It’s Raining Cats And Dogs, But They’re Being Looked After

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Right now, the state of Nebraska and many other parts of the Midwest are being hammered by flooding. The town I live in is mid-sized — about 20,000 people — and currently inaccessible except for by air. We have been lucky that the airport was not flooded and at least a dozen pilots from both the city and surrounding cities like Lincoln and Omaha are donating their time and fuel to fly people both into and out of Fremont to reunite families and bring in supplies. Regular access is still several days away due to bridges not just being flooded but gone altogether in several areas, so this is very much appreciated.

I ran into a woman at a store whose mother wanted to spend $1000 to help, but didn’t know what to buy. She told her mother that people were donating things for the people but the displaced dogs and cats would need supplies. She was buying dog and cat food and tons of different toys to help relieve the stress of these animals.

Thank you for all the help and support that everyone is showing the area.

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(I have had a bad night at work and just wanted to go home and this lady comes through the drive through and asked if we had chicken strips, but ended up ordering a ten piece nugget meal)

Me: “Anything else for you tonight?”

Her: “I actually have a strange request. See these are for my two kids so could you split it up into two bags?”

Me: (after a moment of silence) “Yup. Your total is $$$ at the window.”

(I go and tell my coworker how to bag this while the lady pulls up to the window. This is when I realized she didn’t tell me how she wanted the drink.)

Me: (opening the window to let the freezing cold air in) “Hello, did you want your drink split up also?”

Her: “Oh! Ya. Sure”

Me: “Alright. That’s $$$.”

Her: “Here’s for that, and that’s for you since you split that up for me.” (Hands me two extra dollars)

(I’m stunned because this very rarely happens)

Me: “Thank you.”

(I grab her change and hand it to her along with the food and drinks.)

Her: “Have a fantastic night!” (Drives away)

(That made my night and I finished the shift with a smile)

There’s No App To Make Burgers Cook Faster

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(I live in a little more affluent area where a lot of people work in tech. I am ordering some fast food to go, inside the restaurant. I walk in when it’s pretty quiet, with only one other person ordering and one other person in the lobby. I hear the end of the woman’s order and the cashier is reading back the order.)

Cashier: “So, that’s going to be [laundry list of food, enough to feed six or seven adults and a few kids]. That’s going to be [total].”

(The woman pays.)

Cashier: “Thank you. Here’s your receipt; you will be number 256.”

(I walk up, order a single burger and a drink, pay, and get number 257.)

Cashier: *two minutes later* “Order 257 ready.”

(I begin to walk up, but before I get to the counter…)

Woman: *shouting* “You’re kidding me! You give him his order first?! I was here before him, and I want my food, and I want it now! Are you guys racist or something?!”

(I’m Asian and she’s white. The staff here are a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The manager comes running out to see all of this.)

Manager: “Ma’am, you need to calm down or I will ask you to leave. He got two things; you got about ten times the amount of food. Your order will take a bit more time.”

Woman: “I want my food; my husband is CEO of [Big Tech Company]!”

(I rushed to the counter to grab my food and leave. As I left, I just heard more shouting but I just wanted to get out of there.)

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