| MI, USA | Working | December 14, 2016

(I am a high-school student. I have been hired as a bagger at the local grocery store. This is my second day on the job, and I have just spent an hour gathering carts from the parking lot. Employees wear black pants and the polyester uniform shirt. It is getting close to 90 F outside, and I am sweating. I return to the store and approach my manager before going back to bagging groceries.)

Me: “Hi, [Manager], I just finished with the carts. Can I drink some water before I go back to bagging?”

Manager: “You can drink water on your break. Go back to bagging.”

Me: “Okay… when is my break?”

Manager: “Two pm.”

Me: “I’m not sure I can wait three hours to drink water. Can my break be moved up?”

Manager: “No! Don’t bother me about your break and get back to work.”

Me: *shrugs and walks away*

(I see that the water fountain is about 12 feet away from the registers where I am supposed to be bagging, so I defiantly walk past the registers and get a drink of water, then go back to bagging.)

Manager: “What are you doing?! I told you that you could not take your break yet!”

Me: “I am not taking my break; I got a drink of water and now I’m working.”

Manager: “This is unacceptable. I told you no.”

Me: “You know what? I don’t need to be treated like this.”

(I take off my uniform shirt and name tag – I am wearing a tank top underneath – and throw them across the counter where my manager is standing, and I walked out of the store. As a minor and a member of the union, I could not believe that I was denied water. My dad heard the story and went down to the store to rip her a new one. She still works there and is still a miserable person.)

That Wasn’t Planned

| AB, Canada | Working | December 14, 2016

(It’s a slow day, so I and the rest of the cashiers are standing around, shooting the breeze. The store manager comes up to us. We think we’re about to get chewed out for doing nothing, but instead, he hands an envelope to the oldest cashier.)

Manager: “Just got this from head office to give to you.”

Cashier: “What is it?”

Manager: “It’s the paperwork to get you into the company pension plan.”

Cashier: “Wait… there’s a pension plan?”

Manager: “I know, right? It was a surprise to me, too, when this came today. Apparently, no one’s ever worked here long enough to qualify. Not even me! So… congratulations, I guess.”

A Fire-y Altercation

| USA | Working | December 14, 2016

(I work in the customer support section of a chain supermarket that’s in state only. We have hired a new employee who turned out to not be the best, and this is her last day working.)


Boss: “You may walk out yourself, or have security walk you out.”

(The new hire is on the floor throwing a temper tantrum until security finally makes it over.)

Security Guard: “Ma’am, we have to ask you to leave.”


Security Guard: “This is your last warning to cooperate or police will be called and you can go with them.”


Boss: “You’ve only been on your shift for 30 minutes and in this time you showed up 15 minutes late, threw stuff on the floor, cursed out a customer, and threw a temper tantrum. If you deserve to be paid for that then I’ve been working the wrong way my entire life.”


(The new hire left, but not without throwing a few more things on the floor and having an altercation with the police!)

Sadly These Kinds Of Warnings Are Not Nuts

| NY, USA | Right | December 13, 2016

(I’m working the food demo station at a popular grocery store. The sample of the day is basically a new peanut butter on a cracker. Because of peanut allergies, we have a sign attached to our sneeze guard that says, “Allergy Warning: Contains Nuts.” A customer walks up, reads the sign that says what we’re serving, looks at the sample, then at me.)

Customer #1: “There are peanuts in this! Some people have peanut allergies! You should have a sign warning people with allergies that there are peanuts in this!”

Me: “Yes, we do have an allergy warning right here.” *I point to the sign located right next to the other sign she just read*

Customer #1: “You should have a bigger sign!”

(She walks away without taking a sample. A few minutes later, another customer comes up and reads both signs.)

Customer #2: “‘Contains nuts’? You really need to post this? It’s peanut butter. Of course it contains nuts.”

Me: “You wouldn’t believe it…”

Not Doing The Bulk Of The Parenting

| WA, USA | Related | December 13, 2016

(I am visiting my mom and buying us both a lot of stuff, including one item that takes up most of the cart. We are ready to check out.)

Mom: “I’m going to meet you outside. I need a cigarette.”

Me: “I need help with all this stuff, especially [large item].”

Mom: “I’ll help you with it when you meet me outside.”

Me: “I need you to help me put everything on the belt. There’s too much for me, especially with [large item] in the way.”

Mom: “I told you, I’ll help you after I have a cigarette. Meet me outside when you’re done.”

Me: “In order to get everything in bags in the first place, you need to help me put everything on the conveyor belt and put in your phone number for the rewards.”

(My mom put a couple things on the belt, punched in her number, and went to smoke. The cashier was very helpful with my bulky item and putting the bags around it, though.)

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