Cold Hard Cash

| | Right | December 5, 2008

Customer: “Do you guys have an ATM machine here?”

Me: “Er, no, sorry.”

Customer: “I see one right there!”

Me: “Um … that’s a telephone booth, sir.”

Customer: *squinting and walking toward it* “No, it’s an ATM.”

Me: “No. No it’s not. It’s definitely a telephone booth.”

Customer: “Oh. Well…there’s one beside it!”

Me: “That is a freezer, sir. We store ice in it to sell to campers for their coolers.”

Customer: “Why does it say ‘ice’ on it? What kind of ATM says ‘ice’?” *opening the ice box* “It’s an ice box.”

Me: ” …”

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Those Darned Falling Gas Prices

| | Right | November 10, 2008

Customer: “I paid for $21 and it stopped at $15!”

Me: “Is it full?”

Customer: “No, I paid for $21!”

Me: *squeezes nozzle* “Okay… I got a couple drops in, but I really think you’re full.”

Customer: “But I put in $21. Why won’t it fill up? I know it isn’t full!”

(At this point I pull the nozzle out and gas comes shooting out of her tank like Coke and Mentos.)

Customer: “There’s a hole in my car, what can I do?!”

Me: “No, ma’am, you’re just full.”

Customer: “WHY?! This never happens at other gas stations! I don’t understand the problem!”

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No Debit, But Plenty of Loonies

| | Right | October 26, 2008

(At the gas station where I work, a young woman staggers in drunk and tries to buy a bag of chips on debit.)

Me: “Okay, that will be $1.35 on debit.”

(The customer picks up the pin pad and proceeds to swipe a quarter through the slot.)

Me: “Um… ma’am?”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “That’s a quarter.”

Customer: “Yes, I know. For some reason it won’t work. Is this thing turned on?”

Me: “But… that’s… that’s not a debit card. Do you have a debit card?”

Customer: “I’m TRYING! But it won’t work!”

Me: “It’s plastic? Kinda rectangle shaped? Has your bank name on it?”

Customer: “Why won’t it work?”

Me: “You know what? I don’t think that one is working. Do you have another one? Sometimes these machines won’t like a card for no real reason. It happens.”

Customer: “Oh ya? I get that at my work too…”

(She proceeds to put away the quarter and pulls out a loonie instead.)

Me: “Ma’am, I think I see the problem now. All of our card systems are down. They must have crashed with all the people buying things today. Do you have cash instead?”

Customer: “Sure, no problem.” *pulls out 20 dollar bill* “Keep the change. It’s only a few dollars anyway. I don’t want it….”

Me: “Sure, thanks!”

(She wanders off to pass out in the bathroom for 3 hours but I just couldn’t bring myself to call the cops on her.)

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Of Mountains And Molehills

| | Right | October 3, 2008

(It’s winter time and the car wash is shut down because it tends to freeze below a certain temperature.)

Customer: “Why is the car wash closed?”

Me: “It’s below 20 degrees. It has to be closed or it’ll freeze.”

Customer: “But I just bought a car wash and now I can’t wash my car!”

Me: “Those car washes don’t expire. You can use it when the weather warms up a little bit.”

Customer: “The g**d*** car wash is always closed! EVERY TIME I COME IN HERE, THE CAR WASH IS CLOSED! IT’S ALWAYS–”

Me: “HEY!”

Customer: *backs up, surprised*

Me: “It’s just a car wash.”

Customer: *walks out in a huff*

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Way, Way Too Much Information

| | Right | September 3, 2008

Customer: “Oh, I almost forgot… I need a lighter.”

Me: “Alright. Well, here are the various ones we have.” *points at lighters*

Customer: “Can you pick one out for me?”

Me: “Sure thing, sir. Any particular design or color you like?”

Customer: “Clear, just like my underwear.”


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