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(Here, when supermarkets are open on Sunday morning, it tends to be with a skeleton staff. It should also be noted that I know how the self-checkouts at the place work quite well. One of their aspects is that if the scale doesn’t recognize the item you just put down on it as the one you scanned, there are two very conspicuous changes on the screen: 1) The instructions change to “control problem, are you sure you put down the righ item?” 2) The big tactile button that allows one to proceed to paying for the items vanishes. This can only be resolved by an override from a station common to six check-out machines, and it’s a common problem so I have gotten used to just waiting it out. That morning, I have only two items and the line to the self-checkouts is long even by Sunday standards. I get the problem described above with my first item, but chalk it up to bad luck. The employee manning the station overrides, then probably goes off to help other people. I get the same problem with my second item.)
Me: Wow, if this happens with each item, no wonder the line is so long.
Cutomer behind me: What is happening?
Me: Got the “control problem” thing with two items in a row. Just waiting for help on the second.
Cutomer behind me: *Look at the items listed on my screen, then those on my scale that are quit obviously the same* Everything looks right to me. Why don’t you just pay?
Me:*Points at control station, that is empty at that moment* I really can’t do it until the person over there overrides it.
Customer: All you have to do is hit the pay button on the screen. (Pay button that is *not* on the screen at the moment)
(I try to explain again, setting my mind on having him understand in case he runs into the problem also. In the middle of that second attempt, I notice the employee returning and the override kicking in soon after, enabling me to process payment. I admit I become part of the problem as continue to try explaining while processing the payment (telling if have a loyalty card or not, then choosing my means of payment), while he instructs me how to do things as if I didn’t know how the machine works.)
Me:*at little irritated at that point* I know how these work, I just really could not pay until the employee resolved the problem.
(On the way back, I noticed a mother I know on the way to the supermarket with her two children and advised her to avoid the self-checkout in case there was a problem with it.)

Strangling Some Manners From You

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(I am just a regular customer waiting for checkout in a well-known French hypermarket. A young lady with two young kids at the cashier has just finished packing her stuff and moved to the side, so I can proceed to checkout. One of her kids starts crying. That’s nothing extraordinary — it happens, right? The real problem here is the cashier, too busy talking with her coworkers to do her job correctly. She says the following about the kid:)

Cashier: “Oh, God, can’t we do something about it? I don’t know, like… strangle him?!”

(I honestly can’t believe what I just heard, so I give her the “Did you just seriously…” kind of look, which makes her realize that something is actually wrong. Checkout is complete, so I pack my stuff, take my change — forcing myself not to give a sarcastic “have a nice day” to this disrespectful cashier — and just leave. On my way out, the cashier has the nerve to yell at me:)

Cashier: “Nobody taught you to say, ‘Thank you.’?!”

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Their Son Found It A-Mew-sing

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My husband, who never was a cat person before, calls me from work one afternoon to asks me if I would like to get a cat. What the f***? I ask him why he is asking me this and it turns out the cleaning lady from his work has a few kittens that she is trying to give away and showed him pictures. My husband kind of changed his mind about cats because they were cute. 

Of course, I tell him yes, and a few hours later, she drops this cute little furball at my house along with a bit of food and litter for a day or two. She is really shy and is a bit scared of my husband and spends a lot of time hiding. 

The day after, my son comes back from school for the weekend and we are eating supper when the cat decides to come out from under my bed and stands yawning in the doorway. My son, who had no idea we had gotten a cat, stares at it for a sec and drops the fork on his plate. I realize that we had forgotten to tell him about the cat. He blinks a couple of times and declares that my husband and I are crazy!

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(I’m the funny customer in this story. I’m in a place where you can find the best cookies in Paris. Also, I’m in my thirties, yet I’m incredibly shy and awkward.)

Me: “Hello.”

Seller: “Hello.”

Me: “May I have a cookie, please?”

Seller: “Of course. Which one?”

Me: “A milk chocolate chips one, please.”

(I guess the lady didn’t hear. She smiles.)

Seller: “Yes?”

(I blush and smile awkwardly.)

Me: “Maybe I didn’t ask the right way. This happens to me all the time. Ok, I’m ready for your most scatterbrained clients list ever. I go back in time and I ask again. May I have a cookie, please?”

Seller: “Of course. Which one?”

Me: “A milk chocolate chips one, please.”

Seller: “Here you are. Would you like something else?”

Me: “No, thank you very much. Have a great day!”

(I grin and leave, feeling incredibly child-like and awkward. I guess this lady was probably too polite to put this on ‘Not always right’, so I’ll do this myself!)

Ended With Some Change For The Better  

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(This is my third day on the job. In the afternoons, I mainly serve up ice cream and slushies from the stand in front of the shop. I have a “change cup” with me so I don’t have to run inside to the register every time, but I am required to put any bills into the till immediately. Two women come up with three small children. The kids each order a large slushie, which cost €4 each.)

Me: “Okay, that will be €12, please.”

(One of the customers hands me a €20 bill. I take out €8 euros from the change cup and, slightly distracted, hand them to the other customer. I then go to put the bill in the till. The first customer follows me in and orders coffees for herself and her friend, and pays. A few minutes later they decide they want sundaes, too.)

Me: “That’ll be €5.”

Customer: “Oh, by the way, you never gave us our change earlier.”

Me: “What? I got the change out of that cup there and handed it to you.”

Customer: “No, you didn’t. Don’t lie to me. You took my €20 bill, put it in the register, and never handed me the change.”

Me: “Ma’am, I swear…”

Customer: “Look in my purse! Do you see any change in here?!”

(I’m getting a little anxious, as she is getting rather aggressive, and while I’m sure I gave her the change, I don’t want to make a scene. After discussing the situation with my coworker, who only witnessed the second half of the incident, I finally decide to give her her change, minus the price of the sundaes. I head back inside to ring up more customers. A few minutes later, the women come in. I brace myself for another onslaught…)

Customer: “So, my friend just checked her purse, and it turns out you gave her the change. So here you go. I am so sorry about earlier. I swear we’re not dishonest; it was just a misunderstanding!”

Me: “That’s quite all right.”

(She apologizes profusely for about another minute before heading out. After they leave, I turn to my coworkers.)

Me: “Okay, so I’m not losing my mind. Good to know.”

(I know from reading this site that it could have been a lot worse!)

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