High-Fiber, High Price

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(It is my first job serving customers at a bakery. A bossy regular customer comes up during a busy time. She has used two rewards cards up to the point where she is entitled to one free loaf from each card.)

Customer: “I want four loaves of bread: two regular and two high-fibre, all sliced thick.”

Me: “Sure, no problem.”

(I slice and bag her loaves and return with them to the counter.)

Customer: “I want to pay for the two high-fibre loaves and get the two regular ones free on my loyalty cards.”

Me: “Actually, you can use the high-fibre loaves as your free loaves and pay for the two regulars. It’s $1 cheaper that way.”

Customer: “No, I want the regular loaves to be free!”

(I have already rung through her order as two regular loaves. She hands me her money and I give her $1 change.)

Customer: “Why do I have change? I gave you the right amount for two high-fibre loaves! You’re not listening to me! I want to pay for the high-fibres and get the regulars free!”

(She has the $1 in her open hand so, losing patience, I literally take it back.)

Me: “I was trying to save you this but never mind, now you’ve paid for two high-fibre loaves. Have a nice day.”

(I could tell in her eyes that what I was trying to do had finally dawned on her but she didn’t say another word as she took her bread and left.)

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A Sweet Ending

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My old broadband company was hopeless. My net was down more than it was up, often for hours to days. Family friends were almost ready to sue them as their “service” was so bad locally. I decided it was finally time to switch to a faster and more reliable company.

The changeover was due at midnight and was to have a new router in the post before it. The post came that day and there was no new router in it, so I sighed and resigned myself to using Twitter to complain yet again about broadband issues. 

The new company responded to tweets quickly and found there was a system error, so the automatic release of the router when I signed up had not happened for some reason. For the inconvenience, he would credit my account with £8 for being without the Internet for what could be up to five days, but he put an urgency request on it.

The next day, to my surprise, a router and parcel came in the post. The parcel was a bar of chocolate from a local supplier with an apology note from the new broadband company, written by the guy I had spoken with on Twitter. After setting up my new router, the first thing I did was sent a DM to acknowledge that the router had arrived and thank him for the chocolate.

The next day, a second router arrived! I went back on Twitter to announce my routers were breeding. I was sent a free postage bag a few days later to return it and was thanked for telling them as so many kept them.

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Not-So-Smart-Phone, Part 39

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(At the phone store where I work, an elderly husband and wife come in with a flip phone. We very rarely sell flip phones these days, let alone see used ones, but interactions with flip phone users tend to boil down to an unwillingness to attempt learning anything new, or a lack of use for smartphone technology. This interaction is firmly in the former category.)

Husband: “There’s a little symbol on the screen! I can’t get it to go away! Can you help us make it go away?”

Me: *looking at the phone* “Sir, this symbol shows that you have a voicemail. Would you like me to teach you how to use your voicemail?”

Husband: “I just want to make the symbol go away!”

(I press the button for voicemail and it plays. The message is from the couple’s son.)

Voicemail: “Hi, Dad, it’s [Son], just wanted to see how the new cell phone is working out! Give me a call back when you get the chance. Love you, bye.”

Me: “The message is from your son.”

Wife: “He should have called the house!”

Husband: “The little symbol is gone!”

Me: “I can show you how to get rid of it yourself next time if you’d like.”

Husband: “No, thanks! If it comes back I’ll just come in again!”

Me: “Okay, sir, have a good day.”

Wife: “So, I guess we’ll see you next week!”

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Putting Being Helpful On Hold

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(While nearly all customer service lines, regardless of the type of company or service, have you click through at least one automated menu or get transferred to different departments to get what you want accomplished, our call center goes directly to a person — no menus — and nine times out of ten, the employee will be able to handle your request without transferring you. This often takes customers by surprise, and most are very happy they talk right away to a person without having to wait in Hold Hell. Most…)

Sullen-Sounding Customer: “Can I please get transferred to your accounts receivable department? This is about an invoice.”

Me: “I can help you out. What’s the invoice number?”

Sullen-Sounding Customer: *audible sigh* “You know, every single time I call you people, everyone who answers the phone tells me they can help me. Isn’t there someone you can transfer me to? Or a menu?”

Me: *taken aback* “I’m so sorry. Have we not been able to help you out?”

Sullen-Sounding Customer: “No, every time I call it gets resolved, but…” *another audible sigh* “Just, whatever, I need to pay this invoice.”

(I mean, I’d be happy to put her on hold for a few minutes if it made her feel better?)

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Cents-lessly Cruel

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We close at 5:00 pm. Two people come in at 4:55 pm and get a large amount of chocolate, totalling about $122 AUD.

They decide to pay with 20-cent pieces.

Only 20-cent pieces.

Five minutes before closing.

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