Winning The (Price) Match

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(My local game store used to run a price match for other stores, but recently stopped doing it due to fraud.)

Me: *to cashier* “Um… Could I please get a price match for this game?” *holds up game*

Cashier: “No, sorry, we stopped doing that about a month ago”

(As he says this he looks prepared to be yelled at.)

Me: “Oh, okay… It’s only a few dollars, anyway.”

Cashier: *surprised* “You didn’t yell at me?”

Me: “No… Why would I?”

Cashier: “Most people who come in unaware that we stopped the price match yell at us. I’ve had about three people today; one of them even threw the game at me.” *points to bruise on his arm*

Me: “Wow, some people. Oh, well, only a few dollars difference, anyway. I’ll buy it at full price; could you please ring this up?”

Cashier: “And she’s polite! You are by far the best customer I’ve had all week.”

(To the cashier: you are awesome, and I hope that all the mean and nasty customers have stopped by now.)

Kid’s Method To Get Copy Of The Game Was Super Effective

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(It’s the release day of a new set of Pokémon games, and there is a line of people to pick up reserved copies. We had so many reservations we have to turn away people who just try to pick them up, but so far it hasn’t caused any problems. Currently in line is a boy in a Charmander costume, probably about ten years old but maybe younger. A couple of older customers have been playfully telling him to use Pokémon moves like scratch and flamethrower.)

Customer #1: “Charmander, use fire fang!”

(The kid begins making chewing sounds until he decides to actually use fire fang and bites the customer in front of him in the queue on his leg. The customer yells and grabs his leg, jumping around.)

Customer #1: “S***, dude, is everything all right?”

Customer #2: “No, it’s not all right! I’m a grass type.” *in the games, grass is weak to fire*

(I don’t think my boss ever truly recovered. To this day, every time we get Charmander merchandise in, he breaks down laughing. [Customer #2] was perfectly all right by the way; he had a small mark but nothing terrible. He had reserved four copies of the games: a set of limited editions, which he got, and a set of normal ones in case the limited editions couldn’t be delivered. We sold the normal set to the kid, who had no copies reserved.)

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(As is wont to happen with girls working in a game store, my employees get a lot of unwanted attention from male customers. One customer, who works with the mall management, has been buying the girls coffee every time he comes in but doesn’t give it to them until he’s pestered them and dropped hints about asking them out on dates. My employees didn’t mind him as he wasn’t overly sexual or creepy, and free coffee!!)
Female employee 1: Oh man, I just saw (Coffee Guy) walking towards us with the big bosses AND our coffee.
Me: Seriously, he’s gonna try picking you up in front of his bosses?? How tactful *dripping sarcasm*
Female Employee 2: *who was cleaning up near the front of the store* Yeah, and it’s all the bosses who treat us like idiots when they come in. *sigh*
Me: Oh that’s their head office crew, wonderful just what I want to start my day, listening to HIM while YOU get free coffee!
(We could hear the whole troupe of them getting closer, laughing, joking, being “corporates” and start walking past our 14ftx14ft front window. We see him gesture to the coffee before making an immediate left turn to enter our store. Unfortunately, the entrance wasn’t for another 3ft and he walked face (and coffee) first right into the window and all we saw was an Rorschach-esque explosion of coffee.Stunned for a second, everyone in my store and everyone outside the store immediately burst into laughter,)
Me: Oooh look a coffee butterfly! *before collapsing behind the counter trying not to laugh TOO loudly*
(The poor coffee-soaked Romeo, pushed himself off the glass and just stared down at his drenched suit, then took off running for the office building and as far away from the roaring laughter echoing behind him. Needless to say he rarely ever came in from that time on, my poor girls though, no more free coffee for them. AND mall management had to send people to clean our window, BONUS!)

Rated I For Immature

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(It is the day after Christmas, and everyone is SLAMMING our little game store. We have a line out the door most of the afternoon, and it is only just slowing down when my boss finally leaves. I’m working with a higher associate and a seasonal worker; I am a basic associate, and one of two girls on staff, the only girl in the store at the moment. A man comes up to my counter with a Tom Clancy game, which is a shooter game that is naturally rated M. It is the law in my state that we MUST card anyone who looks under 35 to 40 for rated-M games, and you MUST be 17 to buy.)

Me: “Good evening, sir! Is this all you need tonight?”

(The customer is a younger-looking fellow with a full beard, who looks to me to be college age. Kind of out of it, he nods to me.)

Customer: “Yes. Just that.”

Me: “All right! And do you have an ID?”

Customer: “No? Do I need to get my friend’s?” *gestures vaguely to the store*

Me: “That’ll work! I just need a valid ID.”

(The man calls his friend over, and I can immediately tell that he is not going to be a good customer. His eyes are red and his brow is immediately furrowed as he gestures at me.)

Friend: “Really? Are we really doing this? What kind of seventeen-year-old has a full beard and mustache?”

Me: *laughs* “Well, sir, I knew a kid in middle school with a full beard and mustache. That’s not really a gauge for me.”

Friend: “Come on. He’s obviously not seventeen.”

Me: “I still need to see an ID. Yours would work!”

Friend: *scowls* “Well. I’m really good friends with the store manager. Do you have to do this?”

(I know I’m dealing with a jerk. Our manager is well known for being a jerk, without meaning to, and also a stickler for rules. He even carded me once, despite having my birthdate on file. I know that my manager would never allow this to slide, so I steel myself and smile sweetly.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but it’s the law. I have to card you or it will cost me my job.”

Friend: *uncomfortably shifting* “Well, I guess we could go get a PSN card and buy it online?”

(He won’t. He is buying pre-owned, which is about $20 cheaper than digital.)

Me: *smiling sweetly* “Oh, I can’t stop you from doing that! There’s no problem with that. Would you li—“

Friend: “Well, fine. Thanks a lot.” *dripping with anger* “Let’s go get a card somewhere else.”

(The two turn to leave my register.)

Me: “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you today, sir.”

Customer: “It’s okay; you’re just doing your job.”

Friend: *muttering under his breath about, “Is this really necessary?” and, “He’s obviously not seventeen,” and whatnot*

(After they leave, the store is mostly clear for the first time in hours. I turn to the seasonal kid, who’s been watching with big eyes, as my manager helps the other customer who witnessed it all.)

Me: “If they say they’re good buddies with the store manager in a staff of five but don’t mention his name… they don’t actually know the store manager.”

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(I worked at a fairly popular video game store before the release of GTAV on console and the following happened)

Me: “Welcome to [store] how may i help you?”

Customer: “Yeah, hi.. I’m looking for that new Grand Theft Auto game on PC?”

Me: “If you’re referring to GTAV, sadly that game will not be coming to steam this year. We do however can sell you a $20 steam card so you may purchase GTA4 on PC”


(note this customer looks to be about 14 or 15.)

Me: “ALRIGHTY THEN! But i apologize we cannot sell you a game that does not exist on your platform.”

Customer: “I’m calling my mom and shes gonna get your a** fired for being a massive f***!!”

Me: “well our number is on the door. have fun”

(I go proceed to help out other customers and about 30 minutes later an older woman bursts into the store with the boy)


Me: “As i have told him before, that game will not be available on PC. Only on the PS3 and 360”


(At this point it was causing alot of commotion so my manager stepped in and tried explaining to them the exact same things I’ve told them)


(They leave the store and a couple days later we receive a call from corporate saying that they’re supposed to fire us because we don’t carry a game that doesn’t exist yet. Then just a whole bunch of laughs and end call)

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