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I’m working as a technician that repairs lanes and such but I have the same uniform as cashiers and often get mistaken for them. I am working at the self checkout lanes, I’ve just finished repairing one when a coworker asks me when we can open it.

Me: As soon as it reboots it should be ok to open just give me a call if you have anymore issues.

Customer: (she’s at a large shelf checkout) You have time to stand around and chat then you should be bagging my groceries!

Me: Ma’am I would be happy to help you with your items however, I am not a cashier, also you’re at a self checkout we typically don’t bag for customers on these lanes since there are 11 lanes and only 2 cashiers.

Customer: Well how the h*** am I supposed to know that? And those lines are too long! I’m running late and I can’t wait for those lines.

Me: As I said I’m not a cashier but I’d be happy to bag your items today.

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I am working at an automated self checkout when I hear a commotion at one of the terminals. This usually indicates a problem with the machine but I look and it isn’t giving an error message then I hear this from the couple:
Male Customer: … but that’s 43… (looks at receipt and does mental math) it’s supposed to be 44!
Female Customer: let’s go it’s just a penny.
Male Customer: I’m not leaving without my f****** penny. (Sees me) Make this machine give me my f***** penny!
Me: Sir, please lift your bags and I will. (I open the drawer and pull out the penny.) Have a nice day sir! (He leaves mumbling about the machines stealing from him.)

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I am a head cashier which means I deal with the problems other people won’t. I get a phone call from a cashier asking me to come to a lane.

Me: how can I help?

Customer: This [popular tax software] is supposed to me $54.99!

(It’s ringing up for $89.99)

Me: Where did you see that sale?

(She shows me her phone which is loaded to the software’s home site. It is on sale for download only.)

Me: Well ma’am, the same is only through their website for download, not for a physical copy of the program through (my retail location).

Customer: I know the price is for (popular tax software) g**d*** it! That’s what I’m trying to buy!

Me: But you can only get that price by downloading it from the website.

Customer: You know what? That’s why I don’t shop here anymore. I’ll go to (competitor store).

Of All The Ways You Try To Get Someone To Pay For Your Ride

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An employee of a temp service has just been fired from his job. He’s already called once and been directed to the on-call person for the temp agency.

Me: “Good evening, [after hours service]. How can I help you?”

Caller: “Yeah, I was jumped by three people at this job and they told me to leave. [Temp Service] told me there’s nothing they can do but my ride won’t be here for another hour. I need to get home; can you call me a taxi?”

Me: “No, sir, I’m sorry. I am the answering service; I cannot call you a taxi.”

Caller: “Well… what I am supposed to do, then? I can’t wait here for an hour. I need you to call me a taxi.”

Me: “Sir, I will not call you a taxi. That’s something you need to do yourself.”

Caller: “Okay, well, who would I call then?”

Me: “Call for what, sir?”

Caller: “To get a ride home… Would I call the Department of Treasury?”

Me: *Sighs* “No, sir, you would call the taxi company.”

You can’t fix stupid.

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(My older cousin with down syndrome was working at a small cafe in between competing in the Special Olympics. I also worked in this cafe at the time)

Cousin: Hi. What can I get for ya?
Customer: I’ll take a latte with soy milk please. *twirls bleached hair around finger*
Cousin: Sorry, we haven’t gotten our shipment of soy milk yet this week. I can get regular milk for you, if you would like?
(A long line is now forming behind this girl)
Customer: No, I’m vegan. Get me my f***ing latte!
Me: *steps in* Miss, I’m goingto have to ask you to leave.
Customer: Don’t butt in, you fat, ugly b****! *turns to cousin* I get that you’re special, but I want my f***ing Soy Latte!
(I’ve always been self conscious and formerly had eating problems, so I started crying. The two young men behind this customer step up)
Man #1: Listen, these two young ladies are beautiful. If they’re out of Soy milk, it’s not their fault.
Customer: (speechless)
Man #2: *turns to cousin* Would you like to go out with me?
Cousin: *nods*
Customer: *storms off*

(My cousin and the man are engaged now. I am dating the first man, and we are going strong.(