Haggling: The Game

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(It is the holiday season. The store has been very busy with last-minute shoppers.)

Me: “Hi, what can I do for you today?”

Customer: “How much is [Game System]?”

Me: “Currently, £299, but there is a bundle with an extra controller and two games for only £350.”

Customer: “I’ll give you £10 for the bundle.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “You heard me. £10 for the extra stuff.”

Me: “I’m afraid not. The price is £350 for the bundle and no less.”

Customer: “You drive a hard bargain. Tell you what. I’ll stretch to £50.”

(I am getting skeptical looks from my fellow cashiers and a large queue is forming.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but the price is not up for negotiation.”

Customer: “This is unacceptable. No one in this mall has been willing to sell me anything!”

Other Customer: “Yeah, because this isn’t a d*** market stall!”

(The customer stormed out muttering. Turns out that he actually rang head office to complain about me. He did not get far.)

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Fake Gamer Girl Strikes Again!

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(I’m female and a frequent customer at a local video game store. I know the manager well between my constant trips in and having worked over the holidays a couple of years back. He uses me as a training customer for new hires since I know the system and am known for being patient. I get a text from him one day.)

Manager: “Hey, we have a new hire and it’s been slow. Wanna swing by?”

(I’m not busy, so I head out. When I walk in, the new guy gives me a bad look.)

New Hire: “Oh, hi.”

Me: “Hi there! Do you have [New Game]?”

New Hire: “We have it for [System #1]. Do you know what your boyfriend has?”

Me: “My… what? I own a [System #1]. It’s for me.”

New Hire: “Sure, whatever. We don’t do returns on opened or used games.”

Me: “I’ll just look around for a minute.”

(I end up finding a couple of other games I want. I bring them up to the register, where the new hire is still glaring at me.)

New Hire: “You know these games are for [System #2], right? They won’t work on [System #1].”

Me: “Yes, I know. I own both.”

New Hire: “Do you want to call your boyfriend to make sure?”

Me: “No, because these are for me. I don’t have a boyfriend.”

New Hire: “I can’t return them–”

(At this point, I’m done with his attitude. I know the manager tends to watch the cameras in the back room.)

Me: “[MANAGER]! I’m gonna need your help!”

(He comes out with a MASSIVE grin.)

Manager: “Oh, [My Name]! What’s the issue?”

Me: “I apparently need to call my non-existent boyfriend before buying video games.”

New Hire: “I’m just trying to help her! I told her she can’t return them!”

Manager: “All right, that’s three complaints in one week. First of all, while it’s nice to let them know about our policy, you don’t have to keep repeating yourself. Second, not every girl who comes in here is shopping for their boyfriend. Third, I know she owns the consoles for those. I sold them to her. Actually, when it’s busy, I sometimes pay her to test consoles we get in for repairs or to sell. You trying to talk down to her is both useless and embarrassing.”

(He ended up being let go.)

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I used to be a regular at a game store owned by one man and two women. Often one of the women would be the only worker in the store, and clearly standing or sitting behind the counter with the cash register. Even during lulls there would generally be a few people (almost always male) sitting around playing some game or other. (Note: I am male.)

With regularity, someone would come in, ignore the person behind the counter, and ask their question of the guys sitting at a table playing a game. It even happened to me once when I was chatting with both of the aforementioned women, who were behind the counter, while I was on the customer side–and that was when the store was busy and you’d think someone could figure out that the people behind the counter were the people working!

It also happened to me when I and the male owner were the only two people in the store, but that time he was behind a wall and not visible from the front door. (I was also better dressed than he was, but he was of the view that if someone wasn’t going to buy from him because he looked scruffy, he didn’t want their business anyway.)

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(celebrating dark souls 3’s release by sharing a story of a rude customer in our shop a few days after dark souls 2’s release)

customer: *enters the shop and pushes a female regulair out of the way, slams a copy of dark souls 2 on the counter* “this game is rubbish! i want my money back”

me: “sure thing sir, might i ask what’s the issue? it may just be a bug?”

customer: “no it’s some stupid cheating enemy that is imposible to beat”

me: “ah yes, some bosses can be accessed quite early but are a bit hard to beat without progressing far, whats the name?”

customer: (tells me a name that’s absolutely not a boss it’s more likely to be a PSN username) “it’s a female with a sword and shield and all kinds of magic that shows up randomly in no mans wharf!”

me: “that’s not an enemy in the game sir, you where being invaded, didn’t the game inform you there was an invading dark spirit?”

customer: “well yeah but invaders are people, and people aren’t that good”

female regulair: “actually i am, i’m (PSN username) nice to meet you (PSN username)”

customer: “what? no, girls can’t play hard games”

female regulair: *smiles confidently* “my first invasion i used chameleon to transform into a box, i hid near an item on a clif, and when you grabbed it i used the force miracle to knock you off the cliff, then i used a plunging attack to kill you”

customer: (goes red in the face)

female regulair: “the second time i used my sword and shield and attacked you, you faught very agressive so i lured you into a huse full of varangians, and your blind swinging aggro’d a group of them, you died”

customer: (visibly angry now)

female regulair: “and the third time i used a scimitar in my left hand, waited for you to attack, and parried you, then finished you with a riposte, need me to go over the other 4 invasions?”

customer: (turns to me) “see? she’s that cheater! i want you to remove her from the game!”

me: “the game i just refunded, which you now can’t play anymore?”

customer: “F*** YOU” (storms out)

(it turns out the client was just using a greatshield and turtled his way through, the female regulair had camped out in no mans wharf after collecting invasion items to ambush new players and get “sinner” status to improve her own chance of being invaded, 7 of her 10 kills needed came from the angry customer, i can understand his sour mood though!)

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I’m browsing the used video game shelf at a major video game retail chain when another customer walks up to me.

Other Customer: Excuse me.
Me: Yes?
Other Customer: Can you tell me how much this is? (They hold up a game)
Me: I don’t work here. But I’m sure that one of the employees could help you. (I gesture at the employees who are at the cash registers, clearly visible in their store uniforms, which look absolutely nothing like the shorts and t-shirt I’m wearing)
Other Customer: But they’re busy (note, they’re just standing there), and you’re right here.
Me: I. Don’t. Work. Here. But I’m sure that one of the actual employees would be happy to assist you.
Other Customer: (Indignant) How rude! I have half a mind to report you to your supervisor!
Me: Sure, go right ahead. (By this time, the two employees have noticed and are struggling to contain their laughter).

The other customer finally heads over to the register and I can easily hear them complaining about “that unhelpful employee.”

Shift Supervisor: Sir, that person over there is not and never has been employed in this store. Now please stop harassing the other customers.