An Unforgettable Encounter

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(I frequent a popular coffee shop near my house. One day, the woman in front of me in line states that she forgot her wallet at home and I, feeling generous, offer to pay for her coffee. Later that week, I go back to the same coffee shop. After I have been waiting about a minute in line, the same lady from days before enters and gets into the line behind me. I order and sit with my coffee to read a book.)

Woman: *at the register* “Oops, I guess I forgot my wallet at home.”

Cashier: “Oh, do you want me to cancel the order?”

Woman: *slightly louder* “I forgot my wallet at home!”

(The cashier cancels the order and asks the woman to step aside so someone else can order. The woman stomps over to my table.)

Woman: “Hey! I left my wallet at home!”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, ma’am.”

Woman: “Well? Aren’t you going to pay for my coffee?”

Me: “No, I am not.”

Woman: “What! Why not? I forgot my wallet!”

Me: “Ma’am, I paid for you the other day as a kindness. I’m not going to pay for your coffee every time you want. I suggest making sure you have money with you the next time you want a coffee. And if you’re having so much trouble remembering your wallet, perhaps you should have your memory checked.”

(The woman stared at me a moment longer, then “hmphed” and stomped out of the store.)

Breaking Their Fourth Wall

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(I am working in the deli of a grocery store.)

Me: “How are you? Can I interest you some of our [popular ham] that’s on sale?”

Customer: “No, I need one-fourth of a pound of [other ham].”

Me: “Of course!”

(I slice a piece of the ham he asked for and ask him if the slice is okay and if he would like a sample slice.)

Me: “Okay, and you said a quarter pound, right?”

Customer: “No! I said one-fourth! You people do this every time! First you try to sell me some s*** I don’t need, and then you try to trick me into buying more than I need! I said one-fourth of a pound!”

(I continue to slice his meat and let him rant. I finish slicing, hand him his meat, and wish him a great day. A few moments later he returns and puts the ham back on the counter.)

Customer: “I thought a fourth would be enough, but it doesn’t look like it. I guess you’re not as bad as I thought. I’ll take the quarter, instead.”

Me: “Okay.”

Tomorrow’s Robot Overlords Are Today’s Chicken Labellers

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(I’m working in the deli at a popular grocery store when a customer comes up to me:)

Customer: “How long will it be until some fresh rotisserie chickens come out?”

Me: “About fifteen minutes.”

Customer: “But the timer says eight.”

Me: “Yes, but I still have to get the chicken out, label them, and bag them up. It may not take fifteen minutes exactly, but it will be close.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, I thought you had a machine for that.”

Was Counting On The Luck Of The Irish

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(The store I work in is located in a shopping plaza that has parking meters on every street. A lot of customers come in just to ask for change to pay them, but unfortunately we are not allowed to open the registers for them unless they buy something.)

Customer: “Can I get some change for the meter? I’m Irish.”

Me: “Sorry, sir, we’re not allowed to do that in the store.”

Customer: “Why not? I’m Irish!”

Me: “If you go to the next street over, there’s a help kiosk that does give out change. If you want change here, you’ll have to buy something.”

Customer: “Of course. Don’t you see I have money? I’m Irish!”

(The man then wandered around the store for about 20 minutes before buying something cheap right near the register. As I checked him out, he made sure I counted out the quarters, and made me tell him my name in case “they” ask. I’m still not sure who “they” are, if this guy was actually Irish, or why he felt the need to keep telling me so.)

Unfiltered Story #117411

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I work in one of those “dollar” stores. A guy comes in on a Friday afternoon and says to me the he bought a Slim Jim on Tuesday, and the cashier forgot to put it in his bag, so can he get one? I asked him if he had his receipt. He replies: “No, it’s too much trouble to come back. EVER!”

So I guess I should just take his word and give him a free Slim Jim?

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