DMV = Depressed, Malevolent, And Vindictive

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(I moved to Florida two years ago. My driver’s license expires this year, but I can’t renew it in my home state, so I just decide to go ahead and get a Florida driver’s license. I go to the DMV a few days before my license expires. When you arrive at a Florida DMV, you are told to check in to an automated terminal with your phone number. I do so and find out that issues involving a driver’s license are by appointment only. I sign up for the earliest appointment, which is about a week away, and receive an email confirmation for my appointment. I know that my license will expire by that time, but it’s the soonest I can get a license, so I just ask a friend to take me the following week. I return the following week and check myself into the terminal. I wait until I realize it’s been fifteen minutes since my appointment time, and my phone number isn’t showing up on the queue on the monitors. I go to the reception desk.)

Me: “Hello. I checked in about 25 minutes ago for an appointment to get my driver’s license at 1:00 pm. It’s 15 minutes after that, and I know things probably run a little behind, but I’m not listed on the queue for appointments above, so I just want to make sure I checked in correctly.”

Receptionist: “What are the last four digits of your phone number?”

(I give her the four numbers.)

Receptionist: “I don’t have any appointments under that number. You checked in incorrectly. You just added yourself to the main walk-in queue. You have to schedule an appointment ahead of time for driver’s-license-related things.” 

Me: “I did do that. I came in last week and signed up for an appointment today at 1:00 pm.”

Receptionist: “I’m not seeing anything in the computer under your number. I need to see your confirmation email.”

Me: “Okay, fine.”

(I try to find the email on my phone, but for some reason, it won’t come up when I scroll through my inbox. I spend a good minute trying to find it to no avail.)

Me: “For some reason, I can’t find it. But I know I got one last week.”

Receptionist: “Without an email confirmation, I can’t help you.” 

Me: “Well, can you at least tell me what my wait time would be if I’m stuck waiting, since it seems like I won’t be able to get the appointment I signed up for?”

Receptionist: “You should have received a confirmation text message when you checked in today giving you your wait time.” 

Me: “I saw that the screen said I was going to get a confirmation text message, but that was 25 minutes ago and I still haven’t received anything.”

Receptionist: “Give me your full number and I’ll manually have the system message you.”

(I give the receptionist my full number and wait for a full minute without receiving a text message before showing the receptionist my messages that don’t include one from any unknown number.)

Receptionist: “Something is wrong with your phone. I do this all day and it always works for people. You’re just going to have to wait.”

Me: “Clearly something is wrong with your system, not my phone. Not only did I not get either of my confirmation texts, but your system isn’t showing the appointment I signed up for today.”

Receptionist: “I can’t help you. You’ll just have to wait.”

Me: “Can you tell me how long the wait will be?”

Receptionist: “Probably over two hours.”

Me: “From now or from when I checked in twenty-five minutes ago?”

Receptionist: “At least two hours from now. Probably longer.” 

(At this point, I’m too angry and fighting tears of frustration to continue, so I go back to sit down and just wait, since I can’t go any longer without being able to drive. I start looking through my phone after I calm down a little and start trying to find the confirmation email again, because I know I received it. After five minutes of searching various terms in my email, I find the confirmation email, hidden away in my archive folder by mistake. I march back up to the receptionist to show her the email.)

Me: “I found the confirmation email!”

Receptionist: “Well, your appointment was at 1:00 pm and it’s now 1:30 pm, so you missed your appointment and will have to wait.”

Me: “Are you serious?! You said you could help me if I found the email! I found the email and you still won’t help me.” 

Receptionist: “There’s nothing I can do.”

(Thankfully, at this point, one of her coworkers comes up behind her before I start screaming at this woman. The coworker’s cubicle is next to the receptionist, so she heard the entire exchange.)

Coworker: “I’m about to go on break, but I can take you real quick before I go. You just need to get a new driver’s license, right?”

Me: “Yes, just a new license. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help!”

Receptionist: “You really shouldn’t take her without an appointment.”

Coworker: “Well, she would’ve had an appointment half an hour ago had she checked in correctly, so I don’t think she should have to wait another two hours for a simple mistake people commonly make here.”

(The coworker was so kind and got me through all the paperwork and vision test within ten minutes. The receptionist, on the other hand, was still very rude when she was calling out the names of the licenses printed, which included mine. She purposely misread my easy to pronounce name and snottily asked me to make sure the information was correct before mumbling something I didn’t catch under her breath and turning away to hand out the next license. I get that life may be a little hard working in a place like that, but don’t take it out on me, lady. And thank you to the kind employee that was able to help me so I didn’t have to wait around all day.)

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She’s Voting For The Grumpy Old Man Party

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(I am working as an information officer alongside a gentleman in his 70s on election day. It is still early and I am telling voters to have a nice day as they leave.)

Me: “Have a nice day!”

Customer: “I WILL NOT!”

Me: *to coworker* “What just happened?”

Coworker: “She doesn’t want to have a good day, apparently.”

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No Matter What You Try It’s All Downhill

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(For security reasons, the bathrooms at my workplace are locked. Employees have their own keys, but visitors have to get keys at reception. There are signs stating this everywhere. While leaving work one day, I notice a man standing in front of a bathroom, rattling the doorknob, and staring at the sign. I’m not actually supposed to help visitors as I’m still in training, but I’m the only one there and I figure it won’t be that difficult.)

Me: “Hi, excuse me? You’ll have to get the key from reception. It’s just up those stairs.”

(The man moves away from the door and towards the staircase leading down.)

Me: *thinking I misspoke* “Oh, sorry. It’s upstairs.”

(The man steps towards the staircase leading down again.)

Me: “Uh, no, it’s upstairs. This way, follow me.” 

(I start walking upstairs. The man moves in the opposite direction.)

Me: *gesticulating wildly* “UP-stairs!”

(No change.)

Me: *giving up* “All right. Go downstairs and follow the corridor. You’ll find a staircase to your right. It’ll lead you to reception.”

(Fortunately for the guy, the staircase I directed him to only goes up. I just hope he didn’t end up in the basement somehow.)

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It Pays To Look Out For Each Other

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(I have been receiving government benefits for a little while after leaving a violent relationship and being homeless. I finally get my own place and inform the agency responsible for the benefits; they tell me will send a rent certificate out so my landlord can sign it so I’ll receive assistance in paying rent. Fast forward a month: despite asking numerous times for it, it never arrives. I’m just managing to pay my rent but have very little left for food, bills, and essential medication. I go into an office to get one so my landlord can sign it before leaving the country for three months. I spend an hour and a half waiting for two pieces of paper, run and get my landlord to sign what he needs to, and then head back to the office. I wait another hour for a lady to take the papers.)

Lady #1: “It will be in your next pay.” *starts to walk off*

Me: “Excuse me, but I’ve waited for a month for the rent certificate. I really need the money. Shouldn’t I get back paid?”

Lady #1: “It will be with your next pay.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I was told it could be done immediately. I would also like to know how much the assistance will be.”

Lady #1: “Fine, take a seat and I’ll find out.”

(I wait another twenty minutes.)

Lady #1: “It will be [amount that’s $50 less than should be] and will be with your next pay. If you want money now, you have to get on the phone.” *walks away*

(I get on the phone to a department that is notorious for keeping people waiting and then not helping. I am extremely lucky to get a woman who goes above and beyond. She messages the lady I originally dealt with to actually upload the paperwork — which she hasn’t done — and gets the amount I am to receive corrected. Because the office I am in is closing, the lady I originally dealt with tells me I have to leave. The second lady promises to call me on my mobile once she has everything sorted out. Twenty minutes later, [Lady #2] calls me and verifies who I am.)

Lady #2: “I have some good news: [correct amount] will be in your account overnight. I’m sorry for what happened today at the office but I’ve had four people working on it and it has been escalated to a supervisor.”

Me: “Thank you so much. Everyone else I’ve dealt with didn’t care, but you’ve been amazing. I really appreciate it.”

Lady #2: “Not a problem; I’m glad I could help. Now you mentioned you need medication; is there anything else you need tonight? I won’t be able to give a lot right now as the money will be in your account tomorrow, but I can see what I can do.”

Me: “Just my meds, which will be about [amount], and something for dinner.”

Lady #2: “What about getting home? It’s too hot to be walking long distances.”

Me: “I have enough on [travel card] to get home. Thank you.”

Lady #2: “Okay, I’ve just put [amount] on your account, which means you’ll get [amount] tomorrow. Things will get better; keep your head up.”

Me: *now crying* “Thank you so much. You’ve been amazing. No one else I’ve talked to has cared. Thank you, have an amazing rest of your day.”

(This might not seem like a lot, but the second lady I spoke too really went above and beyond to get it sorted and make me feel better. So, to the lady, if you’re reading this, thank you; your kind words and going the extra mile to fix others’ mistakes for someone on the end of the phone really made a difference.)

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Government Plan Fails Hard: Shocking  

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Our town has recently had some construction in the city centre, with some new roads added that lead away from the main high street and force cars to loop around an extra five miles just to leave the town centre.

For years, there has been a through road that people use to cut through. It’s located around the back entrance of some of the larger shops. It has two lanes with traffic lights on the end. It is a very popular road as it cuts the journey through town down by about ten minutes in traffic.

My store was located on the through road, and the delivery area where employees parked their cars led directly to the road.

After construction, there were new signs on all of the roads that stated a height restriction on vehicles because of “emissions.” This was the only sign located on the road.

After a week of work, I came home to seven envelopes with a £75 fine and a photo of my car leaving work. I was naturally livid, because there was no signage. I had full right to be there as I worked on the road and even had a parking pass fully displayed in all of the photos.

It all seemed like a mess, so I appealed the ticket and, luckily, did not have to pay.

I mentioned it to some friends and they had all been ticketed. They had appealed and gotten let off their tickets, too.

The next week, the local paper showed the road in question and explained how the local council had issued fines totalling almost one-million pounds over the first month of the restrictions. Said restrictions were not legally enforceable because there was no signage to state that cars couldn’t drive on the road. It also mentioned that the height restriction would mean that many of the businesses would have to go out of business because they couldn’t let lorries through with the new height restriction.

The council had to refund up to one million pounds worth of travel tickets and remove the restrictions.

No one knew if it was a bid to get more money from traffic tickets or to relieve congestion in the city centre, but whatever it was, it failed hard.

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