Best To Wash Your Hands Of It And Walk Away

| Winnipeg, MB, Canada | Working | June 22, 2015

(I am in a local grocery store that isn’t very nice, but the prices are low. I need to use the washroom. While in there, an employee comes in, does her business, and leaves without washing her hands. Totally grossed out, I leave without buying anything and send a letter to the corporate office. A couple of weeks later, I receive this reply:)

Letter: “Please accept our apologies for the incident that occurred at [Store]. Enclosed is a gift card for $10.”

(That was fine and all, but I wasn’t looking for a freebie – I was hoping they’d say that they’d have a talk with their staff about the importance of good hygiene, especially if you’re going to be working with food. The kicker was that the ‘$10 gift card’ was actually for $5!)

He’ll Be Führer-ious

| MI, USA | Right | June 22, 2015

(I’ve recently started my first job as a cashier at a small town’s grocery store. A large, seemingly drunk man has approached my register at night.)

Customer: “Hey! Where’s Hitler?”

Me: “Uhm… what?”

Customer: “You heard me! Where is Hitler?”

Me: *thinking this is a joke of some sort* “He’s, well, dead.”

Customer: “What? No! Not that Hitler! I mean your boss!”

Bad Behavior Is A Vicious Cycle

| Danbury, CT, USA | Right | June 20, 2015

(I’m working in the produce section of my store, which is where the main entrance is. A girl, who is about nine years old, rolls into the store riding her bicycle)

Me: “Sorry, you can’t ride your bike through the store.”

Girl: “Why not?”

Me: “Because it’s dangerous. You might run into someone.”

Girl: “So what?”

Me: “I’m very sorry, but the bike has to go outside.”

Girl: “You can go to Hell!”

Girl’s Mom: “Haha, kids are funny, right?”

Me: “…”

(They took the bike outside after, then came back in and stared me down while shopping.)

We Are Sorry For The Good Service

| Prince Albert, SK, Canada | Right | June 16, 2015

(I work as a cashier. During every order I ask the customers coming through my lane if they want the deal of the week, which can be anything from chocolates to toothbrushes to potted plants, and if we forget to ask then the customer gets the item for free. I greet my customer, with a hello, ask how many bags they would like, and offer the deal of the week. The order goes through with no problem and they pay.)

Me: “Here is your receipt, sir. You have yourself a wonderful evening.”

Customer: *kind of pissed* “Well, it’s not going to be so nice now!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, sir. What happened?”

Customer: “You asked me if I wanted the deal of the week, and now I can’t have it for free!”

Me: *kind of speechless* “I’m sorry?”

Customer: *angrily* “Well, you should be. Why can’t you be like those other cashiers who never ask?!”

(The customer left not long afterwards with no fuss, but still a little angry at me for not letting them have a free item. It’s still one of the only times where I’ve had a customer mad at me for doing my job correctly and wanting me to be worse at it!)

Treating Mom Like An Answering Machine

| Columbia, MD, USA | Related | June 16, 2015

(I swing by the grocery store after work to pick up a few things and overhear this.)

Two Little Girls: Mom! Mom! Mommy! Moooooooom! Moooooooommmmmyyyyyyyyy! Mom!

Mother: “Mommy’s not here right now. Leave a message at the beep. Beep!”

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