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I work at a nursery which has 60 stores in the state and has been open for over a hundread years. An old lady comes up to me today

Lady: I have a plant at home and i want another one the same.

Me: Ok what sort of plant is it

Lady: It is green

Me: Yes is there anything else you can tell me about it

Lady: its kind of this high *makes super vague gesture between 60-150cm

Me: anything else?

Lady: I have seen it in one of your stores before

Note we get at least 20 new products each week in our store alone

Me *with the most sincere voice i can muster* Ok well i am sorry but i am going to be unable to help you today as we stock alot of species of green plants and without anymore information i not able to identify your plant at home.

Lady now looks genuinely upset: Ok ill find something else.

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I have worked in the nursery industry in the desert city of Phoenix for many years. As a youngster- I worked in retail- but eventually graduated to the wholesale end- and obviously a much more DESIRABLE aspect of the industry.

When the housing boom went bust, the wholesale jobs went away- but retail remained- and you do what ya gotta do- and my brief diversion back into retail has lasted 4 years…

So yeah. Retail customers. Dumb plant questions.

“Why is it hottest in the middle of the day?”
“What is the best way to let a plant dry out?”
“Why isn’t my plant (that I planted in coffee grounds) doing so well?”
“How can I kill my neighbor’s tree?”
“Can you come and move my (20, 30, 40 ft) saguaro cactus?”

“Mmmm, you’re plants don’t LOOK very good…”

That’s when I typically intensely look around their shoulders and and head- and behind them- until they finally ask “What are you doing?!?!” Me: ” Just looking for the guy holding the gun to your head forcing you to shop here, ma’am…”

Customer Service Can Provide Some Near-Death Experiences

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A customer places a houseplant on the checkout counter. It is a lovely dwarf jade with purple stems and light green foliage with yellow edges. I smile and start ringing his order when the customer says:

Customer: “I don’t suppose you offer any ‘Approaching Death’ discounts?”

No one has ever asked me that before and I am not really sure what he means. At first, I’m thinking that this poor man is inflicted with some kind of fatal illness. Realizing that this is a weird discount to ask for, my next conclusion is that he is using a funny way of asking for a SENIOR discount. The man only appears to be in his late thirties so that doesn’t really seem right either.

After an awkward amount of silence and solid eye contact, I finally say:

Me: “Um… well… we do have a senior discount… if that is what you are asking.”

Now the customer looks confused, and we share another few awkward moments of silence before he bursts out laughing and points at the jade and says:

Customer: “The plant! The plant is approaching death! Not me!”

I, too, burst out laughing and explain that the purple stems and yellow edges on the plant are, in fact, natural, and that the plant is healthy.

Me: “So, unfortunately, no, we cannot offer any ‘Approaching Death’ discounts at this time.”

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Working in a garden center, my main duty is to water the plants when not helping customers. One day, I was watering in the shade section when a woman approached me.
Customer: Excuse me, where’s your Sweet Potato Vine?
Me: Oh, follow me.
Sweet Potato Vine is one of the most popular plants in our section. I turn off the hose, put it down, and take her to them. She looks them over. We have two or three green types, and two or three purple types.
Customer: Hm…which of these do you think would look best with this plant?
I look at the plant in her cart, then I pick one of the purple types.
Me: I personally like this one best, and I think it would look good with this.
I hold the vine near her plant.
Customer: Oh, I don’t like that.
She walks away before I can suggest another type, leaving me holding the Sweet Potato Vine.

A Strange Suggestion On The Power Of Suggestion  

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It is the day before Mother’s Day, and since we have a flower department, we have a ton of deliveries for a lot of different orders going out over the next couple of days. One customer approaches me while I’m outside by our Adirondack chairs.

Customer: “I’d like to get two Adirondack chairs delivered to my house tomorrow morning, please.”

Me: “Well, we can get that out tomorrow, but since we have so many other orders I can’t guarantee it’ll get out in the morning; it’ll just have to go out whenever we get the chance. Is that okay?”

Customer: “Okay.”

He follows me inside and I place the order in the system for him.

Me: “All right, you’re all set. Have a good day!”

He continues to wander around the store for a bit, and I run outside to mark off the chairs he wanted for delivery. As he’s leaving the store, he passes by me again.

Customer: “When your boss is asleep tonight, whisper my name in her ear so she thinks of me and sends my chairs first thing in the morning.”

Me: *Pause* “Have a great day!” *Hurries back inside*

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