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His Wife Will Have Hell Toupee

, , , , | Right | February 17, 2014

(I work in the vault room, handling the deposits that local businesses put in the dropbox throughout the night. One morning, before I even have a chance to open the night drop, my phone rings. It is an internal number that only bank employees can dial. I answer, and on the other end is one of the operators from the 24-hour call center.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Bank]. This is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Operator: “Yes, this is [Operator] in the call center. I have a customer on the line that insisted I transfer him to you immediately. I tried to explain that your branch doesn’t open for another hour, but he insisted it was an emergency. Do you want to take the call, or should I have him call back?”

Me: “No, don’t have him call back. I’m here, so I’ll take it.”

Operator: “Thank you. I’ll put him through.”

(After I hear the tell-tale “click” of the operator putting the customer on the line, I continue.)

Me: “Sir, thank you for calling. This is [My Name]. The call center operator said you had an emergency. How can I help you this morning?”

Caller: “I need my hair back!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Caller: “Oh, for crying out loud! Fine. I need my hair back, please!”

Me: “No, sir, I wasn’t asking you to say please. I was making sure I heard you correctly. Did you say you need your hair back?”

Caller: “Yes, I did! I need my hair back, and I know you have it!”

Me: “Sir, I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Caller: “My hair! Give me my hair back!”

Me: “Please, calm down. Can you explain to me what you mean?”

Caller: “My d*** wife. She ripped my hair off and now you have it. I want it back, and I want it back now! I’m right outside your bank, and I need my hair back!”

(I look at my monitor, which displays a cycling image of all of the security cameras since the vault room has no windows. Sure enough, I see a man in our parking lot pacing back and forth in front of our door with a baseball cap on. I glance at my watch. It is only seven am, and there are only two employees here. The rest of the employees won’t be in for half an hour and the lobby will not open until eight am.)

Me: “Okay, sir. I see you outside, but I am afraid that we do not open for another hour. On top of that, I still don’t know what you are talking about.”

Caller: “For crying out loud! Are you stupid?! That b**** took my hair and I want it back!”

Me: “Sir, please do not insult me or use that kind of language. I’d be happy to help you if you could just calm down and explain yourself.”

Caller: *takes a deep breath and answers more calmly* “Okay. Last night, my wife and I were dropping off the deposit for my business. She was screaming at me in the car, accusing me of cheating on her, all because I hired a teenage girl to work at the front counter of our store. She was mad and screaming at me the whole time. My wife dropped the deposit in the box. Then she yelled, ‘Let’s see if your new girlfriend likes you bald!’, ripped my toupee off my head, and put it in your dropbox. I am leaving her today, but I need my hair back. Please, can I have my hair back?”

Me: *feeling sorry for the guy* “Okay, sir, I understand. I haven’t opened the night drop yet, and I can’t until another employee gets here in about half an hour. When she does, I will open the night drop and look for your hair. There is a [Donut Shop] across the street. Maybe you could go get some coffee, maybe some breakfast, and I could call you back when I get the night drop open?”

Caller: *noticeably calmer* “That would be fine. Thank you! I really need my hair! I’ve had it with that shrew. Every time she sees me even say hello to a younger woman she screams that I must be cheating on her and she does something to my toupee. This is the fourth one she’s tried to destroy or get rid of!”

Me: “I understand, sir. I will call you back as soon as I can.”

(The caller gives me his cell phone number, and I watch on the security monitor as he gets in his car and drives off. Half an hour later, my coworker arrives and I relate the entire story to her as we open the night drop, which requires two people to do. As I expected, on top of the other deposit bags is a toupee, adhesive still attached to the underside of it. I call the customer back, tell him I have his hair, and tell him that if he comes to the front door I will give it back to him. When he gets back to the bank, he is carrying three large boxes of donuts.)

Caller: “Here, these donuts are for you. You have been so nice to me, even after I yelled at you. I am sorry for that. I was taking out the anger I have toward my vicious harpy of a wife on you, and that was wrong. Please, share these with your coworkers.”

Me: “Oh! Well, thank you, sir!”

(We exchanged packages. I took the donuts, he took his hair, and we parted ways. Less than a week later, I did discover that he had closed his joint accounts and opened up sole accounts in just his name, and that his address was now different than his wife’s. Guess you shouldn’t mess with a man’s toupee!)

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The Cake Was Not A Lie

, , , | Romantic | August 26, 2013

(It’s Valentine’s Day. The bakery that I work at is flooded with couples on dates. At the end of my shift around seven pm, I’m about to leave when I notice a girl sitting alone, staring at her cell phone while crying.)

Me: “Miss, are you all right?”

(She looks up to see me, and quickly tries to hide her tears.)

Girl: “No. Nothing’s wrong. Was I bothering anyone?”

Me: “No, I just heard you crying and I thought you were having a problem.”

Girl: “No, I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

(It is obvious that she is upset, but I don’t want to pry it out of her. As I begin to walk away, I hear her crying start to pick up. To try and cheer her up, I go to the counter and buy her one of our cupcakes. With the cupcake in my hand, I go to her table and place the cupcake in front of her. She takes a moment to look at it, and then looks at me.)

Girl: “What’s this for?”

Me: “You just look like you need something to cheer you up. It’s on the house.”

(I smile at her, which she returns with her own smile. I proceed to turn around and walk away, but she stops me. She points to the seat, prompting me to take it. I sit down and listen to her story. She learned that she’s pregnant, and wanted to tell her boyfriend of four years. However, she was dumped via text message because he didn’t believe the baby was his. The further she gets into her story, the more she cries. At the end of the story, she is completely in tears.)

Girl: “I just… I don’t understand. We’ve been together for four years. Why would he do this now?”

Me: “I’m sorry for what happened, but that’s life.”

Girl: “What?”

Me: “I don’t mean to sound like an a**, but that is unfortunately how life works. You think you find that one thing that makes life special, only to find out in a rude awakening that it isn’t true.”

Girl: “That sounds a bit like experience.”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve been through two relationships already. In both of them I was dumped. It was painful, but I just kept believing that there would eventually be someone for me. I just stopped trying to look. I promise you that you’ll find someone just for you.”

(The girl is dead silent, trying to process everything I’ve said.)

Me: “Listen, if you don’t really have any plans, do you want to go see a movie or something?”

(Her eyes go bright and she smiles. I take it as a yes, and proceed to take her out. We spend three hours together, watching a movie and getting to know each other a bit more. I take her home and she surprises me with a kiss on my cheek before she jumps out of the car without a care in the world. That was five years ago. We’re now married with beautiful twin girls.)

This Refund Is Cut And Dried

, , , , , , | Right | March 25, 2011

Me: “Hi, how can I help you?”

Customer: “I’d like to return these flowers.”

Me: “Oh. Well, usually we don’t issue refunds for flowers. Can I ask what the problem is?”

Customer: “She said no.”

Me: “Let’s get you that refund.”

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When You Don’t Want A Quick Service

, , , | Right | October 14, 2010

Customer: “I’d like to take my wife’s name off the account. She’s leaving me.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. It looks like your wife has already called us to do that. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Customer: “Oh, no, it’s just all so quick. She only told me on Wednesday night and now she’s gone.”

(I check the account history and see she called us early on Tuesday. I thought it best not to tell the customer.)

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Pink

, , , , , , | Right | June 28, 2010

(I get a call from a client about a wedding package I am designing.)

Me: “Hello! Have you finalized your color scheme?”

Client: “Well, no.” *begins sobbing* “We had a fight, and I called off the wedding. I don’t need the invitations.”

Me: “Ah. I’m very sorry to hear this, ma’am. I’ll waive my fees. Don’t worry about paying me.”

Client: “No, I’ll pay for your work. I was wondering if you could change the text, though.”

Me: “To what?”

Client: “It has to say ‘You’re Invited To [Ex-Fiance’s] Funeral.’ And I’m thinking a hideously bright pink.”

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