The Conversation Keeps Flowing

, , , | VA, USA | Hopeless | May 13, 2017

I am meeting someone for the first time and arrive a bit early, so I get coffee and while waiting chat with the baristas about a few books.

After the other person shows up, we are deep in conversation and have already finished our coffees when I see the main barista cleaning the next table. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her glance up, smile in our direction, and then head back to the counter.

She comes back just a few minutes later with two large glasses of ice water for us and exclaims, “You two are just having such a great conversation that I wanted to give you these so you can keep chatting!”

It was such a sweet gesture and I didn’t realize that our short coffee date ended up lasting almost three hours!

Catered To Your Needs

, , | UK | Hopeless | May 2, 2017

My brother is in the Navy and is about to join ship in Hong Kong for a five month tour of duty when our father dies. He asks his CO if he can take a few extra days leave. Because of the logistics involved, he can only be allowed five more days. In order for him to be able to attend Dad’s funeral, we have to organise it within a week. We manage to get everything set up for an 11 am funeral the following Monday morning — not a convenient time, but all we can manage at such short notice. My brother has to leave for the airport immediately afterwards.

The last thing I need to organise is some catering for ‘afterwards.’ People will be travelling some distance and will need some lunch. I phone various places, but with no luck. I have to do some shopping, and while in town, I go into several places that advertise catering, but they all say that the earliest we could collect the food is 11 am. The last place I try is a large Sainsbury’s supermarket. Again I am told 11 am is the earliest pick-up time.

Although I am trying to hold it all together, something must have shown on my face. The employee asks why I need the food earlier. I tell her what it is for, and why we need it so early. She asks me to wait and disappears for a couple of minutes. When she comes back she tells me that she is on first shift on Monday and will come in an hour early to get everything ready for me. It will be ready for 9 am.

I’m ashamed to say that with everything else that was going on, I didn’t take her name so I could write to her manager. I did thank her profusely both then and when I collected the food. I hope she reads this so I can tell her what a difference she made to our family at a difficult time.

Good Deeds Are A Family Affair

, | Phoenix, AZ, USA | Hopeless | April 29, 2017

I have been having horrible depression and anxiety for the past few weeks. This is to the point where nothing sounded good food wise, until I decided that teppanyaki sounded good and so I travel out to the closest one and decide to treat myself.

There are a number of delays and misinformation that almost makes the meal not happen and then a family comes in to share the meal with me. These things are always fun to watch, especially if you have a chef and a receptive audience that doesn’t mind making jokes. The family is lovely to talk to and they include me in the jokes and conversations without any awkwardness. It really made my night and my mood has lifted considerably by the time the end of the meal comes and the checks are presented.

My biggest shock of the night was when the mother of the group took my check from the waitress and paid for my meal! It was enough to be included in the family and to be encouraged and joked with. Having them pay for a (very expensive in my world) meal was unreal and something like I read on this site, so I had to share.

Family: if you happen to read these stories, thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. Every last moment was amazing and full of laughter and smiles.

Acts Of Kindness You Can Put Your (Chicken) Finger On

, , | AL, USA | Hopeless | April 28, 2017

(I’m the customer here. I walk in to my campus’s chicken wing place, the only on-campus food location open late. I’m good friends with the staff on both shifts at the wing bar, and I’m going in to get dinner. I’m kinda tight on cash, and the food’s quite expensive at said wing bar. The three employees — the manager and two others — greet me upon entering. I stumble and stammer a bit before getting my order out of my mouth.)

Me: “Hey, [Manager]… cash is kinda tight, but I’ll get my usual.”

(Said “usual” is a five-piece chicken-finger plate costing $10.99 plus tax.)

Manager: “Sure, hon.”

(The manager rang me up, and the total on the card reader looked off – it’s only $2.52. I’m not exactly thinking about it, so I follow through with the purchase. The receipt printed, and I find out that I’ve only been rung up for French fries. I realize immediately what my friend, the manager, had done. I stared agape at the receipt for a second, and then silently mouthed “Thank you” to her — she’s just written off an $11 order of chicken as shrinkage for me, basically giving me $14 of food for $2.52. I was not expecting this at all. I had idly said money was tight, and was fully prepared to pay full price for my food! I freaking love the people working at that place.)

Grandma’s Cake Cures All

, , | Germany | Hopeless | April 18, 2017

(This is actually a happy story, not an angry one! The fairly new cafe/bakery kitchen I work at is mostly run by young, enthusiastic but non-professional workers. Our boss has encouraged us to try out new recipes we find interesting, and if they sell well they’re added to the menu. On this day I’ve baked an apple and fruit cake that I’ve learnt from my grandma. A customer comes in early, while I’m transferring it onto a plate for the display case, and gasps.)

Customer: “This smell! What is that smell?”

Me: “Probably this fresh-baked cake!” *holding up the plate*

Customer: “I smells like my grandma’s kitchen!”

Me: “Funny enough, it is a recipe from MY grandma.”

(The customer buys a slice of the cake and coffee and returns his dishes when he’s done.)

Customer: “It even tastes like my grandma’s cake. Incredible. Did you steal my grandmother?” *laughs*

Me: *also laughing* “Yep, we have her in the kitchen right now, making more cakes.”

Customer: “Oh, she would’ve probably loved doing that. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago.”

Me: “Oh, gosh, I’m sorry—”

Customer: “No, you couldn’t have known. You made me very happy with this cake today! Thank you!”

(The customer has become a regular, returning once a week to buy a piece of the cake — which has also become a staple in our menu. I have by now given him the recipe, with my boss’ permission, but he still comes in ‘for the feeling of having grandma bake it.’ I love this guy.)

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