Maybe You Should Sleep On It

| FL, USA | Right | January 2, 2016

(An elderly couple comes in to buy a mattress. A coworker of mine is assisting them as they look at a new set.)

Husband: *examining mattress* “Is this mattress double-sided?”

Coworker: “Nope.”

Husband: “Oh… how do you know which side to sleep on?”

Coworker: “The side that has the quilt on it…”

Parting With Some Closing Comments

| NH, USA | Right | August 22, 2015

(I work at a well-known furniture franchise part time while attending college. Since I have classes during the day, I usually get stuck doing the closing shift. The store is supposed to close at nine – however, many nights, the office staff is stuck late due to the sales associates and their customers.)

Me: *over intercom at ten to nine* “Attention [Store] customers, the store will be closing in ten minutes. If you have any questions, please see your nearest sales associate. Thank you!”

(Ten minutes go by.)

Me: *over intercom* “Attention [Store] customers, the store is now closed. Please see your nearest sales associate if you have any further questions. Thank you!”

(45 minutes later, the customer and sales associate FINALLY get to the desk. Whilst finalizing the transaction, the customer makes this comment:)

Customer: “What time do you guys close?”

Me: “We close at 9.”

Customer: “Oh. But it’s 9:45.”

Me: “Yes, well, we have to stay open to serve customers.”

Customer: “Yeah… that announcement over the intercom is pretty rude. You guys shouldn’t do that.”

Me: *trying not to scream* “Well, I apologize if it reads that way. However, without the announcement, some customers will stay hours past closing to finish shopping.” *pointed stare at customer*

Customer: “Yeah, but who shops for furniture that late anyway? You shouldn’t make those announcements. They distract people.”

(She finished paying and left. I ended up having to stay until 10:15 to finish closing out the front desk, since everyone else already went home.)

Should Take Stock Of Your Complaint

| Seattle, WA, USA | Right | April 24, 2015

(A customer calls multiple times to schedule her pick up. She is told by more than one manager, that she can’t come during the one hour she wants to come, because we don’t have stock support during that time, and there are certain items that only our stock crew are allowed to handle due to weight. She ends up showing up during this time anyway, with her husband in tow, thinking that it is okay since she brought him to help. I explain to her, AGAIN, the reasons we need to have our stock associates load her purchase, and she just stares at me blankly while shaking her head. At this point, I am more annoyed than anything, and I decide to just help my solo stock associate load the items, breaking company policy.)

Customer: “First you tell me that there aren’t enough people to load my purchase, and then you decide to load my items anyway. Clearly there are enough people; you just didn’t want to help.”

Customer’s Husband: *to his wife* “Go sit in the car. You don’t even work, you don’t understand how companies operate, and you have no idea what you’re talking about. These gentlemen are just trying to help you, and you are doing everything you can to be upset, no matter what they do.”

(After a moment’s silence, the customer walked off through the alleyway and down the street, hopefully never to be seen again.)

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My Knowledge Isn’t Even Skin Deep

| Ottawa, ON, Canada | Working | October 9, 2014

Customer: *flagging me down* “Excuse me, we have some questions!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. Let me get another associate to help. Today is my first day. I haven’t even begun training yet!”

Customer: “But that will take too long! I’m sure you can answer some simple questions.”

Me: “I’ll do my best, but I really would feel more comfortable if you let me get somebody with more experience.”

Customer: “Nonsense! Now what can you tell me about the leather on this sofa?”

Me: “Um… it’s from a cow?”

Customer: “…”

Me: “I’ll get another associate, shall I?”

Customer: “Please.”

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Needs To Get Something Off Your Chest

| FL, USA | Working | August 5, 2014

(My boss is a true salesperson as well as a compulsive liar. I am working with a couple who want a media chest for their bedroom.)

Customer: “We really like this style, but prefer another finish. It’s shown in the catalog.”

Me: *to boss* “Do we have any in stock?”

Boss: “No, but that I just ordered a bunch of pieces, including that media chest, and that it will be here in two weeks.”

(Excited, they buy the media chest from me. After they leave:)

Me: “I didn’t know you had placed an order with [Manufacturer].”

Boss: “I didn’t.”

Me: “Then why did you tell my customer that you did and that their media chest would be here in two weeks?”

Boss: “Well, I had to tell them something.”

(Not only did my boss not order that media chest, but the manufacturer had stopped making that suite altogether. Convinced that he could somehow come across one from somewhere else, my boss waited a month before he told me to refund my customer, who had called several times by that point.)

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