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(I’m in chemistry class and we’re working on a lab. My group has four people. Student #1 has gone near our fume hood to get chemicals that we need for the next part of our assignment. Student #2, who is one of the top two students in my grade, is washing a GLASS graduated cylinder in the sink. Student #3 and I are watching him.)

Student #2: *tapping cylinder against the sink to get the water out*

Student #3: I dare you to hit it harder

Student #2: *hits it against the sink a bit harder*

Student #3: Hit it harder

Student #2: *hits it harder and breaks the graduated cylinder*

Student #3 and Me: *laughing*

Teacher: Who was that?

Student #3 and Me: [Student #2]

Teacher: What happened?

Student #2: *throwing the glass in our overflowing glass bin* Well [Student #3] dared me to hit it harder and I don’t back down from a dare

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(I’m wandering through a convention dressed as a Mooby’s employee from the Kevin Smith movies. I’m also black.)

Stranger: Nice costume.

Me: Oh, thanks.

Stranger: You should have had “P**** M***** For Life” on the back.

(Note: he’s referring to Clerks II when one of the characters, Randall, wore that on the back of his uniform after discovering it was a racial slur in an (failed) attempt to take it back.)

Me: What?

Stranger: You should have had “P**** M***** For Life” on the back of your uniform like in Clerks II.

Me: I know what you’re talking about, but why would I do that? I’m not dressing as Randall.

Stranger: Just thought you’d be trying to take it back.


(This wasn’t the only time it happened to me during that convention. I’ve since stopped wearing the uniform.)

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(I went to Taco Bell with a friend of mine, going to the drive-through. My friend is driving, and is always making jokes, and acting crazy.)

Friend: *pulls up to a worker sitting on the sidewalk, who is obviously on break, and starts ordering our food*

Worker: *looks confused* “Uh, you have to pull up to speaker.”

Friend: “Oh, we don’t order to you?”

Worker: *Awkward laugh* No, I’m on break.

My friend and I go to the drive-through. I busted out laughing

Getting Just For Desserts

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(It is many years ago, when debit/credit cards are not used nearly as much as nowadays, and nearly all transactions are in cash. My wife and I are on vacation and have stopped between home and our destination for lunch. We have eaten at the buffet, and I am standing in line to check out. I noticed someone, who looks like a manager, running the register when we came in. He is still at the checkout desk, but he is taking the tickets at a small cashbox and making change from it. I think this is a little strange, during the rush hour with about 5-10 people in the checkout line all the time, but figure it is none of my business. After waiting in line for a few minutes, I come to the front.)

Manager: “How was your meal?”

Me: “Fine, thank you.”

Manager: “Great! Your ticket is [amount].”

Me: *handing him a twenty* “Here you go.”

(The manager takes the money, makes my change from the cashbox, and spikes my ticket on a different spike than the one next to the register, but again I’m thinking “Not my problem.”)

Manager: “Here is your change, and come again!”

Me: “Thanks!”

(I move aside so he can serve the next customer. This is a rather un-assuming fortyish man, wearing a suit, and who looks like your average accountant or middle-level manager.)

Manager: “And how was your meal, sir?”

Customer: “Fine!” *hands over cash and ticket*

(The manager makes change from the cash box, spikes ticket on the spike not at the cash register, which has several tickets spiked but nowhere near as many as the one next to the cashbox, and hands the change over to the man:)

Manager: “Here is your change, and thank you. Come again!”

(Customer takes his change, puts it in his wallet, opens his suit jacket and places his wallet in an inner pocket, and pulls out a small leather folder which he opens and shows to the manager:)

Customer: “I’m Agent [Customer] of the Georgia Department of Revenue. I need to speak to whoever is in charge today. Right now, please.”

(I have been watching the entire thing, and I involuntarily start, my jaw falls open, and I get a look on my face which evidently says “Busted!” to whoever is watching. The manager looks at the badge the agent is holding out, and deflates like a balloon. The agent turns to look at me, realizing that I have figured out what is going on, and grins a grin that just screams “Some days I just LOVE my job!” I look at him, grin in return, and do my best to make it out the door before bursting out in laughter.)

Wife: “What was that all about?”

Me: “I’ll explain in the car, but I wonder if he or they were skimming just from paying taxes or from the company as well!”

(My wife just looked at me in puzzlement, and I spent the next several miles of our trip explaining how the restaurant was shutting down the register during the busiest part of the day, doing cash only, and keeping the receipts without paying sales tax, while still charging it to their customers. Either someone reported them, or they just had the bad luck of a revenue agent eating lunch there and catching them red-handed!)

How To Harry In A Hurry

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My husband and I are walking into a store and as we are entering we have to walk around a large family.

As we are going around them, a woman comes running up behind me shoving me out of the way (actually hitting me with her cart and knocking me into one of the family members) yelling “I’m in a hurry!” as she flies by.

Everyone is kind of aghast for a minute and a store employee rushes over to check on me and offers to make her leave, but I’m okay and think it will be too much trouble to track her down in a crowded store.

We all go our separate ways…

…and my husband and I immediately run into the lady in a hurry as she is trying on lotions, testing out perfumes, and examining various types of glassware.

It was really clear she wasn’t in any type of hurry and she got more and more embarrassed every time she saw me. She was practically running away each time until eventually she just abandoned her cart in the middle of the main walkway and hightailed it out of the store.

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