Doesn’t Have A Liquor Sense

| Northampton, MA, USA | Right | October 5, 2015

(I work in a grocery store with a liquor store attached. You can pay for groceries in the liquor store, but alcohol can only be purchased in the liquor store. A customer comes up with a bottle of liquor.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, you have to pay for that in the liquor store.”

Customer: “What?! Why?”

Me: “Even though the two stores are connected, the liquor license only applies to the liquor store.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous! Can’t you just sell it to me?”

Me: “Sorry, sir, the register won’t let it go through. And anyway, I’m only 17 so it would be illegal for me to sell you this.”

Customer: “You know, you’d think that with the technology we have we’d have figured this out by now!”

Me: “Well, it’s not really a technological issue. It’s against the law…”

Customer: “The customer is always right!”

Independent Opening Hours

| SD, USA | Working | October 2, 2015

(I work customer service, so one of my main duties answering phones. I have taken many calls asking about our hours on the 4th of July.)

Me: “Good evening, [Store]. How may I help you?”

Caller: “Yes, I was wondering what your hours are tomorrow?” *the 4th of July*

Me: “Yes, sir. We are operating under normal hours tomorrow.”

(I then tell him the normal hours.)

Caller: “Okay, I just have one question for you.”

Me: “Yes sir?”


Cash Back Flack

| New Orleans, LA, USA | Right | September 29, 2015

(I am a cashier at a local grocery store. When paying with a debit card, customers can choose to get cash back from their checking account.)

Customer: *absent-mindedly clicks through the buttons on the electronic payment keypad*

Me: “All right, here’s your $50 cash back.”

Customer: “What? I didn’t ask for that!”

Me: “You did, ma’am. You were asked if you wanted cash back, pressed yes, then the $50 amount.”

Customer: “No, I didn’t! I just kept pressing ‘yes!'”

Me: “Well, the “yes” button on the first screen becomes the “yes” button for cash back, then the $50 button for the amount. It’s an easy mistake to make if you’re just pressing it over and over.”

(I am still attempting to hand her the $50 she pulled out.)

Customer: “Well, I don’t want that!”

Me: “I HAVE to give it to you, ma’am. It’s your money from your account. I can’t keep it.”

Customer: “Well, just put it back in my account!”

Me: “That’s not how cash back works…”

Overtime Crime, Part 6

| Sacramento, CA, USA | Working | September 25, 2015

(I am 18 and just moved out, so I’m struggling to pay my rent with a job that doesn’t allow full time. It is the first week of the month, so we are very busy! Everyone is working overtime and many are calling out sick due to the stress and being exposed to more messes and people than usual. My store only scheduled me for 16 hours during our crazy week. Though I typically work mornings, I’m often working the closing shifts as well. I happen to have a day off after getting home at 2 am the previous day when I get a call after waking up…)

Me: *groggily* “Hello?”

Manager: “Hi, [My Name], are you willing to come in and work tonight? We have a few people out sick today.”

Me: “I have to work at 6 am to 10:30 am tomorrow, but I can work a little earlier tonight if you want.”

Manager: “Let me check your schedule.” *pause* “Okay, I see that you’re off today and you work at 6 am tomorrow.”

(I’m a little irritated seeing as that was rather obvious since he was calling me in and I had just told him my schedule for tomorrow. Note that it is 11:30 am when the manager is calling me.)

Manager: “Can you come in at 12 today? Work maybe until 6?”

Me: “I just woke up. I came home at 2 last night. Can I come in at 1 instead? I’ll still work until 6.”

Manager: “Yeah, sure. I’ll see you then!”

Me: “Okay, thanks.” *hangs up*

(I get ready for my shift and I’m just finishing my breakfast. I really needed the extra hours so I could pay rent this month, so I decided I’d work an extra hour if they needed. It is about 12 pm when I get another call.)

Manager: “Hi, [My Name]? I feel really bad about calling you in since you got home so late last night. I’m looking at our overtime hours too, and we really can’t fit in any more overtime hours. Why don’t you just take today off?”

Me: *getting irritated again considering I was already dressed and ready, as well as I really needed the hours* “Well, if you really need me, I don’t mind coming in. But if you can’t afford it—”

Manager: “No, no. It’s okay. I just feel kinda bad and we really can’t have any more overtime hours. Just take the day off and enjoy it.”

Me: “All right. You enjoy your day, too.” *hangs up*

(Needless to say, I crawled back into my pajamas. I didn’t get nearly enough hours that week, but I luckily had some help from my parents to pay my rent at the end of the month.)


A Third Of The Way To A Breakdown

| MN, USA | Right | September 24, 2015

(The current sale on a certain brand of pizzas is three for $10, making the sale price for each $3.33. A customer comes through the line with two pizzas.)

Customer: “I know the sign says three for $10, but I only want to buy two of these pizzas.”

Me: “That’s fine; they ring up at the sale price no matter how many you buy.”

(I scan one pizza and show him that it rings up as $3.33.)

Customer: “NO! You don’t understand; I want the SALE PRICE.”

Me: “$3.33 is the sale price.”

Customer: “No, it’s not!”

(I’m beginning to have a line, so I pull out a calculator to show the math.)

Me: “It is, sir. Look. Ten divided by three is 3.33.”


Next Customer: “I do.”

(The first customer refused to believe me, saying that he’d pay for them just this once. He also said he’d be informing a manager about the wrong sale price. Needless to say, I did not get in trouble.)

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