A Long Conversation About Custard

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(The following is a conversation that I may or may not have had a role in at a locally-owned “frozen custard” place which has a reputation for being a little snooty.)

Customer: “I’ll try some of the [unique flavor] ice cream.”

Employee: *getting the sample* “It’s actually frozen custard, not ice cream.”

Customer: *taking the sample* “Thanks. But it’s ice cream.”

Employee: “It’s not ice cream, though. Both use sugar, milk, and cream, but frozen custard also has egg yolks—”

Customer: “So, we eat it differently?”

Employee: “What?”

Customer: “So, this frozen custard is eaten differently than ice cream?”

Employee: *clearly not sure where this is going* “Well, I imagine most people eat both the same way.”

Customer: “Is it served differently? Does it necessitate different toppings?”

Employee: “Well, aside from having the additional ingredient of egg yolk, we also have more unique flavors than you’ll usually see with traditional ice cream.”

Customer: “So, these flavors aren’t possible with ice cream?”

Employee: “Well, no, I’m sure you could still do these flavors with ice cream.”

Customer: “See, because when I, and I bet most people, say, ‘ice cream,’ I’m referring to a sweet, frozen, creamy dessert that is served in bowls and cones, or on other desserts like pies, brownies, or cookies, and can be topped with other sweet things. This fits that definition, so I would argue it’s appropriate to call it, ‘ice cream.’ Whether what I’m eating has eggs in it, or yogurt, or whatever, it is ultimately irrelevant to my purposes in using that term.”

Employee: “Well, the egg yolks give it a creamier texture than—”

Customer: “But it’s the same idea in the end, right?”

Employee: “I would argue that it’s not, though. They’re different.”

Customer: “But we just discussed that they’re not different! The only difference we can find is there’s eggs in this. If I put egg in my ground beef when making a burger it’s still a burger.”

Employee: “Let’s look at it this way. ‘Ice cream’ could also be ‘frozen cream.’ This is not ‘frozen cream,’ because the egg changes the substance that is frozen into a custard, which therefore makes it a ‘frozen custard.'”

Customer: “But that’s relevant to my point. To you, it’s different. To us as customers, it ends up being the same thing because the differences are all on the back end.”

Employee: “We have many customers who come here because they prefer frozen custard to ice cream. It’s not the same to everyone.”

Customer: “I may prefer one pizza place over another because one place uses an additional ingredient in their crust, but that doesn’t mean either one isn’t pizza.”

Employee: “Agree to disagree, I guess. Will this be all?”

Customer: “Yeah, this is it. I’m not trying to insult your product. I obviously like it, but I just think sticking your nose in the air over someone calling it what it really is is a bit uncalled for.”

Employee: “Well, I bet you say this to all the frozen dessert places.”

Customer: “Given the opportunity, yes.”

Not In Touch With How Sandwiches Are Made

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(I work in a small family-owned business. I am working the register at the moment, but I hear a coworker’s conversation with a customer in the restaurant area.)

Coworker: “Hi. Is there anything I can get you?”

Customer: *looking at our menu* “Umm… yeah… umm… I want a BLT.”

Coworker: “All right. What kind of bread would you like that on?”

Customer: “Oh, I don’t want bread. And just make sure the bacon, lettuce, and tomato don’t touch.”

(My coworker looked dumbfounded as she asked this, but we gave her what she wanted. We served her her food, and she ate only the bacon.)

Mint Thins Make You Anything But

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(My two friends and I are high school Girl Scouts, and we are selling cookies outside of a store.)

Me: “Hi, would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”

Customer: “Sure… I’ll have—”

Random Lady: *walking out of the store* “YOU GUYS RUINED MY DIET!”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

The Eternal Tomato

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(I work in the kitchen at a family-run cafe. Usually, the owner of the cafe does our grocery shopping; we have a pre-printed list with any items we need and only fill in quantity. Since everyone in the kitchen knows the basic amount of items that are needed, we don’t write down, “1 kg tray of tomatoes;” we only note, “tomatoes: 1,” as the owner knows what amount we actually mean by that. Everyone is so used to this system that we forget it’s not as obvious to others as it is to us.)

Owner’s Husband: “Hi! [Owner] is out sick today, so I’m going to do the grocery run. This is the list?” *grabbing it and already heading out the door*

Me: *to another coworker* “Has [Owner’s Husband] ever done the shopping for the cafe before?”

Coworker: “I don’t think so. He’s never in, to be honest.”

Me: “Oh, dear. We should’ve explained the list.”

(We tried to call him multiple times, but couldn’t reach him. He returned an hour later with a tiny shopping cart filled with barely anything. He literally bought one single tomato, one lonely onion, one bag of rice, etc. It took almost another 30 minutes for us to explain to him why we needed another grocery run. I completely understand that our list might be difficult to understand for an outsider, but wouldn’t anyone be surprised that a cafe that serves 200 to 300 people a day only needed one onion for two days?)

Hard To Tender Some Tenders

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(I am at a well-known 24-hour chain diner. I almost always get the chicken tenders there, so I know what they look and taste like, and I have been looking forward to having them again after a long time. I place my order, but when they come out, they don’t look anything like they normally do.)

Me: “Oh, I guess y’all changed the recipe?”

Waitress: “Oh, no, we ran out of chicken tenders, so [Other Waitress] went next door to the store and bought some more.”

Me: “…”

(They tasted good, but at the time, I was mostly disappointed that they didn’t just tell me they were out of chicken tenders so I could have ordered something else.)

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