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I was at home, getting ready for the day. At this point our fridge had broken down, so we had a repairman in fixing it, and my step-father was doing some cleaning on the lower floor. I was going down the stairs but halfway down remembered I needed to grab something, so I turned around. Instantly I felt a pain jolt through my leg, and realising what had just happened I slowly lowered myself to sit on the step. Looking I realised I had badly dislocated my knee, to the point it was actually on the side of my leg.

At that point, a bit of shock had kicked in, and in a mild fit of hysteria and realising how silly the cause of my injury was, I broke down laughing, while calling for my stepfather to come help. At first he was confused due to my speaking between massive fits of laughter, but he came upstairs and looked at the injury, called for an ambulance to come help and let my work know I wouldn’t be making it in that day, and then came to make sure I was fairing alright.

At this point my vision had gone to the point almost everything had looked white, and I couldn’t see my door that was about 3 feet away. My stepfather asked how I managed to injure myself, and when I explained “I turned around the stairs”, he started laughing as well about how “Only I could dislocate my knee turning around.”

The repairman heard all the commotion and tried to figure out why we were laughing our heads off, and had to take a moment when we explained the situation.

The best part? I found out a few days later once it had healed up that a coworker had a similar injury (though not as bad) at work around the exact same time.