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My husband went into a store to add money to a specific debit card that works through that store.  While he was waiting in line someone else in the store was injured.  The cashier who was ringing things up and the person who came over to call an ambulance is up at the counter.  The other employee what is the number to call an ambulance.  Both the cashier and the other employee have no clue what to call.  My husband says call 911.  They keep saying that that can’t be right.  He tells them again. Just dial on the phone 9-1-1.  Both employees were very surprised that it actually worked.

Sickening Customers

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(I have just gotten over a bad cold and am working as cashier with a slight cough when I help cash an older woman out.)

Me: “Were you able to find everything all right, ma’am?”

Customer: “Yes, I found everything fine.”

Me: “That’s good!”

(I cough as I finish putting things in her bag. Mind you, all day, almost every time I’ve coughed I have broken into a small coughing fit from an itch in my throat; however, this one gets rather bad and I can’t stop coughing.)

Me: *coughing and trying to talk* “Would y-you like to donate to [Organization]?”

Customer: “No…”

Me: *eyes watering and still coughing while customer is paying*

Manager: *over headset* “Are you okay? Do you need water?”

(I’m coughing for the rest of the story, and for about three minutes after the customer leaves.)

Me: *crying* “I’m with a customer right now; I’ll be fine.”

Customer: “You’re sick; why are you here? It’s people like you who make people sick. You should be at home.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I have a tickle in my throat.” *hands customer her bag of items*

Customer: *glares at me with an evil look while taking bags and leaving*


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(This little girl around seven years of age comes into our store with her mother. I spot them and joke with my fellow coworker, telling her she should take this order.)

Me: “Hey, [Coworker], this one’s all you.”

Coworker: “Nah, dude. It’s your turn.”

(I reluctantly agree and step up to the register to take their order. The little girl speaks in an extremely condescending tone. It seems she heard what I said to my coworker.)

Girl: “I agree; you should let her do it.”

(I do a double-take, a little shocked.)

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Girl: “You told her she should take my order. I agree. Let her do it.”

(The little brat’s mother doesn’t care at all about how her daughter is speaking to me. As my coworker is taking their order, the little girl continues to make rude, snide remarks.)

Coworker: *after taking the mother’s order, now speaking to the daughter* “All right, and what can I get for you?”

Girl: “Nothing. Your food sucks. I think I’ll stick to [Other Fast Food Chain], thanks.”

(I just walked away, shaking my head. This girl couldn’t have been more than seven years old, and she was treating both my coworker and me like she was our superior.)

Combo Failure

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(While I’m on register, three customers come in at once, and none of them know what they want. My coworker is on break and I am the only one on register, but as it’s Saturday and has been slow, I’m not too worried.)

Customer #1: “Oh, you can go ahead!”

Customer #2: “All right. What’s a ‘You Pick Two’? Like, what’s actually in it?”

Me: “You pick any two items on the menu for a half-size; the items are half their normal prices and added together.”

Customer #2: “But how much is it?”

Me: “It depends on what you get; some items are more expensive than others.”

Customer #2: “I want a soup and sandwich and a drink.”

Me: “Do you know which kind?”

Customer #2: “No.”

Me: “…”

Customer #2: “Well?”

Me: *chooses most popular items* “That would be around $10.”

Customer #2: “I’m not paying that much! I’m really hungry. I’ll have a soup, sandwich, and salad; how much would that be?”

Me: “Would you want the full items?”

Customer #2: “Yes.”

Me: “It’d be roughly $30.”

(The line has now grown, and two more women are behind him. My manager finally notices and comes up front.)

Manager: “I can help whoever’s ready!”

Customer #2: “What’s an Italian combo?”

(I rattle off the many meats and am hoping he will decide on that.)

Customer #2: “All right, I’ll have that, and that comes with a side and a soda? Like a combo deal?”

(Many customers usually go with water because of this, so our store has items that come with sides, but drinks are an extra charge.)

Me: “The Italian combo does come with a choice of apple, chips, or baguette, but if you’d like to have a drink it’ll be an upcharge of $1.89.”

Customer #2: “What?! Why is it called an ‘Italian combo,’ then?”

Me: “That’s just the name of the sandwich, sir.”

Customer #2: “Other places have these combos; why don’t you? This is ridiculous!” *begins to walk away* “YOU’VE LOST A CUSTOMER!”

Manager: “Hey, don’t worry about it.”

Me: *with a big smile* “I can help whoever’s ready!”

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(Cashier in front of me is checking out a customer.)
Customer: Hey, can I get a different bag of chips?
Cashier: Yeah sure. Max, can you go grab a different bag quickly?
Me: Sure, is something wrong with these?
Customer:Yeah, their all broken at the bottom. Can you get one without any crumbs?
( I comply, then thinking about the request as I near the chip isle it dawns on me that all chip bags have crumbs. I put the bag down and grab another one and bring it back)
Customer: GREAT! You are awesome at picking out chips!
Me: thanks…