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(Smaller locally owned furniture store, so we have some other limitations so far as when we can deliver, what we keep in stock ect. Time frames are sometimes longer than people would like, but there is nothing we can really do about it. Usually not an issue, they can go somewhere else if they want, unless people are exceedingly stupid and have no concept of how shipping works. One such customer wants to buy what we’ll call sofa A, a custom order piece with fabrics she chose specifically.)

Customer: I want sofa A
Me: Alright sounds great lets take care of a little paperwork and get everything set up.
Customer: Can I just do a deposit and pay for the rest when you deliver it?
Me: Of course that is not a problem and we will give you a call when we receive it to set up delivery should be about three weeks.
(Rest of transaction proceeds normally, we finish up and customer leaves. We receive a call five days later which is when things get interesting.)
Customer: I am having guests over this weekend I’m going to need sofa A delivered tomorrow.
Me: I’m sorry we just placed the order, custom pieces from that manufacturer take about three weeks we don’t have the piece yet, but it looks like everything should be here on time and we’ll give you a call as soon as it comes in.
Customer: So if I can’t get my sofa why the h*** did I buy it from you?
Me: You can get your sofa when it comes in we just (cuts me off)
Customer: Well I need it tomorrow just have them overnight it to me.
Me: I’m sorry we just can’t do that there is no way to have a sofa shipped directly to you overnight.
Customer: This is ridiculous I’m coming in to see the manager and get my sofa. *click*
(Sure enough maybe half an hour later women comes in already angry. We had already told the manager to expect this so sure enough he was ready.)
Customer: Why are you refusing to give me my sofa? I paid money for it and I need it for my guest this weekend.
Manager: As we tried to explain on the phone to you sofa A is a special order piece and we haven’t gotten it from the manufacturer yet.
Customer: Well I need a sofa tomorrow I’m having people over.
Manager: Well if its that urgent you can buy another sofa in the mean time and then just get the one you ordered when its in, but there is no way we will be able to deliver it tomorrow the trucks and already full with other deliveries.
Customer: Well how the f*** and I supposed to get it tomorrow then?
Manager: We have a warehouse nearby, we could arrange for you to pick up something we have in stock.
Customer: If I wanted something you f****** stock I would have gotten it to begin with.
Manager: We made you aware of the lead time for the piece its right on the paperwork we filled out when you ordered it.
Customer: We’ll that doesn’t help me right now does it?
Manager: (Clearly getting frustrated, additional curses and insults were also said to him through this conversation.) No I guess it doesn’t
*customer storms out, only to return about an hour later*
Customer: I got (competitor) to deliver me a quality sofa tomorrow.
Manager: Glad you got that sorted out for yours_ *cuts him off whilst shoving a receipt in his face*
Customer: I cost me over eight hundred dollars I hope you’re happy.
(Store is slow at this point so we are all pretty much watching this unfold, everyone keeps looking at her to expecting her to demand a refund or something at this point, in all likely hood wasn’t going to happen since it was a custom piece, but its pretty much par for the course with angry customers.)
Customer: *Shakes paper in manager’s face* Uh HELLO I’ll take cash.
(Manager just stares at her clearly confused)
Customer: Just give me my f****** money
Manager: Mam we aren’t going to pay for your other sofa if that is what you’re looking for
Customer: Well what the h*** did you tell me to go buy another one for?
Manager: You seemed insistent you needed a sofa for tomorrow
Customer: No s*** I’m the one who told you that.
Manager: OOOKKK… well it seems like you have that arranged we will give you a call when your ( cut off again )
Customer: Don’t say sofa A when its in, what the h*** would I need two couches for?
Manager: You are the one that wanted it tomorrow and I told you that the only way you could get one by then was by picking it up which you didn’t want to do
Customer: Exactly smarta** that’s why I went to (competitor)
Manager: Mam we are not going to pay for a sofa for you from a competitor just because you became impatient
Customer: I don’t know what kind of scam you are all running with (competitor) but this is ridiculous, I need to talk to the owner *points to a picture on the wall of founder of the company*
Manager: I’m sorry mam your not going to be able to speak *cut off*
Customer: I don’t care if he’s not here this is his store call him you must have his phone number, maybe he’ll be reasonable
Manager: Mam that is the *cut off*
Customer: I don’t want to hear this s*** just get me him
Manager: (Knowing he will just be cut off just exclaims) HE IS DEAD
Customer: Then why the h*** do you still have his picture?
(Customer was kicked out of the store at this point, and told to come back when she calmed down. Over the course of the next few days I miss some of the action, but learn that eventually she stopped calling and coming in yelling. Swears she is never coming to us again. We put the piece on the floor to try and sell,once it comes in. Life goes on normally… until she comes in again.)
Customer: Why the h*** is my sofa siting on the sales floor for everyone to sit on?
Manager: You clearly didn’t want it, you said you would never come back to us again so we canceled your order and put it on the floor to try and sell.
Customer: Well I better get a h*** of a discount for all this bulls***
Manager: You do not, we have it priced and are selling it for what it is.
Customer: You already took my deposit and now its been on sat on by other people there is no way I’m paying for *manager cuts her off this time*
Manager: You already lost your deposit and I’m sure as h*** am not selling you anything
Customer: You cannot and will not talk to your customers like that.
Manager: Thank goodness your are not nor will ever be a customer then. *customer actually looks a little shaken for the first time* If I see you or your car here again I will call the police and tell them you are trespassing, you are not welcome here anymore.
Customer: Well I *cut off*
Manager: Try me b****
(Customer stormed out never to be seen again, only person who I ever know who got blacklisted from a furniture store. Manager also called around to other stores to tell them about this, don’t know what they did, if we even put her phone number or name into the computer it comes up with the rest of the information filled in DO NOT SELL. Ironically the sofa ended up being pretty popular so we keep it as a regular stock item now. We all have a decent laugh recalling the whole incident when we sell sofa A.)

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I’m a 6’4, 350-lb male working the closing shift with one other girl in the food area of a prominent furniture chain. The girl working with me is 5’6, very sweet, and heavily accented. I’m coming back from a break, when I hear this exchange begin.

Co-Worker: One vanilla cone, that’ll be one dollar.
Customer: I want it in a cup.
Co-Worker: Certainly, though there is an extra charge. One-fifty.
Customer: No I want it for one dollar.
Co-worker: I’m sorry, but there is a price difference.
Customer: But I want it in a cup.

This continues for a couple of minutes, until I walk out, and smile.

Me: Evening.

The customer looks over, looks UP at me, turns to her and bows his head a little.

Customer: I’ll just have the cones.

She wanders off to make them, trying not to crack up.

When You See Books As Distractions, You Need To Reprioritize  

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(A friend and I walk into a large, popular furniture warehouse, looking for a bookshelf.)

Me: “Look, the books are shelved backward!”

Friend: “That’s weird!”

Me: “Don’t know how that could happen.” *picks up some books, which are mainly old Readers Digest collections*

Friend: “Must be a mistake.”

(I start turning books with the spine out; my friend takes the next shelf and does the same.)

Employee: “Excuse me, but I’m the designer here, and I need you to stop doing that.”

Me: “We just noticed these books were backward.”

Employee: “We do that on purpose. This way we don’t have to match colors.”

Me: “I assumed someone just shoved them on… probably someone who doesn’t read…”

Employee: “It’s part of the design. I don’t want the books to distract from the furniture.”

Me: “I can’t see the furniture because the books are so weird. But sorry for interfering!”

(My friend and I left, giggling like schoolgirls.)

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90% Off With 100% Love

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(My family moves from Florida to Tennessee when I am three or four years old. We don’t have much furniture, and we stop by a furniture store in DC on our way from visiting friends to get some. We have a budget of $500 and aren’t planning on getting much. We see a sale room with furniture that is all on sale, with a lot off. There is a man with one of those wheels that you spin to get a percentage off. My mom spins.) 

Man: “10%? Hmm… That’s not a lot…” *points to me* “She’s so cute! Let her spin.”

(I spin, and the wheel is about to land on 10% again, and this man makes the wheel spin a bit longer.)

Man: “90%! Congratulations!”

(We were able to get just about all of our furniture for $500, and it was a blessing that my family really needed in that rough spot.)

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Remembering Where You Made The Purchase Is Kinda On You

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(It’s a wonderful day of both happy and unhappy customers when this couple comes up to our desk.)

Wife: “We ordered these items days ago and received a call from you saying that they were ready for pick up! But when we arrived and checked in, they said our items aren’t here! Where are they?!”

Me: “I am sorry for the confusion on this issue. May I please see your receipt?”

Wife: “I don’t have it.”

Me: “No problem. May I please have the phone number it was purchased under?”

(The wife gives me her phone number, but I can’t find her in our system. I ask for the husband’s number, as well, but his number doesn’t pull anything up, either.)

Me: “I’m very sorry, but I can’t find your order.”

Wife: “That makes no sense! I received a call from you saying it was in!”

Me: “May I please see the number that called you?”

(She pulls the number up on her phone.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but that is not our phone number. That isn’t even the number for our corporate office.”

Wife: “How can that be?!”

Me: “I’m not sure, but it definitely isn’t our number. Let’s try this.”

(I call the number that called her, only to be answered by our competitor’s automated answering system down the road.)

Me: “Ma’am, this number is for [Competitor] up the road.”

Wife: “Well, how did that happen?!”

Husband: “Because they are the ones you made the order with.”

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