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Customer without a halo
It is the day after a major release for a new game, and I am working the register and answering the phone for a very well known trade in shop in a mall. Please note that the pre order was just digital content for this game and no tangible things.
Phone rings:
Me: thank you for calling [store] in the [area] mall, this is [name], how can I help you?
Customer: yea I came in earlier and picked up my sons pre order for [game].
Me: oh fantastic, is there anything I can do to help you?
customer: (suddenly irate) well my son is all pissed off now because he never got his poster and all that other stuff promised.
Me: ma’am we don’t have posters to give out… This game’s preorder was digital.
Customer: oh so you gave out all the posters already… Why didn’t my son get one?? My husband told me that he was supposed to get one.
Me: ma’am, I think you are misinformed. We never had posters to give out. I went to the late night event last night and there weren’t any at all. And none were here to give out toda…
Customer: (cuts me off) But my husband told me you were giving them out!!!
Me: then I believe he was misinformed on the entire thing and I’m sorry for that.
Customer: well I’m giving the store number to my husband so he can call. Good luck… *click*
*right after my supervisor said he would take over if he called because he loves dealing with stupid people. And luckily, to my knowledge he never called.*

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(I am working at a Video Game Store where we sell not only video games, but accessories for them as well. A young man comes up holding a Ness Amiibo)

Me: Hello, how are you today?

Customer: I’m fine, just this please.

Me: Ah, nice one. You a fan of Earthbound?

Customer: Yeah, but I’m not actually gonna use it.

Me: Oh? Then what are you gonna do with it?

Customer: Well, as you know, not too long ago, Satoru Iwata passed away… you knew that, right?

(As I heard this, I felt sad. Yes, I heard about it, and it shocked me to no end)

Me: …Yes.

Customer: Well, I’m taking this to Japan and leaving it on his grave, as a tribute to him, and as a thank you, for being such an amazing man. I know of Earthbound, how he reworked the entire code from scratch and saved it.

(I was shocked to hear that, but I felt happy and tears started forming in my eyes)

Me: That… that’s so nice of you.

Customer: I know. And I hope that he can feel it, up there in Heaven.

(I rung up the Amiibo, and he left happily. if you are reading this, thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.)

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(I frequently visit a popular video game store and thus am good friends with the workers there. One day a man and his son come in looking for something. They obviously don’t know video games very well and unfortunately they only speak spanish. I however, can speak it so I decide to help.)
The following takes place in spanish.
Me: so what do you need
Father: I don’t know a game he wants. (he turns to his son) which one is it?
Son: this one ( he points to a brand new game that requires game figures)
Me: ok so what system is it for?
Father: what?
Me: what game system is it for?
Father: I don’t know
(Literally face palming, I show him the displays to see which one it is)
Me: so which one is it (listing off systems they are for)
Father: Oh, we don’t have one
Me (dying inside) what?
Father: Would it work on the TV
Me: no, no it won’t
Father( turns to his son) sorry we can’t get it
Son: Oh
(The dad just gets his son one of the figures just for fun and leave the store)
Me( to the workers): this is going on NotAlwaysRight

Maybe If It Was A Jigglypuff  

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(This story happens to two friends of mine around ten years ago. One of them is a cashier at a video game store; the other has arrived at that same store to pre-order a copy of Pokémon Platinum. The cashier friend’s supervisor is there alongside them. The pick-up goes smoothly, until…)

Friend #1: “As you are pre-ordering a copy, you get a figure as a gift!”

Friend #2: “Really?”

Supervisor: “And it’s made of gelatin!”

(Both friends are confused after those words.)

Both Friends: “Of gelatin?”

(The supervisor looks for a pamphlet supporting what she said.)

Supervisor: “Yes! It says so right here. Look!”

(They look at the pamphlet that says that, with a pre-order, you get a Giratina figure.)

Friend #1: “[Supervisor], Giratina is the Pokémon’s name.”

Supervisor: “Huh?”

Friend #1: “[Supervisor], Giratina. It’s not made of gelatin.”

Supervisor: “You don’t say! I was telling everyone that we were giving away gelatin figures!”

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I work at a game store that is situated close to a parking lot, so we get a lot of customers wanting to make change for the parking metre. A customer comes in wearing an apologetic smile, so I immediately know he just wants to make change.

Me: “Hello, Sir! Just some change, I guess?”
Customer: “How did you guess?”
Me: “Well, I-”
Customer: “Oh, it’s because I’m too well groomed to be in here, isn’t it?”
Me: *looking my well groomed self up and down, quietly give him his change and stare him out the door*