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I’ve worked at a popular restaurant that serves off-the-wall pizzas and local brews for four years, and of all the nutty things I’ve heard from customers in that time, this one, that came from a very tall and thin middle-aged woman, takes the cake.

Customer: (to my coworker, at the register) I need to speak to a manager.

Coworker: Sure, but is there anything I can help you with?

Customer: It’s about my server, actually.

(My coworker gets our shift supervisor, who politely asks what she can do.)

Customer: Look, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but why do you hire so many overweight girls to work here?

(The supervisor is a quick thinker but this catches even her off-guard. Within earshot, my coworker and I – two of the overweight girls in question, incidentally – exchange shocked glances.)

Customer: I mean, it’s not my business if they want to overeat, but my waitress is fat, and she’s stuffed into this tight T-shirt and daisy-dukes, and she’s…jiggling! They all are. I don’t want to see that while I’m trying to eat. It’s disgusting.

(We do have a relaxed dress code, and shorts are allowed so long as the inseam is at least 4 inches. This server’s shorts are probably 6″ or longer, and her T-shirt not clingy.)

Supervisor: (very politely) I really don’t know what to tell you, ma’am. [Server] is in proper uniform. And by the way, we choose our staff based on skills and work ethics, not on their appearance. She’s a great worker and she’s doing her best to make sure you and your party have a good time. I’m sorry that you’re offended, but there’s nothing we can do.

Customer: I want to move over there. (points to an empty table nearby, in a section where one of the slimmer servers is working)

Supervisor: That’s not going to happen. We’re on a 30-minute wait and we’re just about to seat a new party at that table.

Customer: … (pouting) I just don’t want to look at it while I’m eating. I know it’s none of my business…

Supervisor: (cheerfully) You’re absolutely right, ma’am. Thanks for your feedback, and have a great night!

(In the back, we vented our outrage by joking about sending the customer to [a national chain restaurant notorious for hiring servers based on appearance and figure], and about challenging the customer to a race across the dining room).

They Ignored The Bloody Hurricane

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(There’s currently a pretty nasty hurricane slowly making its way across the state. Said hurricane has been on major news networks and late-night talk shows for the past week.)

Caller: “Hi. This is [Blood Charity]. Would you like to donate blood today?”

Me: “You… do know that there’s currently a hurricane going through my state, right?”

Caller: “You’re in [Smallish Town in the middle of the state]? Well, I’m in [City in the western part of the state], so I didn’t know.”


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(I work at a pharmacy. It’s just me and two other people today, so I am in charge of customer initial contact.)

Me: *standing at the computer, hears heavy breathing come my way from the other side of the store*

Customer: *leans in the counter exhausted and breathing heavy* “Hey, hold on let me rest right quick.” *breathing heavy and sweating and smells like wet dog*

Me: “Okay.”

Customer: “Can I get my pain pills filled?”

Me: “Yeah, I can get it filled.”

(My manager immediately comes over.)

Manager: “Ma’am, you’re not allowed in this store. I watched you stealing just last week.”

Customer: *appalled* “It wasn’t me, it was my daughter. She looks exactly like me with her hair tied up.”

Manager: “Ma’am, I watched YOU steal it. Your daughter came to you to ask to take it and you put it in your purse.”

Customer: “I’m going to kick her a**! The same thing happened to me at the other store; it is always happening to me.”

(She walks out cursing while all three of us are watching her leave to make sure she doesn’t go off.)

Me: “If you keep getting caught, stop stealing. Easy fix.”

Manager: “She is an a** anyway.”

What A Yutzi

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(My mother and I are standing in line at a local deli. The man in front of us has a young son, maybe 6 years old, with him.)

Son: *pointing to the gefilte fish in the display cooler* “Daddy! What’s that?!”

Customer: “Oh, that. That’s just Jew Food. You don’t need that nasty Jew Food.”

My Mother: *gasps* “Excuse me! That’s a very bad example you are setting for your son, sir!”

Customer: *rolls his eyes* “Ooh, and I suppose you’re a Jew, aren’t you?”

My Mother: “No, I’m a Christian but I take offense to that because my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ… he was Jewish.”

(The man turned bright red and left right away with his son. The cashier told us that the man was a regular and was always saying offensive and/or racist things. Now we are the regulars at this deli. We’ve never seen that guy in there again.)

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Understaffed But Not Understood

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(On the day before Father’s Day, with a huge sale going on, the coworker who is supposed to come in to work with me doesn’t show up. I am swamped and can’t answer any phone calls. I just stay at the counter ringing people up. We are so busy that I don’t have time to call any of my coworkers to see if they can come in to cover the shift. There is only about half an hour until two other coworkers are coming in, so I just do my best until then. With a line about ten customers long, a customer comes storming up to the register and interrupts the conversation I’m having with the customer currently at my register.)

Customer: “I need some help! Where is the employee who should be working the sales floor right now?”

Me: “I’m very sorry, ma’am, but no one else is here right now. If you’ll kindly wait in line, I’d be glad to help you shortly.”

Customer: “What?! This is outrageous! You should have more than one person working! Everyone knows that is just good business!”

Me: “Unfortunately, there was a scheduling mix-up. I’m the only one here right now.”

Customer: “But I need one of you to help me find something! What am I supposed to do? That’s what you all get paid to do! I am very busy and I need to get my Father’s Day gifts bought! I don’t have all day! Really, on a holiday, you should have more than one person working!”

(Since the customer isn’t listening to me, I just turn back to serving the line at the counter. I finish the next customer, and try to explain the schedule issue again, but she’s not having any of it. One of our regular customers is standing nearby at a sale table and finally speaks up.)

Regular Customer: “Ma’am, what is wrong with your hearing? She just explained to you that her coworker didn’t show up! I think she’s doing a remarkable job handling all of this by herself. You are just making things worse!”

Customer: “All I need is to see if they have these items in stock! Can’t she see I am in a hurry?”

Regular Customer: “As are most of us. It’s a busy holiday at a popular store. What do you expect? When people don’t show up to do their jobs it makes it harder on the rest of their coworkers, especially when there’s only one other person working!”

Customer: “But—”

Regular Customer: “Now, I don’t work here, but I shop here often. In favor of giving everyone in line and this poor employee a break, I’m going to help you find what you need. But only so you leave us all alone!”

(I thank the regular and the two disappear into the back of the store. The customers in line make some comments. A moment later, the original customer storms to the front and out the door. I turn to the regular customer as she returns.)

Me: “What happened?”

Regular Customer: “You didn’t have the item she wanted. Her sale flyer was for the bookstore down the street.”

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