I Wash My Hands Of You!

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(I am in high school, and I work for a major fast food chain. We have a sink near the grill area where employees wash their hands. One of my coworkers constantly gives me a hard time about how often I wash my hands. Normally I am a quiet and non-confrontational person, but today I have had enough:)

Coworker: *seeing me heading towards the sink* “Look, [My Name] is going to wash her hands again. What, are you OCD or something?”

Me: *angrily* “I have just wiped down every table in the lobby, swept and mopped the floors, cleaned both bathrooms, and taken out all the garbage. Do you want me touching your food?!”

Coworker: *stammering* “Uh… No.”

(He never bothered me again.)

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I work in a restaurant as both a waitress and a cashier. Many customers love our food because we use quality ingredients, and we have been in business for about 15 years, and are a community favorite. We even offer delivery. This particular night, I am working as a waitress, and I answer the phone for our new cashier, who is helping another customer. This caller is a regular, an eldery lady, ordering about once or twice a week for the last few years, and I recognize her voice immediately. She is always rude and condescending. I am taking her delivery order when we get to her salads:

Customer: “…I’d also like to add two side salads. I want a small greek, no tomato, no onion, no olives, and no peppers. I’d also like a small chef, just meat, cheese, and cucumbers. Got that? And I do NOT want silverware, or crackers. They’re just going to be thrown away.”

Me: Okay, ma’am. I have a small greek salad- lettuce, cheese, and cucumbers. Then I have a small chef salad, just lettuce, meat, cheese and cucumbers. The greek usually comes with our house dressing, would you like something else? Also, what kind of dressing for your chef?

Customer: I don’t need any dressings. I’ve got some here at the house. Don’t mess up my salads like last time, and I DON’T want any dressing, silverware, or crackers.

(I read back her entire order, she confirms, and I take her payment and tell her it’ll be 45-an hour. I then write down the salads very neatly on a checkpad and hand it to the cashier.)

Me: Hey, [Cashier]? I just got off the phone with Mrs. [Customer], and she placed a delivery. She ordered a couple of salads, but I need to go check on my tables. Would you be willing to make them?

Cashier: Sure. What do you need?

Me: Thank you! This is what she wanted, and how. Basically just meat, cheese, cucumber, and feta and cucumer. Just the salads, nothing else. And no dressing, either. Give them to [Driver] when you’re done.

(I finish my shift and think nothing more of it. The next night, I go into work and everyone is acting funny. I ask what’s up, and they direct me to the manager/owner. He pulls us into the back and pulls out his cellphone, he presses a few buttons, and then sets his phone down, and steps back.)

Voicemail: Yeah, hi, this is Mrs. [Customer], and I am NOT happy with my order last night. [Owner], do you make it a point to hire morons and idiots? I asked for my salads to be made a certain way, and when I got them, they had all sorts of crap on them! I couldn’t even eat them! And I specifically said I didnt want silverware or crackers, but I got them! I thought your greek salad was supposed to come with your house dressing? The dressing is what makes it greek. Why the hell didn’t I get any dressings? My pizza was burned, too! My husband and I waited so long for an incorrect order, and he ended up just going to bed without dinner! If your delivery boy was still here, I would’ve thrown my food at him! This is a disgrace. Ive been a loyal customer for years, and this is not the first time I’ve been treated like this. You need to hire employees that can actually do thier job! All of your cashiers are dumb, and you need to be training them better. I want a refund or some other compensation. I am not paying for this bullsh*t You have just lost a customer, and I am NEVER coming back! *click*

(Apperantly, this woman had somehow gotten my boss’s cell phone number, and left him a voicemail. I assume that the cashier made the salads normally, which could have been easily corrected by just picking pieces off. The “delivery boy” was a family member of the boss, in his 30’s, and was pretty intimidating looking, but pretty nice. Nobody got in trouble, and sure enough, the woman called back after about two weeks. This time, I made her salads (on the house), but she still complained that her pizza was cold. Since then, I’ve avoided answering the phone when I see her on the Caller ID.

This Is A Plug For Paying Attention

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(I work in the electrical and lighting department of a large home improvement store. One day a customer and his wife come in to look for a way to make his welder plug into his generator. All they have are rough sketches of the shapes of the plugs, with little indication of size. Once I’ve finally figured out what size he needs, I open the box and hand it to him for verification. Note: this is a large 240-volt receptacle — the female end with holes in it.)

Customer: *pointing to polarized plug slot* “Why is this thing bigger than the other?! That won’t work. Can I take it out?”

Me: “No, sir. That is a single molded piece. You cannot ‘take it out.’ I’m sure it will work with your plug.”

(He finally concedes and leaves with that receptacle and one circular “turnlock” plug, but he doesn’t even make it to the end of the aisle before he comes back.)

Customer: “You gave me the wrong round plug. This one turns right. I need one that locks to the left.”

Me: “Okay, sir. I’m sorry about that.”

(I put the plug back on the shelf, pretend to pick up and examine a couple of others, then pick up the same one, open it again, and present it to him triumphantly.)

Me: “Here you go, sir! This one will turn right!”

(He left, happy as a clam, and thanked me profusely.)

You’ve Eclipsed Their Knowledge Of The Subject

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(I’m working on dishes with a coworker as we wait for our orders to be ready to go out on delivery. This takes place about two weeks before the big solar eclipse in 2017.)

Me: “My wife and I are driving to Tennessee that day, to be in the line of the total eclipse.”

Coworker: “What time is the eclipse?”

Me: “It’s supposed to be around 2:30.”

Coworker: “Is that am or pm?”

(He never figured out why I was laughing so hard.)

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(Our call center’s hold music is an awful, screechy sounding pop singer that a few coworker and I have been pleading to get changed).

Caller: *in a thick souther drawl* “Now I don’t want you to think this is no personal attack, and I ain’t tryna be rude, but yall’s hold music sucks a**.”

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