him, and I’m sorry if that’s the case. Nobody should be made to feel like that.”

Me: *a bit agitated at her* “Yeah, I’m sorry, too. I hope he didn’t leave just because everyone here gave him a hard time for being friendly.”

Receptionist: “Uh… sorry?”

Me: “I mean, I agree; nobody should be made to feel like they’re not welcome just because they’re a little odd. It’s obvious coming here to get fit was a big deal to him, and considering how socially awkward he is I think it’s really great he’s taken this step.”

Receptionist: *sheepishly* “Oh… uh, yeah.”

Me: “I’m so glad you think so, too.”

(Luckily he came back the following week, and with a bit of time and encouragement he started to catch on to social cues a bit better. Shows how far a little self confidence can get you!)

Will Not Accept This Locker-Room Behavior

| Germany | Right | July 13, 2016

(I work in a gym, and we got a new system to lock our lockers two months ago.)

Customer: “What is this s***?” *holding up the card she needs to open the locker*

Me: “Oh, it’s our new locker-system. You don’t have to get one key for each locker now, you can just go to any locker you want and unlock it.”

Customer: “But why didn’t you tell me before!? I was just trying to open these d*** lockers for a half hour!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we already changed it two months ago. I can’t keep asking everyone if they know how to open it, but I will come with you and show it to you.”

Customer: “No, I don’t have time anymore! Just give me my money back for this visit and let me leave!”

Me: “You are paying monthly like everyone else, so I can’t give you anything back.”


(At this point I call my manager, and he explains him why he can’t get his money back. The customer breaks his card and just walks away.)

Manager: “Do you know his name?”

Me: “Yes, why?”

Manager: “These cards cost €30 each; just put it on his next monthly payment and call me if he calls and complains…”

Crazier Than Anything You Get On TV

| USA | Working | July 10, 2016

(I have been hired as a cleaner in a gym. Even though I’m only part time on minimum wage, the work is backbreaking. I don’t mind the wage or the work, but I do mind the boss being a control freak. I sometimes look at the TVs while I’m polishing the mirrors, and he can’t stand it.)

Boss: “I’m watching you. Don’t watch TV. You’re not being paid for that! I’m watching you. I pay you to clean and nothing else! I’m watching you.”

Me: *creeped out*

(Please note this gym is new and sparkling clean, with no dust or grime anywhere. If it were dirty, I’d understand his anger, but it’s clean so I’m a bit miffed. I go to dust the equipment, and am facing the TV but looking down at my work.)

Boss: *swoops* “I saw THAT! Stop watching TV!”

Me: “I only glanced at it.”

Boss: “You were watching. I saw you.”

(Fed up by his craziness, I walked out and never returned. He’s still looking for another cleaner, and I pity whomever he hires next.)

You Are Inspirationally Bad

, | Andover, MA, USA | Learning | June 25, 2016

(I and a friend are practicing serves for badminton in gym. My friend hasn’t been doing so well on hitting the birdie, and eventually this exchange occurs.)

Friend: “I believe in the heart of the cards!”

Me: “There aren’t any cards here.”

Friend: “Then I believe in the heart of the racket!”

(He whiffs yet another serve.)

Me: *deadpan* “Your racket has arrhythmia.”

Dandruff And Huff About It

| Raleigh, NC, USA | Right | May 3, 2016

(I work at the front desk of a gym that has locker rooms stocked with mouthwash, deodorant, soap, and hairspray. Our showers are stocked with soap and shampoo. One of our members, a middle-aged man, approaches me at the desk.)

Member: “Excuse me, but why does the mouthwash in the showers taste like shampoo?”

Me: “I haven’t actually been in the men’s showers myself, but I know the women’s showers do not have a mouthwash dispenser — only shampoo and soap.”

Member: “The mouthwash definitely tasted like shampoo. I hope it was mouthwash…”

Me: *turning to my male coworker a few feet away* “[Coworker], do we keep mouthwash in the men’s showers?”

Coworker: “No… there’s only shampoo and soap in there.”

Member: *with a worried look on his face* “Oh. Um, thank you. Bye now.”

(The member leaves immediately.)

Coworker: “Do you think he was joking?”

Me: “No, he was definitely serious. That guy gargled shampoo.”

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