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(Its about 7 pm and I’m stocking in the chip isle when a customer and her two girls come walking past. The girls are bickering and their mom seems to have had enough.)
Mom: If you two don’t stop fighting I am go ing to give you to “my name” and let her deal with you!
At the mention of my name I listen in and can’t help but comment.
Me: Yeah, and I have a lot to do so I’ll put you to work.
The girls giggle at this and to my surprise, come over to help. The older one starts to had me the bags out of the box I have open. The younger girl tries to help to and is rebuffed by her older sister.
Me: How about she hard you the pretzels and you had them to me.
When we are done the mom comes back to two happy giggling girls and one amused employee. They say their good byes and are on their way as I chuckle to myself.