Not Handing Over Justice

| OR, USA | Working | November 19, 2014

(Many cashiers have a pet peeve about customers placing money on the counter when we have our hand ready to take it. Usually this doesn’t bother me much, but one night I am closing my store and it is nearing the end of my shift…)

Me: “Do you have your [Store] card or phone number ma’am?”

Customer: “Yes, I have my card somewhere…”

Me: *reaches hand out to accept her card as she pulls it out of her wallet*

Customer: *throws her card on the belt next to my hand, making it hard for me to pick up*

Me: “Okay, your total comes to $7.59. Will you be paying cash or card this evening?”

Customer: “I think I have some cash on me.”

Me: *once again reaches hand out to accept the cash she has found*

Customer: *throws cash on counter*

Me: “All righty, 41 cents is your change. Would you like your receipt?”

Customer: “Please…” *reaches out hand to take her receipt*

Me: *puts receipt on the counter right next to her hand* “Have a nice night!”

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Her Threat Is Not Worth The Paper It’s Written On

| Lake Forest, IL, USA | Right | November 16, 2014

(My store offers customers the choice between paper and plastic bags. As we are very busy in the days leading up to Easter, we run out of paper bags and only have plastic. It is now the day after Easter. An old woman comes up to my register with a small cart of items.)

Me: “Hello, did you find everything you needed?”

Customer: “Yes. I need all this in paper.”

Coworker: *who is bagging* “I’m sorry, ma’am, we ran out of paper bags.”

Customer: “Now, I said I’d NEVER shop here again if you ran out of paper bags.”

Me: “I’m sorry; we ran out just Saturday. It—”

Customer: “Well, [Other Grocery Store] never runs out of paper bags! This store is just too cheap to buy enough paper bags.”

Me: “I’m sorry but I can’t speak for [Other Grocery Store]. All I know is that it was very busy Friday, very busy Saturday, and paper bags don’t come in until Tuesday.”

Customer: *gives me a look of pure hate*

Me: “Your total is [total].”

(I finish bagging her grocery in silence and hand her her receipt.)

Me: “All right, you have four bags. Would you like some help outside today?”

Customer: “No, just put it in the cart.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, we’re not allowed to let the carts outside of the store. I’d be happy to help—”

Customer: “Just keep your d*** groceries!”

(The customer walks right out the door and leaves behind her paid-for groceries. I don’t know what to do, so I just go and tell my supervisor. She freaks out and gets me freaked out about what our store manager will say to both of us. The customer’s groceries are still just sitting at my register. 15 minutes later my customer comes back, somehow looking both haughty and intensely embarrassed.)

Customer: “Well, since they’re mine, I’ll just take them.”

Me: “Do you need help out—”

Customer: “NO!”

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Surprisingly Latex Tolerant

| Dover, OH, USA | Right | November 16, 2014

(I am stocking the dairy department in the store.)

Customer: “Where’s the latex free milk?”

(I felt really bad correcting him and kindly pointed and said:)

Me: “Sir, the lactose free milk is right over there.”

Thinks He’s Such A Tea(se)

| Curacao, Netherlands Antilles | Friendly | November 14, 2014

(Since I’ve had some trouble sleeping, I’ve started drinking a tea called “sleep well.” It seems to work, and when we run out my mom goes to the grocery store to get some more from me. She is standing in the tea aisle with a male customer)

Customer: “Are we looking for the same thing?”

Mom: “I don’t know what you’re looking for, but I’m looking for ‘sleep well’ tea.”

Customer: “I’m looking for ginger tea. But, ehm, if you’d sleep next to me you wouldn’t need any tea to sleep well.” *winks*

Mom: “…”

Bet Your Bottle Dollar I Won’t Come Back

| CA, USA | Working | November 12, 2014

(A major grocery chain’s store near my house has recently changed owners. A customer notices the store’s ads say that Gatorade is $0.67, so she gets a bottle and takes it to the cash register.)

Customer: “Why is this $1.72? The ad says it’s $0.67.”

Cashier: “The bottle costs $1.05.”

(Between this and the fact that they didn’t have enough cashiers and I had to stand in line for a long time, I don’t think I’m going back there anytime soon.)

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