Antisocial Distancing

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Lockdown has been eased, so my wife gets me to take her to a popular self-assembly furniture store to blow the cobwebs away.

Social distancing rules are still in force, and progress through the store’s one-way arrow-driven system is, of course, understood, as is the need to keep your distance.

Not everybody cares about this, of course. We are ambling through, as we do, taking our time, which doesn’t suit the taste of everybody, many of whom are impatient to get to the sections they like. Pushing past us causes violations of social distancing. So, in general, we tend to stand off to one side so as to let the traffic-jam behind us get past in their eagerness to get to the bits they are there for.

This doesn’t stop a family — a woman with three teenage and younger girls — who practically barge right into us, which is double rude because we’re not young, and my wife is clearly of limited mobility.

“Excuse me! Back off! Keep your distance!” I bark at them.

“I’m sorry,” she replies, in an accent from over the other side of the ocean. “We didn’t know you were going to be there.” And they continue to barge their way past, not giving a d*** about “distance.”

What is worse is that they — especially the crotch-vomits — are going back and forward, in complete violation of the rules.

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I work in a lesser-know furniture and clothing retail chain where many of our dining tables are made from uncommon, renewable or reclaimed wood sources. People often ask what different pieces are made of and we’re trained on each material and it’s properties. A guest came in and was wondering in the dining section. My manager greets her while I’m working on the jewelry fixture nearby.

Manager: Good morning, ma’am! Did you have any questions today?

Customer: Yes, I was looking at this table here. Could you tell me what it’s made of?

Manager: Oh, that’s a good one. This is a newer collection and I can’t quite remember right now. (to me) Hey [name], do you remember what this was made of?

Me: Oh gosh, I don’t know. That’s not the new pine wood set, right?

Manager: No, I don’t think so. (To guest) Let me just look that up for you!

(Manager grabs the product book that details all of our pieces and looks up the dining set.)

Manager: Ah, ha! It’s mango!

Customer: … But I thought it was 100% wood…?

To be completely honest, I had to walk away at this point because I could not stop laughing. I do not know how my manager was able to respond to that, much less keep a straight face. She earned my eternal respect and admiration for that.

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I am a customer with my parents at a furniture shop. I’m sitting down and scrolling through some stories when I overheard this conversation between two middle-aged ladies.

Lady #1: (Points at a sofa with British flag) America. This one is America.
Lady #2: Yeah. These American sofas are nice!
Me: *Facepalm*

Gonna Browse Their Way Right Into Another Store

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A new furniture store opens up in town, and my boyfriend and I decide to go check it out. We just want to browse and compare prices, not buy anything. Their website has completely different furniture; if it weren’t for that, I would much rather not have to deal with this sales lady on this day. 

Sales Lady: “Hello. Welcome to our store! Is there anything you’re looking for?”

Me: “Oh, no, thank you. We’re just browsing.”

Sales Lady: “Okay, let me know if you have any questions or need any help.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Literally three minutes later…

Sales Lady: “Looking for something specific? We have sets on sale for $800.”

Me: “No, thank you, just browsing.”

Five minutes later, across the store…

Sales Lady: “What’s your income? What’s your spending limit so I can point you in the right direction?”

Me: “We’re just looking right now. We just moved and need to save a little.”

I was irritated. She was trying to make a sale; it was more than obvious. After a few more minutes, she came around again asking what we were looking for. We told her nothing and left. I looked online to see if the company works on commission. They don’t. The lady also has a ton of complaints on Yelp and Google for harassing them too much.

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We Have A Hutch That This Company Has A Messy Desk

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I am about to turn thirteen. My mother wants to get a desk from a popular shipping site for me, so she goes on a popular company’s store website and orders the desk, complete with a hutch.

Desk #1 looks nothing like the one we ordered, so we call the company and they offer to send us a new one, just like the one we ordered, for free.

We have high hopes for desk #2, but when it arrives it is dinged up and things are off-center, so we take pictures of the damage, and the company again offers to send a new one at a reduced price. I joke to my mother and tell her that if it keeps going like this, we’ll have a free desk.

Lo and behold, desk #3 is damaged, and the hutch is even worse off. The company apologizes profusely, and my mother, being a patient person, tells them that if the next one is damaged, we will be taking our business elsewhere. The company offers to have somebody inspect it personally moments before it is packaged, to which we agree.

Five days after my thirteenth birthday, the desk arrives, and in no condition to be used. The workers that brought our desk upstairs — also provided as compensation by the company — even say we should ask for a refund.

My mother gives up. We’ve never ordered from that company again.

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