Should Have Been Carted Away

| Cedar Hill, TX, USA | Right | December 2, 2014

(The woman currently being served has a shopping cart PILED with food, clothes and toiletries, but most of it has been rung up and bagged, so I think she is almost done. However, the next man in line, cart about 2/3 full, turns out to be her adult son, and his cart is added to her purchases. No problem, I think; only one payment to process instead of two, this will be even faster. Then the trouble begins.)

Cashier: “Your total is [nearly $900].”

Customer: “Okay.” *swipes card*

Cashier: “I’m sorry, ma’am, it’s declined.”

Customer: “Try it again!”

Cashier: *does so* “Hmm, declined. Do you have another card?”

Customer: “No, I know there’s money on that card! You’re not doing it right!”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, ma’am, sometimes the machine doesn’t read the strip. Let me type your number in manually… No, I’m sorry, it’s still declined. Do you have another method of payment, like a check?”

Customer: “Who writes checks anymore? I got this check CARD! That’s what it’s for!”

Cashier: “How about a credit card? Visa, Mastercard, Amex—”

Customer: “No, credit cards are a scam. Are you saying I don’t have any money? I HAVE MONEY!” *waving debit card*

Cashier: “It doesn’t tell me why it’s declined, ma’am, just that it is. There’s an ATM right there, if you’d like to step out of line and verify your balance while I ring up the next person—”

Customer: “NO! You’re helping ME! Don’t you move!”

(She has her adult son stand behind her carts so I can’t move up to the scanner belt. The cashier sighs, and shoots me an ‘I’m sorry’ look. The customer goes over to ATM and fiddles around for a few minutes, then gets on her cell phone to the bank but is stymied by the automated prompts. I think this surely can’t go on much longer, as we’re approaching the 15-minute mark for her transaction.)

Cashier: “Ma’am, if you can’t pay at this time, I need you to move aside and let other customers through. I can suspend your transaction so we won’t have to ring everything up again when you have your payment ready.”

Customer: “NO. I have money on this card! I always use this card here, and you always give me trouble about it!”

Cashier: “Do you have another card I can try? Or possibly you could remove some items from your transaction and try again with a lower total—”

Customer: “NO! I need all this stuff! And I always pay with THIS CARD! I’m not on welfare. I have money! Why won’t you take my card?!”

(The cashier summons a manager, who tells the woman the same thing; if she doesn’t have a working debit card or other form of payment, she will have to leave her two full carts of bagged items and come back when she can pay.)

Customer: “…and THAT is why I always carry cash!”

(She whipped out a huge roll of bills and peeled off the required amount, with plenty left over, then strolled out with her son and their two shopping carts as every employee and customer in earshot stood with jaws on the floor.)

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Spanking For Attention

| Baton Rouge, LA, USA | Working | December 2, 2014

(I’m in line at the express lane of a local grocery store, which happens to be located right by the liquor section. The cashier on duty is a teenager and the guy ahead of me has alcohol, which she cannot sell him.)

Cashier: “Hold on. One moment.” *turns to Coworker* “Hey, can you ring this guy through? He has some beer and I’m not allowed to do it.”

Coworker: *ignores her and starts acting busy*

Cashier: “Okay, then…” *getting on the intercom* “Paging [Coworker #2] to the express lane. Assistance required.”

(Nobody comes. She pages three more times, even paging other coworkers, but no one comes. At last she spots the manager at the customer service desk and calls to him, again getting ignored.)

Cashier: “I am so sorry everyone. I am trying.”

Customer: “You want me to go over there and slap him on the butt?”

Cashier: *calling the manager one last time; this time he hears her* “If he hadn’t responded just then I would’ve said yes.”

(I hope her night got better!)

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That Goes Down A Treat

| Salo, Finland | Related | December 2, 2014

(My mom, my little brother and I are out shopping for groceries. My brother has a huge sweet tooth and he’s picking up candy, chocolate, and all sorts of sweet stuff into his cart. We are all adults and live separately.)

Mom: “Someone’s having a treat day, huh.”

Brother: “No, not really. I don’t have a treat day. I have a treat week.”

Mom: “Oh? How often is that?”

Brother: “Four times a month.”

Finally Grasped The Weighty Concept

| MI, USA | Working | November 28, 2014

(I’m still unloading the cart when I notice something the bagger’s doing.)

Me: “Excuse, me, I don’t think you should put the flimsy plastic clamshell of blueberries in the same bag as the 10 pound sack of potatoes.”

Bagger: *cheerfully* “That’s okay. They’ll both fit.”

Me: “No, the heavy potatoes will smash the blueberries.”

(The bagger was speechless, with a look of complete shock, like that had never occurred to him before.)

Needs More Self-Help Than Self-Checkout

| Tucson, AZ, USA | Right | November 28, 2014

(I’m a customer at the grocery store using the self-check out. Another customer and his wife approach the self-check out when the husband suddenly stops and turns to his wife.)

Customer: “I’m not using self-check out! Those machines are smarter than I am!”

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