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(I worked at the front desk at the time to cover for a sick colleague. My job was to take calls about appointments and donations and to greet the guests coming into the building.)

Me: Thank you for calling (Organisation name) in Frankfurt. You’re speaking to (me), how can I help you?
Girl: Uh…hi. I’m a 8th grade student and want to do a presentation about your organization, especially your work with immigrants.
Me: Thank you for your interest in our work. If you’d like to come to our office, I could prepare an information kit for you. I’d also be glad to make an appointment with one of our social workers for you, who can offer you first hand information.
Girl: Thanks. I’d really love that information kit…but I’ve already got an appointment. It’s my reason for calling actually. I’m in front of your building now, but you are not there.
(I take a look at the screens in front of me, where surveillance footage of the street around the building is displayed. There is no confused girl with a cell phone.)
Me: Could you give me the address you are at right now?
Girl: Of course. XXXXXXXXX street, Schöneberg.

This is where I do a double-take. Schöneberg is in Berlin.
Me: I’m very sorry, but you called the office of (our organization) in Frankfurt.
Girl: Wait- (our organization)? But I need (other organization we are not affiliated with)! Oh no! But what do I do? There is nothing here! And I need the information!
Me: Let me see if I can help you.

(I use the magical powers of Google to find out where she has to go. The organization moved a year ago. To this day, I have no idea how she got our number while looking for this organization in Berlin.)

Nice Customers Are Like Lightning Strikes

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(We are in the bus bringing us to our plane when the sky suddenly turns dark and a thunderstorm appears out of nowhere. Forty-five minutes later, all flights are grounded, and I’m first in line waiting at the door to exit the aircraft. One of the young pilots opens the cockpit door, cautiously peeks out, mutters yet another apology, and apparently estimates his chances of survival in the mostly angry mob.)

Me: *feeling pity* “Thank you for not departing in these conditions! We are lucky to be in a part of the world where severe weather is actually considered for safety.”

Pilot: “I apologize…” *surprised* “Wait, what? You are not blaming me? Wow, this is a first. Thank you!”

Me: “Sure, there are idiots, but aren’t plenty of people thankful for not having their lives risked?”

(The flight attendant at the door emphatically shakes her head.)

Pilot: “You have no idea. For the next hour I’m going to be screamed at by at least 30 of the people behind you; the rest will threateningly glare at me, as if all this was my fault alone. Thank you so much for understanding. I’ll gladly remember your reaction.”

(Our subsequent trip was shortened by a day, and we lost our luggage for four days. Still, this was preferable to finding out whether we would have been struck by lightning.)

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