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Me and my friends were considering to sell some of our stuff at a Cash-Converter store.
First we tried to sell a AAA Motherboard, but they wouldnt take it because it was “too specific”, even though the store has other motherboards, sometimes of completely unknown brands.
Next we tried to sell his 120$, like new, in box Keyboard, and they wanted to give us 20$ for that…

You may have waited for the big twist:
They bought an old as laptop HDD for 30$…

As i am an IT guy myself, I just got some old ass HDD drives and sold them

Guy with the job to rip people off gets ripped off in his own business.

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(My nine-year-old and I have just arrived at a fancy restaurant to have Christmas dinner with my seventy-eight-year-old mum and her eighty-year-old boyfriend. Hubby/dad is running late because he had to shave and iron his t-shirt. He usually wears a yellow/black ski coat, so we often call him “the Bee.”)

Boyfriend: *talking to my son* “So, where’s your dad?”

Son: “He’s polishing his stinger!”

(Cue inner laughing and acute embarrassment on my part…)

The Bourne Mystery

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(I’m having lunch with my mum, who is telling me about a movie she and her best friend watched the weekend before. Both my mum and her friend are in their late 70s, love serious movies, and never ever watch any violent, naughty, or blockbuster-y types of movies.)

Mum: “So, the other day, [Friend] said there was this movie we really needed to see. It was supposed to be great and she got it especially for us: The Bourne Identity!”

Me: *nearly spits out my food laughing* “Oh, no! That is totally not your sort of movie! How did it go?”

Mum: “Well, the first quarter of it was in the dark, so we didn’t see anything that was going on! Then we had no idea who was who or what was happening. There was a car chase, sex, and gunfights!”

Me: “Why did you continue watching it?”

Mum: “We kept hoping it might all be explained!”

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Achieved Nothing

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(I usually look after the house and shopping on weekends, but today, I’ll be busy working during shopping hours while my husband will be in charge of the house and our seven-year-old son. I leave him a short list of things we need, and insist he has to at least get cat sand so we can change the litter boxes. It’s Saturday, and pet shops are closed on Sundays. I come back from work seven hours later and have this conversation:)

Me: “So, how did the day go?”

Husband: “Good! We went to the swimming pool!”

Me: “Cool! Did you do the shopping? Did you forget anything?”

Husband: “Nothing.”

Me: “Really? You even got the cat sand?”

Husband: “No, we got nothing. We just went to the pool.”

(I had to run out and get food. Cats will have to wait till Monday for sand.)

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Manage For Years To Come

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My husband works in a different town and only comes home on the weekends. He’s been doing that for over ten years now, and I am completely in charge of our seven-year-old son when he’s not around.

Last month he decided he needed a bit of time off, so he took a month of vacation; he’d accrued three months’ worth of days off to use. At the end of the month at home, he said to me, “You know, I’m glad I had this time off. Now I know you can manage our son all by yourself.”

Really? It only took him seven years to figure that out?

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