A Hot Slice Of Common Sense

| VA, USA | Right | December 29, 2015

(My husband and I are regulars at a certain gas station that has an independent pizza chain inside. For the past month the gas station’s computers keep shutting down, effectively closing the gas station. However, the pizza place is still open. There are signs on the doors explaining the situation, bags on the pumps, two of the three entrances are locked, and the store area is barricaded. The lights are on, as employees are cleaning and waiting to help the computer staff. Two men around the same age as me (late 20s) come in.)

Customer #1: “How the f*** the store gonna be closed? I need my washer fluid!”

Customer #2: “I know, right? That’s f**** up! We should call the head people on their lazy a****!”

Me: “Did you see the signs, hon? Their computers are down for the second time this week. They can’t do anything without them.”

Customer #1: “Well, I need my stuff. This is f***** up! They should be open!”

Customer #2: “Why are they closed? Where the f*** are the signs?”

Me: “You mean like the ones on all three LOCKED doors? Or the bags on the pumps? Or maybe you missed the barricades to the main store area? They may even have signs on the pumps themselves.”

Customer #1: “What the f*** am I supposed to do now?!”

Me: “Well, you could try the gas station not two miles from here.”

Customer #2: “Ain’t nobody got time for that s***! We came here to buy s***!”

Me: “Or, you could stop complaining and buy pizza like the rest of us since you wanted to buy s***!”

(They turned around, shut up, and bought pizza!)

A Very Ice Christmas

| RI, USA | Right | December 26, 2015

(It’s a rather moderate Christmas Day and a surprisingly busy one at that. A lot of people have been buying ice. According to store policy, you have to pay for ice inside first before I can get it from the ice storage outside. After giving a customer their ice that they paid for, a customer who is fueling up at one of the gas pumps calls over to me.)

Customer: “Hey, can I get some ice, too?”

Me: “You’ll have to pay for it inside first.”

Customer: “Well, why can’t you just get the ice for me and I’ll pay for it once I’m done?”

Me: “I can’t do that, sir. It’s store policy.”

Customer: “Fine.”

(After I go inside, the customer follows me in and pays for the ice. Unfortunately, other customers come in behind him and I cannot leave the building while other customers are inside, even if it’s just to get ice. Several customers come in, even after others leave. After about five minutes, I hear:)

Customer: “You know what? This could have been avoided if you had just gotten me the ice before.”

(He then left despite already paying for the ice and never came back to get a refund.)

Kindness Never Runs Out Of Gas

| Lake Forest, CA, USA | Right | December 19, 2015

(My friend and I are driving home after our classes are done for the day. We carpool to campus to save on gas since it’s about a forty minute commute from where we live. I stop at a gas station along the way, but realize I don’t have any money in my wallet. Between the two of us, we only have $1.69. Since we have to pay before filling up, I make my way inside where the gas station cashier is chatting with a seemingly well-to-do older gentleman.)

Me: *to the cashier* “Excuse me.” *the two men turn their attention to me* “Could I… get $1.69 worth of gas, please?”

(I was shy in ordering because it’s such an unusual amount of gas to purchase. When he noticed this though, the gentleman proceeded to take out his wallet. He handed a bill to the cashier.)

Gentleman: “Put $10 on his order.”

Me: “Oh, my god! Th- thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!”

(I honestly didn’t know what else to say! I was very much taken aback by his generosity.)

Gentleman: “Oh, it’s no problem. You have a merry Christmas, all right?”

Me: “I will! Thank you!”

(I shook the gentleman’s hand before making my way back to the car where my friend was waiting. Naturally, I told him the story of this nice gentleman!)

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Vegas Starts Early

| CA, USA | Friendly | December 15, 2015

(Some friends and I are driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas one spring when we stop for gas and snacks. It’s early afternoon and already almost 100ºF.)

Friend #1: “I think I’m just going to grab a granola bar.”

Friend #2: “I need more coffee.”

Me: “I’m getting corn nuts and a soda.”

Friend #1: “Maybe I should buy a bottle of water too. I don’t want to get dehydrated.”

Friend #2: “Yeah, it’s a long drive to Vegas.”

Me: “[Friend #1], don’t you have a water bottle in the car?”

Friend #1: “…It’s full of vodka.”

(Luckily I was the one driving!)

Old Enough To Know Better To Not Let Go

| CA, USA | Friendly | December 4, 2015

(It should be noted that I am 18, but I am small for my age and I look a lot younger than I am. I am sitting around the corner of a gas station, smoking, waiting for my friend to finish filling up her car. A customer comes out of the store and approaches me.)

Customer: “Hey, do you have another smoke?”

Me: “Yeah, sure.”

(I pull the box out of my pocket and, being polite, offer for him to take one out of the box.)

Customer: “Are you old enough to smoke? Are you twenty-one or eighteen or however old you have to be?”

Me: “Um, yes. I’m 18.”

Customer: *tries to take the whole pack from me* “You’re not old enough to smoke! You don’t look old enough!”

Me: *holding tightly to the nearly full pack* “I can assure you that I am old enough.”

Customer: *gives up and finally only takes one cigarette* “You’re not old enough!”

(I sigh in relief as he starts to walk away.)

Customer: *yelling from down the street* “You’re not old enough!”

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