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(Our store is in a shopping center with a multitude of others. We have covered sidewalks that run along the whole length of the front of the stores, and trash cans that people tend to slap flyers on. The trashcans aren’t affiliated with any store, they’re considered public property, so people can post what they like. Someone recently placed a poster about a guy in the community. It was offensive, so it was ripped down, but someone posted it back up the same day. The next day, my coworker took a call from a furious woman. I only heard my coworker’s side of it for the most part.)

Coworker: Thank you for calling [Store], this is [Name]. Yes, ma’am, I’ll get that for you right now. (She turns to me to ask for the corporate number.) What? What flyer? …  We don’t post flyers in the store, ma’am. … No, ma’am, that’s not allowed. Do you mean the one on the trash can? … Yes, ma’am, I saw it. It’s on public property. It’s not ours. *She starts to look upset at this point and gives her name* Yes, ma’am, I read some of it. … No, I didn’t take it down. … Because it’s public property. Anyone can place what they like. … Wait, you’re going to try and get me fired for reading it? … So, no matter who answered the phone was going to get in trouble, and I was the lucky one to answer?

(I take the phone from her at this point, because she’s about to cry.)

Me: This is [name], what can I do for you?

Angry woman: *Still in a tirade* … and I will have you know I am recording this.

Me: Ma’am. Ma’am.

Angry woman: Who is this?

Me: This is [name]. You were wanting the number to corporate?

Angry woman: Yes, I do. You put that offensive poster up outside your store. *Goes off into another tirade that I ignore for the most part as I go for the number*

Me: Ma’am. MA’AM! You realize that is on public property? We have no control-

Angry woman: I just want the number for corporate.

Me: That number is-

Angry woman: And don’t think that you are getting away with posting that crap in your store.

Me: Well, I don’t appreciate you talking to my coworker that way.

Angry woman: I will talk to her any way I want!

Me: Do you want the number to corporate or not?

Angry woman: *Hangs up phone*

(The next day, my manager received a call saying we were unprofessional. The manager gave the woman the number for corporate. She came in the day after that and is at my register. Not only do I recognize her, but I realize that she works at the bakery my sister owns.)

Me: Did you find everything okay?

Angry Woman: Yes. I see your manager finally took down that poster.

Me: What poster?

Angry Woman: The one you had in the store about that man. You know he didn’t do it, right? My five year old girl read that. I hope your manager fired that girl who let it get posted.

Me: *Smiling as large as I can* Nope. She didn’t. I didn’t, either, though I appreciate you calling us unprofessional.

(She shuts up and hurries through checking out to rush out of the store, then notify my manager of the woman. Sure enough, my manager gets another call about me and how unbearably rude I was to her. My manager only laughed about the call, but I decided to contact my sister about the woman. Guess who got fired in the end!)

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This is a small store; most people come in to pick up a couple quick items, and will often be in the door and at the checkout all in less than a minute. I had just come up to the register where three customers had lined up all at once: a white girl (WG), a black woman (BW), and an older white woman (WW) in order.

The black woman was looking like she thought I was doing something wrong by not being behind the counter and ready to go already, although as most customers don’t seem to realize (as they yell “Helloo” at the top of their lungs without even giving me a second to get to them) I am required to leave the register to straighten anytime no one is in line.

I proceed to help the white girl, and scan a bottle of wine first, which brings up the age prompt, although I don’t get further than that.

WG: Oh I couldn’t find any melatonin I guess you guys don’t carry it?

ME: Yes, we do. It is with the vitamins and supplements *gesturing towards
corner where they are located*

WG: Oh really…*looks hesitant, then runs off suddenly*

ME: *Glancing at the next customer* Um.. well.

I start to scan the next next item, but stop. I realize I can actually take the next person since I never entered a birth date for the wine,

BW: *Indignant look* Um…

ME: *Motioning her forward* I can just take you while she does that.

BW: That’s right. I’m not waiting!

Wanting to explain why I might have waited so she wouldn’t think I just didn’t care –

ME: Oh well it’s just that if I had scanned an item in I would have had to wait

BW: Um, no you would have voided it.

(All of this while I’m ringing her up, of course)

ME: Well, I can’t actually void items.

BW: (she gives me a dirty look) Why, you need a manager?

ME: Yes, someone with a key would have to come up.

BW: (looking nastily at me) YEAH. And then they would have VOIDED it!

She doesn’t seem to realize that calling up the MOD would have taken longer than just waiting for WG to retrieve an item most likely. I don’t say anything.

BW: I also need a pack of *** cigarettes *suddenly looking right into my eyes* and I don’t want you to disagree with me again (in a very challenging tone).

ME: (I’m very taken aback) Oh….I…I’m sorry if you are upse-

BW: *Cutting me off* Don’t even try to talk back! I’m going to talk to a manager
about you, how you talk to customers! I know C*** personally, known her for
years! I’m gonna call her up.

ME: *Knowing I should have just gone silent as I’m talking* Well, C*** hasn’t
worked here for years, she’s the manager of another store now.
The transaction is completed by this point.

BW: OH, you’re still talking huh? Who’s the manager, what’s her name then?

ME: *Starting to feel anger* The manager’s name is S***.

BW: Yeah S***! That’s who I meant. We’re friends, I’ve known her for 20 yrs.

I’m gonna have to call her up and have a talk with her about you.

ME: *Losing my temper, facing away so she won’t see my furious look*
You can do whatever you want.

My voice was shaking in anger by then, and my hands.

BW: You STILL talking back! Yeah, I’m gonna tell S*** all about you. You might
not even have a job when I get through!

ME: *Turning back around* (she’s already halfway out the door) YEAH right!

I rang up the WG and WW who had just appeared again. Turns out WW had gone off to help WG who was looking in the medicines, not vitamins despite my pointing her in a clearly different direction. It took several more customers before my anger and my nerves had calmed down.

What happened to me? My manager came by later on (it was her day off) to shop and mentioned getting a complaint about me through facebook. She just laughed about it.

The Same Old Scam, I Kid You Not

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(I cashier at a small mom-and-pop place in a fairly small town, nowhere near any major cities. On this day, two kids approach my register with a handful of various cheap candies.)

Me: “Well, hello there! Is this everything for you?”

Kid #1: “Yeah!”

Me: *totaling their purchases* “Okay, that comes to $9.59 exactly.”

([Kid #1] hands me a $10. I set it down on the counter while punching it into the register.)

Me: “Okay, and out of $10, that comes to—”

Kid #1: “I gave you a $20!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Kid #2: “He gave you a $20!”

(There is a pause as I stare at them in confusion.)

Me: “Uh, I’m sorry, but no, you didn’t.” *I pick up the $10 bill* “This is all you gave me.”

(Now the kids look confused.)

Kid #1: “But… the other boys at school said if we tell you we gave you a $20 you’ll give us more money back.”

(My heart sinks as I now realize what these kids are trying to do.)

Me: “I see. Well, first off, let me tell you what you did wrong. You’re supposed to wait until I put the money in my register and give you your change before you say anything.”

(Both kids’ faces light up.)

Kid #1: “Ooooh! That makes more sense!”

Kid #2: “Yeah, can you give us the $10 and let us try again? We’ll get it right this time!”

Me: “Well… no, because second off, what you’re trying to do is basically steal from the store. You’re trying to trick me by lying to me, and take money from the register that isn’t yours. That’s money the store needs to buy stock, pay bills, and of course, give me my salary.”

(Both kids faces now turn shocked.)

Kid #1: “Oh… sorry! We didn’t know, honest!”

Me: “I know you didn’t. Just might want to tell the boys at school what they’re doing is wrong.”

Kid #2: “Can we have the $10 back? We need it to go see a movie.”

(I handed back their money and voided the purchase. They left, hopefully now wiser and better, while I shook my head that apparently this well-known scam had spread so far that even the kids in my little “Nowheresville” town were being told about it and how to pull it off.)

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[In Australia (or at least, in Sydney), cigarettes can’t be on display- generally they’re in white cases which have doors that you push up. In my particular store, we’re fazing out the selling of cigarettes and have very few left. I’m not a smoker and know very little about cigarette brands. Because we’re fazing them out (and have advertised this) my employer has told me not to bother learning all the different brands.]

Customer: [Walks up to the tills and barks out a brand of cigarettes I’m unfamiliar with]

Me: “I’m sorry sir, what was that?”

Customer: [Repeats the name and then in response to my slightly blank look] Cigarettes, you f*cking idiot, I want my cigarettes!

Me: My apologies Sir, I’m a non-smoker and we’re fazing out cigarettes in this store, so I don’t know all the brands. [I unlock the cabinet and start looking for the brand he wants. It’s hard since most of the cabinet is empty and we only have about three packets left.]

Customer: You’re taking too f*cking long! Give me my f*cking cigarettes!

[At this point, the owner comes behind the counter to figure out what the commotion is.]

Owner: Can I help you sir?

Customer: This bitch is taking too long with my f*cking cigarettes, I want my fuc- [He can only get half the word out because the owner interrupts him]

Owner: You need to leave my store, now!

Customer: But my-

Owner: No. You’ve been incredibly rude to my cashier, when she has been nothing but polite to you. In two more days we will no longer be selling cigarettes here, and you’ll be lucky if we serve you for anything else after your rudeness today.

[The customer left, swearing under his breath about my incompetence. The owner made sure I was okay before going back to what he was doing and I kept serving. I understand that it can be frustrating when someone doesn’t know what you’re talking about, and had we been fully stocked and continuing to sell cigarettes, I would have learned the brands- but regardless, there’s no need to be so rude to your cashier! Thanks to my awesome boss for being so protective of me.]

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Losing Your Religion Over It

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(I am in my local Pakistani owned corner shop, shortly before Christmas. The owner’s two young children are playing around the shelves in the shop.)

Owner: *to his kids* “Hey, you two. If you don’t start behaving, I’ll phone Santa and remind him we are Muslim.”

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