Tis The Season To Be Disorganized

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(I work in a small-town gift boutique, and it is the 20th of December, so there are a lot of stressed — and bratty — customers coming in and out of the shop. A customer comes to check out.)

Me: “Is that everything for you today? That’s [price]. Do you want a bag, or would you like me to wrap it in tissue for you?”

Customer: “Oh, could you wrap it in tissue, please? That would be amazing! Thank you!”

(I go to wrap some tissue around it and I see the customer tense. I prepare for the worst.)

Customer: “Oh, sorry, but is there a price ticket? Could you remove it before you wrap it, please?”

Me: *going to damage control* “That’s my mistake, sorry! I should have done that, anyway; I’ll just get that.”

Customer: “No, not at all. I wouldn’t usually ask; it’s just that I’m adding this to a package I’m on my way to post, since it’s last posting date today! I don’t fancy sitting in the middle of town battling a roll of wrapping paper, so I appreciate the favour!”

Me: “Oh! Is it last posting day today?”

Customer: “Well, last for second class. I don’t love anyone enough to fork out for first class.” *as they leave* “Thank you so much. Have a great day!”

(When my coworker came back from lunch a while later, she told us she’d seen someone sitting on a bench nearby, wrangling a roll of wrapping paper and a roll of packing tape. I don’t know if that customer ever got their parcel in the mail on time, but they were very chipper for someone so disorganised.)

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Nose Way!

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(I’m helping my sister redecorate her room whilst she’s home from university for summer vacation. We’re in the middle of prep work, sanding down the woodwork and windows. It’s a loft room with Velux windows that open inwards. I’m downstairs making hot drinks for a tea break. I hear my sister come downstairs and turn to give her her tea, but her facial expression is disturbingly blank.)

Me: “What the heck happened to you?”

Sister: “I opened one of the windows to clean the frame with mould spray. A spring-loaded spider — one of the fat ones — got launched at me. It bounced right off my nose.”

(A pause.)

Sister: “So… now I have to go get the belt sander and sand off my face. There’s no other way.”

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