An Extra Bag Of Hot Air

| Helsinki, Finland | Right | November 7, 2012

(I’m serving a customer at the register, with items well into a triple digit total. He’s staring at the price display like a hawk. Even though there’s no line, I’m scanning as fast as I can.)

Customer: “I think you charged me three bags.”

(I look and see that one of the two carrier bags he had had indeed scanned twice. I void the extra bag.)

Me: “Oops, sorry about that!”

Customer: “There really should be a training program for you people.”

Me: “I’ve been trained for this, sir.”

Customer: “Well sure as s*** doesn’t look like it. How hard could it possibly be to scan each item once and only once?”

Me: “It happens. I fixed it, as you can see from the display.”

Customer: “But you’ve wasted my time with your incompetence!”

(My manager is walking by, sees the commotion, and approaches.)

Customer: “You really should be fired. I don’t think it’s too much to f***ing ask for you people to do your jobs properly. Perhaps if you had paid attention in school and not fooled around all the time, you wouldn’t be doing this s*** now. Moron!”

Me: “I apologize for the error.”

Customer: “Well, that’s not really good enough, s***head! This happens every time! The only reason I don’t go to the other store across the street is because they’re even more f***ing idiotic over there!”

Me: “I’ve corrected the mistake now. You will only pay for the items you’re actually buying.”

Customer: “But how the f*** can I be sure of that now?! I only get the f***ing receipt after I’ve paid! I’m left trusting potheads and morons like you to handle this s*** properly, but I guess you can’t even do that! Un-f***ing-believable!”

(At this point, my manager comes over and speaks up.)

Manager: “You make an excellent point, sir. I will fire this employee immediately, and your purchases today are free of charge.”

Customer: “Really?!”

Manager: “No. F*** off!”

(With that, my manager closes my register and motions me to follow him. We leave for break, leaving the customer standing there, stunned.)

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A Rebel With Too Many Causes

| Taylor, MI, USA | Working | November 1, 2012

(I work at a grocery store and I get along with all my coworkers but one. Coworker #1 is a self-proclaimed ‘Social Justice Warrior’ and takes it upon herself to call anyone and everyone sexist, racist, or ablest for anything they say. Note that she is so extreme she went on a tangent how calling black grapes black was racist.)

Me: “Wow, it’s raining so bad outside right now.”

Coworker #2: “Yeah, I know. I’m glad I didn’t have to walk today—”

Coworker #1: “You’re GLAD you didn’t have to walk today? Don’t you know how inconsiderate that is to say? Some people can’t walk! Ablest scum!”

Coworker #2: “Wow… well, excuse me for not wanting to waddle through the rain for a half hour.”

Coworker #1: “Your struggle is nothing compared to what other people have to deal with. Check your privilege!”

(Coworker #1 then storms away. Later that day, I see her talking to a custodian and overhear this.)

Coworker #1: “Well, I don’t see how you don’t understand how you’re being oppressed.”

Custodian: “Excuse me?”

Coworker #1: “They put you in this spot because you’re Hispanic. They’re trying to make you a stereotype so they can feel comfortable in their controlled world!”

Custodian: I’m sorry, but I applied for this job, and I’m pretty content with it. Also, I’m Hawaiian, not Hispanic.”

Coworker #1: “I’m just trying to help you! You don’t have to be so reverse-racist okay? I understand, I’m on your side!”

(The custodian gives her an odd look before attempting to go back to his job.)

Coworker #1: “I know how it feels. They’ve appropriated your culture and now you’re scorned! I can help!”

Custodian:: *ignores her*

Coworker #1: “I can’t believe this!”

(Coworker #1 storms off once again. The next day I heard she quit; apparently she said she couldn’t be in such a triggering environment.)

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Customer Zero

| San Diego, CA, USA | Right | October 26, 2012

(I have just gone to the hospital for a abdominal scan, and I still have the ID bracelet on that they give to patients. I am shopping on my own when a woman comes up to me.)

Female customer: “Excuse me!”

Me: “Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be in the way.”

Female customer: “What are you doing in a public place, kid?”

(Note: I’m 21.)

Me: “What?”

Female customer: “That bracelet! It means that you are infected! What are you doing touching things?”

Me: “Lady. I’m not infected with anything. I just came from a check-up.”

Female customer: “STOP LYING! I am going to get the manager!”

(She leaves, and I continue to shop. She comes back with the manager while I am looking at some fruit.)

Female customer: “See? He’s touching everything! Now you are going to have to throw all of this out!”

Me: “Look, I already told you. It’s an ID bracelet.”

Manager: “Wait. You already told her that?” *turns to lady* “Why are you harassing this poor kid?”

Female customer: “HE IS GOING TO KILL US ALL!” *runs off*

(The manager apologized and I got his discount for my food!)

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Stamping Out Equality

| Traverse City, MI, USA | Right | October 26, 2012

(I am working a slow late night at the service counter. A snobbish woman comes up for some stamps.)

Customer: “I would like a book of forever stamps.”

Me: “Okay, no problem. That’s $9.00.” *hands woman stamps*

Customer: *looking disappointed* “Is this the only design you got?”

Me: “Yes, is there a problem with this design?”

Customer: “Yes, these quotes on them… I don’t like the fact that say equality. I don’t believe in equality.” *walks away*

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Bags Of Laughs

| Edmonton, AB, Canada | Right | October 26, 2012

(It’s been a long night, with a higher than average number of annoying customers. A couple comes through the till.)

Wife: “Oh, no. Don’t put the chips with the pop! It’ll get crushed.”

Husband: “Geez, don’t put the chips with the bread.”

Wife: “Oh, and keep the pickles away from the cans.”

Husband: “Can you double bag everything?”

(I finally sort through their numerous demands, they pay and leave. The next customer and last in line is buying just a few things, and has listened to the previous conversation.)

Customer: “Oh… can you put the bacon in a separate bag from the chips and pop?”

(I do.)

Customer: “Oh, and can you separate the chips and pop?”

(I do.)

Customer: “Can you double bag everything? It’s all pretty heavy, you know.”

(I stare, not sure if he’s serious.)

Customer: “And, can you put the receipt in a separate bag?”

(I smile at this point, and he laughs; it’s clear he was just joking. Everything goes in one bag. From this point on, ‘put the receipt in a separate bag’ becomes a euphemism for anyone making a series of ridiculous requests.)

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