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(I work at a store that has a bakery inside.  I’m working the register that is close by when I hear this exchange.  Note that I couldn’t hear all of it, just bits.)

Customer: Why is there no coffee in the pots!

Coworker:  We don’t make coffee after 4, sir. (Note: It’s 4:30, and the bakery has free coffee until 4)

Customer:  Why not?!  You should have coffee 24/7!

Coworker:  I’m sorry sir, but that’s the rule.  We also have a Starbucks if you want coffee.

Customer:  Well, you’re stupid!  I’m going to go complain to the manager about you having no coffee.  You have to make more NOW.

Coworker:  You can go and complain, sir, but the managers will agree with me.

Customer:  Well, I’ll just see about that.  (Storms off)

(I wander over, since no one is checking out with me at the moment.)

Me:  You ok?

Coworker:  What was his problem?  ‘You should have coffee 24/7?’  We’re not even open 24/7!  (The bakery operates 9 am to 6 pm.  The store is open from 6 am to midnight.)

Me:  True.

(At this point, a customer comes up to my lane, so I go to help them.  A few moments later, something occurs to me and I wander over again.)

Me:  I just thought of something funny.

Coworker:  What?

Me:  What if the store manager had come up right when that guy had been yelling at you?

(At this, we both start laughing.  Our store manager is tough as nails, and would never have allowed that guy to keep shouting at my coworker.)

Refunder Blunder: Halloween Special

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(I work in a seasonal Halloween store.)

Customer #1: “I want to return this.”

(She pulls out a striped suit jacket, one I instantly recognize as part of a two-piece suit of an iconic Halloween movie character. I also realize the rest of her bag is empty.)

Me: “Do you have the rest of the costume?”

Customer #1: “No. Why would I need it?”

Me: “Well, you don’t have all of the costume here, so I can’t do a return. You’d need the entire costume here.”

Customer #1: *thinks for a moment* “But I only need the pants.”

Me: “I can’t do anything without the full costume.”

Customer #1: *shoves the jacket back in the bag* “Ugh. Now what am I going to do?” *storms off*

Me: *waves her off* “Have a nice day!”

(I turn to the next customer in line, who has a look of disbelief on her face.)

Customer #2: “What a dumba**.”

Me: “I’m glad you said it, because I can’t.”

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The Great Fall

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(I am with a good friend at a fast food restaurant. We place our orders. He gets his soda and for some reason begins moving it back and forth between his hands. In that moment, everything seems to go in slow motion. In one of the hand exchanges, a finger nudges the drink up a bit. He overcompensates with the other hand, and it gets nudged a bit further until… after a series of repeated failed grabs, much like a football receiver desperately trying to hang onto a ball that’s at the tip of his fingers… the cup and contents go above his head and come back down with a grand splat on the ground. He stands there, sheepishly looking at the mess some poor employee is going to have to mop up.)

Me: “Well, that was smooth!”

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My husband went into a store to add money to a specific debit card that works through that store.  While he was waiting in line someone else in the store was injured.  The cashier who was ringing things up and the person who came over to call an ambulance is up at the counter.  The other employee what is the number to call an ambulance.  Both the cashier and the other employee have no clue what to call.  My husband says call 911.  They keep saying that that can’t be right.  He tells them again. Just dial on the phone 9-1-1.  Both employees were very surprised that it actually worked.

Sickening Customers

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(I have just gotten over a bad cold and am working as cashier with a slight cough when I help cash an older woman out.)

Me: “Were you able to find everything all right, ma’am?”

Customer: “Yes, I found everything fine.”

Me: “That’s good!”

(I cough as I finish putting things in her bag. Mind you, all day, almost every time I’ve coughed I have broken into a small coughing fit from an itch in my throat; however, this one gets rather bad and I can’t stop coughing.)

Me: *coughing and trying to talk* “Would y-you like to donate to [Organization]?”

Customer: “No…”

Me: *eyes watering and still coughing while customer is paying*

Manager: *over headset* “Are you okay? Do you need water?”

(I’m coughing for the rest of the story, and for about three minutes after the customer leaves.)

Me: *crying* “I’m with a customer right now; I’ll be fine.”

Customer: “You’re sick; why are you here? It’s people like you who make people sick. You should be at home.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I have a tickle in my throat.” *hands customer her bag of items*

Customer: *glares at me with an evil look while taking bags and leaving*

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