“I Paid In The Back” Will Cost You Dearly Up Front

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I have just gotten my first job. It’s at a sandwich shop located inside a convenience store. Most people only work one or the other, but because I can only work during the summer, I need the extra hours, so I ask to work both.

Our “register” at the sandwich shop is really just a computer that prints out a ticket of what the customer orders. The customer then has to pay up front at the convenience store.

I have just finished printing out the order ticket for a woman who easily has a hundred dollars’ worth of food and I don’t have a line, so my boss has me come up front to get some register training.

I am not the only high-schooler there, but I’m the youngest and most recent hire. My boss notices a couple of people purposely get in my line and try to pull the “I paid in the back” trick before they realize it’s me. He is getting madder and madder at customers obviously just trying to take advantage of the youngest and newest employee when a woman with several sandwiches walks up to my register.

She places several items on the counter but refuses to hand me an order ticket. She vehemently argues that she doesn’t have a sandwich ticket and even leans on the counter so she can get in my face and scream at me when she starts cursing.

My boss steps up, physically moves me back from her, and gets in her face.

I have no idea what he whispered to her but she immediately turned around and searched the entire store until she found the order ticket she had crumpled up and thrown on the floor.

White Fright

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This happened to my friend. She is white, but she was born and raised in Haiti. As a result, she grew up mostly seeing black people and her parents were the only white people she knew. When she was about three, her parents took her on a trip to the States to visit family.

Seeing a lot of white people freaked out the three-year-old girl, and she clung to her mother. One day, while they were at the grocery store, my friend saw a black cashier. She ran to the cashier and hugged her. The cashier was confused, especially after my friend started to speak Haitian Creole to her. Her mom had to explain that she grew up in Haiti and wasn’t used to people in the States yet.

When they got back to the house, my friend’s mom explained that there are a lot of white people in the States but she doesn’t have to be scared of them, and not all black people speak Haitian Creole.

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(A female customer walks in rapidly texting on her phone)

Me: “Hey welcome to [Sandwich Shop] what could I do for you?”

Customer: *Doesn’t respond and continues texting*

Me: “Ma’am?”

Customer: “Oh my god what do you want!”

Me: “I would like to know if I may help you, you walked into the store and you haven’t placed an order yet”

Customer: “Well sorry, I have a life and friends to text.”

(Another customer walks in and gets in line)

Customer: *Runs back into line* “Hey you can’t cut in line”

Me: “Ma’am you weren’t in line.”

Customer 2: *Sighs and exits the store to try to avoid the drama I guess”

Customer: “Finally!” *Goes back to where she was to sit down*

Employee: “Ma’am, leave.”

Customer: *Confused* “Why?”

Me: “Ma’am you caused a customer to leave and are not even buying anything or placing an order”

Customer: “I?, how did I make him leave?!”

Customer: *Throws phone to ground in anger and then let’s out a loud shreik as she sees her broken phone on the floor* “Oh.My.God I’m calling the f*cking cops for f*cking breaking my f*cking phone you f*cker!”

Employee: “Oh good we already called them for you!”

(The customer then got on the ground and starting throwing the biggest tantrum I think I’ve ever seen and she had to be dragged out by the police)

Wrong About Tax Rights

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(I am ringing up a customer.)

Me: “Your total is… [total].”

Customer: “Hmm. I did the math; that seems high. Aren’t these items $[price #1] and $[price #2]?”

Me: “Well, yes, but then another $[amount] was added for sales tax.”

Customer: “Oh, well, I don’t have to pay sales tax.”

Me: “All right, then. If I can just see the state-issued document that includes your tax-exempt number, I’d be more than happy to remove the tax from the transaction.”

Customer: “I need a form?”

Me: “Yes. Otherwise, how would I know you are actually tax-exempt?”

Customer: “That would impede my rights to have to go to the government in order to not have to pay tax. That’s illegal!”

(My manager approaches, mainly because the man is talking rather loudly.)

Customer: *looks at manager* “So, can you take the tax off of my purchase?”

Manager: “Sure! I just need to see the tax-exempt form.”

Customer: “I just told your employee I don’t have that because that would impede my rights.”

Manager: “Unfortunately, I cannot prove that, and I cannot authorize a tax-exempt sale without that form, which includes the tax-exempt number.”

Customer: “Well, I will be reporting both of you to the police for breaking the law!”

Manager: “Okay!”

Me: “Sounds good.”

(The customer left, and we just started laughing at the craziness.)

A Signed That It’s Going To Be A Good Birthday

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(I’m a high-medical-needs child, and one of my conditions is severe tinnitus in one ear and complete deafness in the other. I’m completely deaf in restaurants and public places, because of the noise, so it is very hard for me to order. I am out for lunch on my birthday.)

Waitress: *after taking everyone else’s orders* “Okay, and what would you like, sweetie?”

Me: *no response*

Waitress: “Excuse me?”

Me: *no response*

(Finally, my dad explained my situation, and she signed to me her question. Later on in the meal, she brought the whole staff out, with a free dessert. While the entire staff was singing to me, she signed the entire time. If you are reading this, miss, thank you so much!)