Mom Is The Mayor Of Snooty-Town

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(My parents built their house when our suburb was still surrounded by farmland, much of which became entire suburbs of public housing in the years following. My parents tended to look down on those who had to live in public housing. I married a man who was from one of those suburbs, and as a result, my parents didn’t think much of his parents. They never said that much to them or my husband, and only things in passing to me. It’s the day of my father-in-law’s funeral. I see my parents drive past the chapel so go to meet them.)

Mum: “There aren’t many people here.”

Me: “They are all behind the chapel; you drove past them.”

Mum: “Are you sure? There were a lot of people there; I think some of them were leaving the last service.”

Me: “No, we are the first service today.”

Mum: “Oh, it must all be family, then.”

Me: “A lot of them are from the clubs he is in.”

(After the funeral, I see Mum talking to a man. I vaguely recognise his face, and as I approach, I see that he is the mayor of a nearby city.)

Mum: “[My Name], this is the mayor of [City].”

Me: “Hello, I am [My Name], wife of [Father-In-Law]’s son, [Husband]. We’ve not met yet, though I believe you know my husband.”

Mum: “What I want to know is why the mayor is attending this funeral? It’s only—”

Me: *cutting her off* “Mum! [Mayor] knew [Father-In-Law] through [Club].”

Mayor: “I am very sorry to hear of [Father-In-Law]’s passing; he’s going to be missed by a lot of people. He’s been the best treasurer that [Club] ever had.”

Mum: “He was treasurer? But…”

Me: “Yes, he was. Thank you for your kind words, but if you’ll excuse us, Dad and [brother] are waiting for [Mum] at the car.”

(I swear the mayor looked relieved as I lead Mum away.)

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Saved The Best Joke For Last

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My family used to have a friend that came to every family event that we invited him to. He was one of the funniest people I’ve ever known. He was funny, caring, and kind. The only problem with him was that he was always at least half-an-hour late. Every time we’d confront him on this issue, he would laugh it off, make a few jokes, and state, “At least I’m not late to my own funeral.”

A few years later, the friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a life expectancy of a few weeks. He was also late to the appointment. When he passed, my family and his family both came together at a church for the service. We waited for nearly an hour, wondering why the funeral was taking such a long time to start, until the news came.

The hearse carrying his body got stuck in traffic due to an accident, causing the delay. After my dad passed the message, everybody looked at each other with the same thought.

He was late to his own f****** funeral.

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Not A Living State

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(A close friend has recently had a family member pass away. My entire family knows this friend and has offered their condolences. One evening while I’m helping make supper, my niece comes into the kitchen, getting ready for work.)

Niece: “How’s [Friend]?”

Me: “She was okay last I heard from her, but I haven’t spoken with her today. I think she’s driving back down from Tennessee, though.”

Niece: *horrified* “Why is she in Tennessee?”

Me: “For the funeral?”

Niece: “Oh.” *she opens the fridge before scoffing* “Who lives in Tennessee?”

Me: “Well, they’re not living anymore.”

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Your Service Is Of Grave Concern

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(A relative in another state has passed away. My part of the family can’t make the funeral, but an elderly relative asks me to help him order flowers. I call a national florist chain five days before the funeral. I get a wonderful, helpful rep who helps me pick out the flowers my relative wants, and I even pay extra to have the flowers delivered on a Sunday, the morning of the funeral. One hour before the funeral, I get an automated call saying there was a problem with the order and it will not be delivered. I call the number but get no answer, just a recorded message asking me to leave a message at the beep. I get a call back THAT EVENING, hours after the funeral ends. The rep calling apologizes and comes up with some story that they didn’t have the flowers I ordered to even make the basket. He offers to deliver flowers on the next day to the gravesite, instead. I tell him no thanks; I wanted flowers for the funeral. I demand my money back. I am told I have to call customer service on Monday. I do.)

Customer Service: “Yes, ma’am. I am sorry, but we do not deliver on Sunday so—”

Me: “They why did your rep not only promise me he would, but also charged me extra for Sunday delivery?”

Customer Service: “Yeah, I don’t know. But I can have flowers delivered to the gravesite.”

Me: “No. The funeral was yesterday. I wanted them for the funeral. I paid you for a service, and you failed to provide the service. The reason is irrelevant. So, I want my money back.”

Customer Service: “Well now, instead, I can give you a discount on your next order and we will send a nice fruit bouquet to a family member. How about—”

Me: “No, I do not want fruit. I paid you extra to have flowers delivered to a funeral on a Sunday. You have failed to do so; therefore, I want my money back.”

(He starts trying to pass off a partial refund, trying to tell me that he still had to pay for the flowers and the employees. I tell him that’s not my problem and that his employee has already admitted that they didn’t even have the flowers. I keep repeating that I paid for a product, I did not get it, and I want my money back. After more BS, I tell him to forget it; I will call my bank and report this as fraud. He is not happy at all, and tries to cop an attitude with me. I hang up and call the bank. It turns out this national company has A LOT of complaints just like mine; they pull this all the time. I call to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and am told that the company has been thrown out due to the large number of complaints. They have a 98% negative rating on most online sites. They sell huge arrangements, like for funerals and weddings, don’t deliver, and then try to pass on cheap fruit arrangements to the customers. I am afraid to tell my elderly relative what happened.)

Relative: *sighs* “Well, it serves me right.”

Me: “What ever do you mean?”

Relative: “I should have sent a donation to his favorite charity instead. That’s what he would have wanted. Not stupid flowers.”

(We did end up sending double the amount we would have paid for the flowers to a worthy charity. I think it ended as it should.)

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A Sign That Grandpa Is Home

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My paternal grandfather was an odd man in many ways, but the one pertaining to this story was the fact that, when he was through with something, that was the end of the discussion in his mind. It was not unusual for him to have one of my aunts drive him forty-five minutes to our house for a visit, as he had no driver’s license, visit with us for less than fifteen minutes, then announce, “Okay, I’m ready to go home!”

He was also infamous for interrupting prayers over meals. If he thought a prayer had gone on long enough, he would shout, “Amen!” and start eating or serving himself. As is the case with a lot of older people, his behavior continued without comment.

When I was five years old, Grandpa passed away. I don’t remember this incident, but according to family legend, I was quiet and well-behaved throughout the entire funeral… until we got to the cemetery. Then, in the middle of the dedicatory prayer over the grave, I spoke up at the top of my five-year-old lungs:


At any other funeral, I’m sure the family would have been mortified. But since this was Grandpa, everyone burst into much-needed laughter and remarked, “Yup, she’s Grandpa’s girl.”

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