Serving Some Karma, Sunny Side Up

, , , , | Perth, WA, Australia | Friendly | November 23, 2016

My step-mother owns chickens and has for a while, as it saves money on the few eggs they eat weekly. At some point she got into the habit of sharing the extra eggs with our neighbour, and they became friendly because of it.

Not too long back my step-sister came down with something, and my father and step-mother had to leave the state, which left me with the task of stopping by their house after work each night and feeding the chickens, as well as other things.

Whenever my step-mother checked in with me, she couldn’t understand why I wasn’t finding eggs. She was certain there were some hidden somewhere in the coop, even though I thought the chickens were maybe stressed from the sudden lack of attention, causing them to not lay.

Upon her return we searched the coop high and low, and found nothing. My step-mother was furious. She had apparently purchased pre-fertilised eggs for her chickens, and marked them with big red crosses. We couldn’t work out what happened, as there weren’t any eggs shells around either.

Later that night I receive a text from her stating that her neighbour had come over to complain that some of her eggs made him sick. It seems that during the day, before I was arriving, the neighbour had been jumping the fence (not taking the side gate, but climbing over the fence) and helping himself to eggs.

She still can’t figure out how he managed to cook a fertilised egg without noticing.

Cooking Up A Resignation Letter

, , , | BC, Canada | Working | November 4, 2016

I work in a new hotel setting up and running the breakfast bar. My boss, the owner/manager, has interesting ideas on how things should be done and will make “suggestions” that she expected me to implement. Some of the time they work fine, but others, not so much.

For example, the time she told me to use a plastic bin in the convection oven because you aren’t supposed to use metal. Yeah, no. I opened the oven to see a river of molten plastic running down the racks, with half-cooked scrambled eggs mixed in.

Another time it was cook the scrambled eggs that came in an oblong plastic bag in the microwave. Should work, right? Well, since the bag was too long to turn on the turntable, it cooked partially and exploded all over the microwave.

Of course, since I did it, it was my fault when things went wrong. And I got to clean up the mess every time!

Love it when the boss hasn’t a clue how to cook!

A Wait-y Reward

, , , | CA, USA | Working | November 2, 2016

I order in the drive-thru of a burger place. I find out it’s only two coupons per car, so I tell the lady working that I’ll be driving through again. When I get to the window and pay, she asks me to park in the parking lot to wait for my food. I agree and park.

I’m looking at stuff on my phone for a bit when she comes out to give someone else their order. When she sees me she asks “You haven’t gotten your food yet?” I say no and she leaves to check on my food. When she comes back she says it’ll only be a little bit and asks for the other coupon. I show it to her and she tells me that it’ll be free for the long wait.

When I arrive home with the food, I realize she upgraded the small fries of the last coupon to a large and added a Snickers pie.

I don’t know how long I waited for, but I’m sure it wasn’t for as long as she seemed to think it was.

TGI Pieday

, | Orlando, FL, USA | Hopeless | October 25, 2016

(I am a substitute teacher, subbing for a middle school agriculture class.)

Me: *working on getting ready for the next class*

Woman: *walks in holding something* “Hello!”

Me: “Hi, is there something you need?”

Woman: *handing over the item, to which I realize it is an apple pie* “Today is pie day, so here is an apple pie in honor of today.”

(I pause as I stare at the pie in her hands, realizing she thinks I’m the actual teacher.)

Me: “Actually, I’m just a substitute teacher. I’ll leave this for the actual teacher in her mini fridge.” *given the pie and about to put it away*

Woman: “Wait a moment!” *rushes off and comes back a minute later with another pie* “Here, for you!”

Me: *stunned* “Um, but—”

Woman: “It’s pie day, and I would love for you to have a pie to commemorate that. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re a substitute or not. Happy Pie Day!” *hands over pie and leaves*

(I smiled widely as I love pie, and it was a nice gesture that she didn’t mind not only giving one pie to the actual teacher, but to a substitute as well! I’ll never forget that!)

Panicking At The Tipping Point

, , | Canada | Right | October 13, 2016

I am the customer. I order a pizza online and get a “Pizza of the Day” deal for a $10 discount.

When the pizza is delivered, I notice I do not have my card with me. My mistake. I forgot how much the order was for, so I ask him to tell me the amount, and he just shows me the receipt.

I am in a hurry, so I notice the total amount ($41) before the deal discount, frantically try to search for some loonies since he does not have any spare change on him, and finally give him $46.

All this time he is smiling at me, and I am just thinking may be he is trying to be friendly.

Just now, the order email confirmation catches my eye, and I see that I paid an extra $15 for the pizza delivery and realize that probably that’s why the delivery guy was smiling, thinking he is getting a huge tip!

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