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Not Driving To The Point

, , , , , | Working | May 4, 2014

(I work in an area very well-known for our inclement weather. A blizzard has just hit our region, and the county has declared a state of emergency. Many of the surrounding towns have issued driving bans. I am able to get to work early, but due to the restrictions and weather, many of my coworkers are not.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Fitness Center]. This is [My Name]. How may I direct your call?”

Caller: “Is [Operations Manager] there?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry. She isn’t here today.”

Caller: “Is [General Manager] there?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry. He isn’t here, either.”

Caller: “This is [Coworker]. Why is nobody there today?”

Me: “Because of the driving ban? It is illegal for them to drive here right now.”

Caller: “Oh… that’s why I’m calling. There is a driving ban and I don’t think I can drive to work tonight.”

Me: “…”

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Taking Charge Of The Situation

| Working | April 20, 2014

(At the beginning of summer, my husband and I join a gym which has a chain around the country. It is supposed to be $30 a month for both of us. In November, I notice they have charged us an additional $80. I do banking online and it happened on a Friday, but I caught it on Sunday. I call them a few hours before closing.)

Worker: “Thanks for calling [Gym].”

Me: “Hi. I saw a charge from you guys for $80. I need that removed. I never authorized that and don’t know what it’s for.”

Worker: “That was probably an equipment maintenance fee. They usually come out towards the end of the year.”

Me: “Um, no one ever told us about that. We were only supposed to be $15 a month per person, plus the $50 sign-up fee per person.”

Worker: “Well, it’s on all the contracts. Our computers are down right now. Can someone call you back when they come up?”

Me: “Fine. My number is [number].”

(Come Monday evening, I still have not heard back, so I call again.)

Worker #2: “Thanks for calling [Gym].”

Me: “Hi, there was an unauthorized charge of $80 on my account that no one told me about. It needs to be removed.”

(He then looks up my account and tells me some crap about because their monthly fees are so low, they charge this supplemental fee to ‘lock in’ our cheaper rate, because they have more expensive packages that include tanning that I’m not on. And furthermore it’s a totally legitimate charge, even though no one told us about it. He gives me the phone number for ‘billing’. I call it and sit on hold for 11 minutes, and then the line disconnects. I call again and hit the number for voicemail, which then immediately disconnects. I call the gym back.)

Me: “Hey, I just spoke with you a little while ago. That number for billing doesn’t work, so I need you to get a manager or something to take the charge off.”

Worker #2: “One won’t be in until tomorrow at 10.”

Me: “Fine, I’ll call again then.”

(The next day, my husband goes there himself at 10. I’m not with him because I’m at work. He explains the situation to the manager.)

Manager: “Funny how all new customers seem to ‘conveniently’ forget about that charge! I’ve got a business to run here; I can’t just give out money! What have you even been DOING? You have to walk through that door for this thing to work! Best I can do is give you a free consultation with a trainer.”

Husband: “You were supposed to do that anyway months ago when we signed up and that never happened.”

Manager: “Well, that’s all you’ll get.”

(My husband then leaves and calls me to tell me what happened and to ask if I want to take that offer. I immediately call the gym and inform them that I need to cancel both of our memberships immediately. They say I have to physically go down there to do that. We both show up after I get off work. I notice they have a whiteboard which says they’re under new management. We speak to a different worker we’ve never talked to before.)

Me: “We need to cancel both of our memberships.”

Worker #3: “Oh, no. Can I ask why?”

Me: “Because you charged us $80 without telling us about it and refuse to remove it.”

Worker #3: “Can I get my manager?”

Me: “No, my husband tried earlier today and was insulted! All we need to do is cancel our memberships.”

Worker #3: “When did you join?”

Me: “Beginning of summer sometime.”

Worker #3: “Hmm, yes. That charge usually comes out about three months after members join. I’m surprised no one told you about it. Do you remember you signed you up?”

Me: “Yup, that guy.” *points to the guy standing right next to her helping someone else*

(We then filled out paperwork agreeing to cancel our contracts and are told that we will be charged for one more month because they have a 30-day cancellation notice. We argued back and forth because the paperwork said we were subject to a cancellation fee, even though we were told at sign-up that there was none, and this worker concurred there isn’t one. They were evicted by the landlord one month later and were still charging people. Turned out this same gym had done the same thing in this town about 10 years earlier.)

Trying To Bias Time

| Working | March 28, 2014

(I work in the daycare for a gym. Our manager does a new schedule each month, for which we have to turn in an ‘availability form,’ where we fill out what times we can work and what days we want off. Days off are first come, first serve. I have just looked at the schedule.)

Me: “Hey, [Boss]. I asked for the whole week of Christmas off. Why do I have all of them off but one?”

Boss: “No one else could work that day, so you’re it.”

Me: “But it’s first come first serve. I was the first person.”

Boss: “Yeah, but no one else wanted to work that day. Too bad.”

Me: “So you’re ignoring the policy?”

Boss: “No. I needed you to work that day, so I put you on the schedule.”

Me: “But I was the first to put in my availability.”

Boss: “I already made the schedule. Nothing I can do about it.”

(I went to her boss, who called her on her bulls***. After two days of arguing with my boss back and forth, her boss ended up closing the day-care for the day she put me on. I put in my two weeks (due to school-related reasons) and told her I was taking ‘an unpaid leave of absence from day x to day y.’ The clincher? She scheduled me after my last day.)

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Cleaning Up Their Act

| Working | January 2, 2014

(I’m the assistant manager of a gym. Every day one of our instructors comes to complain how dirty the classroom is. We clean it every single day, in the morning and at night.)

Instructor: “You need to clean it before my class starts!”

Me: “Your class starts at the same time I do.”

Instructor: “Yeah, but if you got here, like, 15 minutes early…”

Me: “I walk here and am the first staff to arrive. What if you just spend two minutes with the floor mop and sweep the floor before class?”

Instructor: “I shouldn’t have to. I’m not staff.”

(A couple of days go by…)

Instructor: “Maybe we need to hire someone to come in at night to clean it. It’s getting nasty back there. The girls and I have been seeing mouse poop.”

(The instructor leaves. I turn to my manager.)

Me: “Have you seen any mouse poop?”

Manager: “No. It’s been clean every time I go back there. We can’t hire someone just to come in the middle of the night just to clean that back room.”

Me: “I’ve got an idea.” *goes to the instructor* “Listen. We can’t hire someone unless we prove that it’s really gross. Every time you see mouse poop or massive piles of dirt, take a picture and send it to me so we can have record of how disgusting it gets back there. Then we can tell [Owner] that we need someone extra.”

Instructor: “That’ll be perfect. Thanks.”

(A few days go by…)

Instructor: “Thanks so much, you guys. It’s really looking a lot better back there!”

(The instructor never sent us any pictures of any messes, and we never changed a thing.)

All Is Fair In Love And War

| Romantic | December 26, 2013

(My girlfriend and I are both skilled in martial arts. One day we are sparring, and I’m starting to get the upper hand. Suddenly, she stops. She faces me and kisses me on the nose.)

Girlfriend: “I love you!”

Me: “What?”

(She then proceeds to grab me, flip me over her shoulder, and pin me to the mat.)

Me: “That’s cheating!”

Girlfriend: “Not when I say I love you!”