Cherry Picking Your Dessert

, | WA, USA | Related | October 16, 2015

(My boyfriend’s teenage brother is staying with us for a short while to do some work for his dad, which has left him pretty worn and overwhelmed. We’re out grabbing dinner before picking my boyfriend up from work.)

Me: “Okay, I know you’re pretty stressed, so why don’t I buy you some ice cream?”

Brother: “Okay, I’ll have a [ice cream treat].”

Cashier: “Would you like chocolate, butterscotch, or cherry?”

Brother: “Cherry, please.”

(By the time we get the rest of our food, he’s almost done.)

Brother: “You know what? I’m so stressed, I completely forgot I don’t even like cherry! This whole time I didn’t even notice that’s what I got!”

Me: “You’re not getting another!”

A Sour Attitude

, | NJ, USA | Right | October 16, 2015

(I ring up a customer for a sweet tea. The sweet tea is self-serve, but we have lemon slices in the back that we can give the customer if requested.)

Customer: “I want lemon.”

Me: “Sure, no problem.” *puts slice of lemon in a small cup as is customary, and hands it to her*

Customer: *looks inside, makes disgusted face, gives it back* “No. That’s not what I wanted. I want SOME lemon.”

Me: “Um, we usually just give out one slice. How many did you want?”

Customer: “Whatever you consider to be SOME lemon.”

Me: *hesitantly gives her two more slices* “Here you go?”

Customer: “That’s too much.” *gives one back and walks away*

A Bit Light On Common Sense

| ON, Canada | Working | October 16, 2015

Order Taker: “Hi, can I take your order?”

Me: “Yes, I’d like a chicken sandwich meal with root beer, light mayo, please.”

Order Taker: “I’m sorry; I think we only have one kind of mayo.”

(At this point, I decide it’s easiest to agree with her.)

Me: “Okay. In that case, can I get the sandwich with just a little bit of mayo.”

Order Taker: “Oh! Okay. Yeah, we can do that.”

Getting Biblical With You

, | St. Louis, MO, USA | Romantic | October 12, 2015

(I am the cashier. The first customer is a teenage girl, about 18 and 6’0″, who is wearing a leather jacket and skinny jeans, and basically has the “motorcycle babe look” to her. Customer #2 is a 5’2:” man who looks about 15, at the most. The third customer is a middle age man in a suit and tie.)

Customer #1: “And I’ll take a chicken sandwich with a small concrete mix, please.”

Customer #3: “Don’t eat like that or your man will be stuck with a fatty wife.”

Customer #1: *turns to look at Customer #2* “Aww, gee, looks like I like guys and not girls now.”

(It’s pretty obvious that they don’t know each other, but Customer #2 goes along with it.)

Customer #2: “Wow, that thing that your mom did at the church really worked!!”

Customer #3: “That is against the bible, you devil. How about I show you what a real good time is?”

(Customer #1 has been slouching up until then, but then straightens her back to her full 6’0″.)

Customer #1: “What would be in it for me?”

(Customer #3 marches out muttering about the bible and how he gets plenty of women.)

Missing Out A Slight Sprite Detail

| Columbus, OH, USA | Working | October 12, 2015

(I’m in the drive-thru of a popular fast food chain and have just pulled up to give my order.)

Me: “Can I get a medium #10 with a Sprite and a—”

Employee: “A #10 with Sprite?”

Me: “Yes, and a [Sandwich], too.”

Employee: “A Sprite?”

Me: “Yes.”

Employee: “A SPRITE?”

Me: “…Yes?”

Employee: “A SPRITE?!”

Me: “YES!”

(I got a Coke.)

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