Scotland And Canada, Northern Brothers In Arms

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(A coworker and I are in Houston, Texas for a training course. He’s from Scotland; I’m from England. As we have weekends off, we decide to drive down to Galveston and have a look round. After a short drive round, we spot the aquarium and decide to pay it a visit. It is very quiet, so there is only one member of staff on the ticket desk.)

Ticket Lady: “Welcome to the aquarium. How are y’all doing today?”

Me: “Fine, thanks. One adult, please.”

Ticket Lady: “No problem. Just for our records, where are you from?”

Me: “England.”

(She thanks me and gives me my ticket after I pay.)

Coworker: “An adult ticket for me, as well, please.”

Ticket Lady: “Okay, and where are you from?”

Coworker: “Scotland.”

Ticket Lady: “Oh, that’s the same thing.”

Coworker: “Really? What part of Canada are you from?”

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(The phone rings)

Me: Hello, this is [Company].

Caller: (pause) Oh, okay. Never mind.

(dead air)

Me: Hello?


(Phone rings again immediately. Caller ID shows the same person.)

Me: Hello, this is [Company].

Caller: (pause) Oh, okay. Never mind.

Me: Can I help you?


(Again the same person calls back immediately.)

Me: (frustrated and enunciating) Hello, this is [Company].

Caller: Oh, is this [Company]?

Me: Yes. Is there something I help you with?

Caller: (pause) Oh, no. Never mind.

Me: If you don’t need anything, please stop calling.


Why Would You Want To Pet A Fake One?

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(Our store has a shop cat who is very good at sitting still. We’ve had a few people look in the window and ask if he is a stuffed cat.)

Customer: “May I pet your cat?”

Me: “Of course.”

(She comes up, pets the cat, once, twice, three times – then stops suddenly and looks up at me.)

Customer: “This is a real cat, isn’t it?”

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