Wrong About Tax Rights

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(I am ringing up a customer.)

Me: “Your total is… [total].”

Customer: “Hmm. I did the math; that seems high. Aren’t these items $[price #1] and $[price #2]?”

Me: “Well, yes, but then another $[amount] was added for sales tax.”

Customer: “Oh, well, I don’t have to pay sales tax.”

Me: “All right, then. If I can just see the state-issued document that includes your tax-exempt number, I’d be more than happy to remove the tax from the transaction.”

Customer: “I need a form?”

Me: “Yes. Otherwise, how would I know you are actually tax-exempt?”

Customer: “That would impede my rights to have to go to the government in order to not have to pay tax. That’s illegal!”

(My manager approaches, mainly because the man is talking rather loudly.)

Customer: *looks at manager* “So, can you take the tax off of my purchase?”

Manager: “Sure! I just need to see the tax-exempt form.”

Customer: “I just told your employee I don’t have that because that would impede my rights.”

Manager: “Unfortunately, I cannot prove that, and I cannot authorize a tax-exempt sale without that form, which includes the tax-exempt number.”

Customer: “Well, I will be reporting both of you to the police for breaking the law!”

Manager: “Okay!”

Me: “Sounds good.”

(The customer left, and we just started laughing at the craziness.)

A Signed That It’s Going To Be A Good Birthday

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(I’m a high-medical-needs child, and one of my conditions is severe tinnitus in one ear and complete deafness in the other. I’m completely deaf in restaurants and public places, because of the noise, so it is very hard for me to order. I am out for lunch on my birthday.)

Waitress: *after taking everyone else’s orders* “Okay, and what would you like, sweetie?”

Me: *no response*

Waitress: “Excuse me?”

Me: *no response*

(Finally, my dad explained my situation, and she signed to me her question. Later on in the meal, she brought the whole staff out, with a free dessert. While the entire staff was singing to me, she signed the entire time. If you are reading this, miss, thank you so much!)

You Die A Hero, Or Work Retail Long Enough To Become The Villain

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(My mother is the bad customer in this story. We have left our car at a hotel near the airport when we go on vacation. When we come back, one of the tires is flat. We know that a nearby superstore has a tire service and we want [Roadside Assistance Service] to tow us there before it closes. Normally, they give an estimate of forty-five minutes to get to us, but this time it is an hour and a half, which won’t give us enough time to get there before closing. My mom is told that since we aren’t in an emergency situation, they can’t get to us faster.)

Mom: “This is an emergency situation. We just came back from vacation and need to get home.”

(That doesn’t do anything, but we manage to take the flat tire in a friend’s car to the store and have it fixed. As my dad is putting the tire back on, my mom calls [Roadside Assistance Service] back. This is her side of the conversation. Her tone of voice is very harsh through the call.)

Mom: “I want to speak to a supervisor. Transfer me to a supervisor right now.”

(A pause…)

Mom: “I am very disappointed with this service. I have had it for many years, and you couldn’t get to me in less than an hour? I want to cancel my service and get my money back, and I want to lodge a complaint against whoever I talked to earlier. I’m sure that’s on my file. I’m done with your company.”


Mom: “Fine, yeah, whatever.” *hangs up, and then, in a cheerier voice* “Guess we still have [Roadside Assistance Service]. The guy said that I couldn’t cancel since it’s billed yearly and we paid last month.” *laughing a bit* “And I wasn’t really that upset, anyway.”

(I could only stare in shock about how poorly she acted if she wasn’t upset. This is a woman who used to work phones and complained about people like herself!)

Where The Term “Barking Mad” Comes From

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(I’m heading from my bedroom to the bathroom. It’s late and my roommate tends to go to bed very early, so I’m trying to be as quiet as possible, but as soon as I close my bedroom door…)

Roommate’s Dog: “WOOF!”

Roommate: “Really?!”

(I start cracking up a little as my roommate comes out of the room with his dog.)

Roommate: *fussing at his dog* “See? It’s [My Name]! You know who [My Name] is!” *to me* “I swear to God, she can recognize the sound of your car pulling up, but if the door to your room closes, ‘Oh, no! It must be some intruder coming to kill us!’”

(At first, I felt a little bad about waking him up, but now I can’t stop laughing.)

Dinner Has Been Exterminated

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(My husband has gone to the kitchen to cook dinner and has just gotten all the pans down and ingredients set out when the door opens. It is the exterminator.)

Husband: “Hi. What are you doing here?”

Exterminator: “The landlady paid me to come out and spray for bugs today.”

Husband: “Oh… at dinner time?”

Exterminator: “Yeah, I got busy.”

Me: *when the story was told to me* “Oh, good. The landlady didn’t pay him to poison our dinner; that was an optional service.”

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