An App-allingly Inefficient Way To Purchase

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(It’s the morning shift of a stocking day, so I usually have to put away the contents of a truck while simultaneously attending to any customers my coworkers are too busy to help. My coworkers at this time of day usually include only my manager, maybe one additional crew member, and a cook. As the early morning turns to a few hours until noon, we start getting more and more customers all at once, forcing my manager and additional crew member to call for my help to handle them all. I head to the front of the store to take out a few orders. Before I deliver to this one woman, my manager tells me that she wants to pay with her credit card. I can see more customers coming in and I know my coworkers are going to need my help with them, too, so I don’t really give it much thought. I just take it out.)

Me: *places her order on her table* “Here we are, ma’am. That’ll be $8.78.”

Woman: “I wanted to pay with my card, but it wouldn’t work. Something’s wrong with your machine. I have money on my card.”

(Our booths are installed with a card scanner that allows customers to pay for their orders before they arrive, but because we prioritize speed at our restaurant, we often stop the clock on orders before they’re ready, which causes the machine to think the order is on its way to the customer before it actually is.)

Me: “If I had to guess, the machine probably didn’t have a chance to actually do anything with your card. Let’s try again.”

(I enter in a code that lets me pull up her order and allow it to be paid for — assuming it wasn’t already paid for — and then attempt to run the card.)

Machine: *declines card*

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but your card is being declined.”

Woman: “I know I have money on it; it must be the machine.”

Me: “Well, let’s try another one, then.”

(I take the card to another machine, enter the code, and swipe the card on her order, only to get the same message.)

Me: “I’m… sorry, ma’am. While I won’t claim to know what the problem is, I can say with relative certainty that it’s not an issue with our scanners. These machines have been working on the vast majority of cards perfectly fine since yesterday.”

Woman: *accepts her card back and pulls out her phone* “Fine. I don’t carry cash on me, so I’ll pay with the app.”

Me: “Let me just get the app payment code for your order.”

(I go just behind the see-through employees-only door to pull up the information on a system-tablet. I return and gives her the number.)

Woman: “What do I do with that?”

Me: *comes to the conclusion this is her first time using the app* “You enter it into the app and the order gets paid for.”

(She spends several minutes fiddling with her phone. All the while, I can see customers pouring in. Likewise, I set up the tablet on the other side of the see-through door with the screen showing that the order hasn’t been paid yet.)

Me: “Is there a problem, ma’am?”

Woman: “My phone’s just taking a few minutes to download the app.”

(I was flabbergasted. The app pays by means of prepaid amounts put into a personal account. I was going to have to wait here while she downloaded the app, set up an account, and put $10 on said account before she could pay; all the while, my coworkers were scrambling, trying to juggle the influx of new customers without me. I couldn’t just leave, lest I be held responsible for anything that happened. She took twelve minutes. Anyone who works in the fast food industry knows how long twelve minutes is to coworkers and waiting customers!)

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I was standing in line at a fast-food place. The line next to the one I was in was being handled by a trainee and her supervisor. It was apparent that it was the trainee’s first day on the job and she was understandably nervous.

The people in the line were patient and pleasant and more than willing to cut the trainee some slack while she learned to use the order screen. Until an older man stepped up to the counter, barked his order, and then decided to berate the trainee for “not smiling.” The poor girl was close to tears and her supervisor had a comforting hand on her shoulder, when the jerk turned to me. I guess because I’m an older woman he thought he’d have a sympathetic audience. “These kids never heard of service with a smile!”

As it happens, I’ve stood behind my share of counters in my life. So I said, loud and clear, “Who do you think you are, Dale Carnegie? You leave her alone!” It was very satisfying to see Mr. Smiley turn bright red and slink away.

The supervisor offered to comp my meal, but I declined. The satisfaction of getting to tell off a jackass customer with no fear of retribution was its own reward.

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(Whilst I am bringing out some food to a customer, I overhear this conversation between a woman and her husband, while their kids are (politely) sitting at another table.)

Wife (very seriously): “I just don’t know how we’ll fix this. How did we get into this?”

Husband (equally serious): “I don’t know.”

Wife (suddenly bangs fist against the table and raises her voice in triumph): “I KNOW! You can divorce me and marry my sister! Then everyone’s happy!”

Husband (wide-eyed): “That’s perfect! You’re brilliant!”

(They then proceed to give each other a quick kiss, and the children didn’t even blink. I assume (hope!) they were joking, but I had to quickly walk to the back to keep from bursting into laughter right in front of them.)

His Hot Head Is Adding To The Heat  

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(Our thermostat is not controlled in our store. A computer system in a different state is where the controls are located to prevent employees from messing with it. The only thing we can turn on and off are the ceiling fans. One day it is ridiculously cold both outside and inside the store.)

Angry Customer: “This is ridiculous! You must not want to be here this morning if you’re turning on the cold air when it’s forty degrees outside!”

Me: “I know it’s pretty cold out there, but unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the air inside right now. My manager already made a call in to get the heat turned on, but it could take several hours for it to get switched over since the controls are in a different state.”

Angry Customer: “That’s bulls***! I install air conditioning and you can’t install the system controls in a different state. You’re just a stupid little nobody so you make things up so you won’t get yelled at.”

Me: “If you’d like to file a complaint, sir, my manager is on the register to my left.”

(My manager goes over the same thing with the angry customer but he only gets more pissed off.)

Angry Customer: “You all must be stupid, then! I can’t believe they made someone as incompetent as you a manager if you don’t know how to work a f****** thermostat! I’ll just come back there and fix it myself!”

Manager: “Sir, if you attempt to get behind this counter I will have to call the police on you, and I’d like to remind you that they are just across the street so it won’t take long for them to get here. I’m sorry about the cold, but there is nothing more I can do at this time, and you do have a nice, thick jacket on that should be keeping you very warm.”

Angry Customer: “How dare you threaten me?! I want the number for your corporate office!”

(My manager writes a number down on a piece of paper and hands it to the angry man, who stands right in front of her and dials. That’s when I hear our store phone ringing.)

Manager: *to me* “Sorry, let me go back to the office and answer that.”

(She walks back to the office and from where I am standing, I can hear both sides of the conversation as the angry man yells at my manager and she proceeds to tell him the same thing we already told him twice. After a few minutes he hangs up and grumbles.)

Angry Customer: “I can’t believe this s***! That is the stupidest thing I ever heard!”

Manager: “Sorry, sir, I had a customer on the line. Did corporate resolve your issue?”

(The angry customer leaves, cursing under his breath.)

Me: “That… Did that just happen?”

Manager: “That was awesome! I knew he would fall for it!”

Me: “Are you allowed to do that?”

Manager: “Are you kidding? Corporate doesn’t have time to deal with grouchy guys screaming at them because of something that can’t be immediately fixed.”

(Just then, our cold air shut off and the heater kicked in.)

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Pissed Off That You’re Not

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(I tend to be very clumsy and take several falls a year that result in injuries where I can’t stand for long periods. My restaurant doesn’t have a problem with this and they usually put me in the back where I can use a chair and no customers can see me. Unfortunately, one morning, I have to sit on my stool at the front register where the customers can see me.)

Manager: “[Coworker] comes in at six so I can move you then. I will get your drinks and food so you don’t have to get up.”

Me: “Thanks. We shouldn’t be too busy this early. I think we’ll manage.”

(The phone rings so he goes back to the office to answer it as a customer walks through the door.)

Me: “Good morning, sir! How can I help you this morning?”

Customer: “You want to know how you can help me? You can get off your fat a** and get me some coffee! I can’t believe they are letting you be so lazy.”

Me: “I can certainly get you some coffee, sir. Will that be the medium size today?”

Customer: “No! I want the large. And fill it to the brim!”

Me: “Of course, sir. Would you like your coffee black?”

Customer: “Six creams. On the side! And two sugars in the cup.”

Me: “Certainly, sir. It will be [total].”

(I take the customer’s money but my manager has not yet returned.)

Me: “[Manager]! Could I have some help, please?”

Customer: “Oh, for God’s sake! You’re what’s wrong with the world today! People like you, lazy and always getting other people to do everything for you. Why did they ever hire some stupid kid like you?”

Me: “Oh, I don’t know, it could have to do with the fact I have been working here for three years and have an outstanding performance record despite the fact I am terribly clumsy and often injure myself. Or maybe it’s because I am always in a good mood no matter what and I am very good at handling some of our more unruly customers.”

Customer: “What did you just call me, you little brat?!”

Me: “Sir, I am truly hurt that you would think I was referring to you! I can completely understand your attitude, as I have yet to bring you your coffee. However, as much as I would like to get your coffee for you and wish you a happier morning, I cannot walk on my knee at the moment. Hence the chair.”

Manager: “I’m sorry that took forever. Good morning, sir! Have you been helped?”

Customer: “No! I have not!”

Me: “This gentleman paid for a large coffee filled to the brim with two sugars in the cup and six creams on the side.”

(My manager makes it quickly and the customer curses and mumbles about me the whole time.)

Me: “Have a great day, sir!”

Customer: “Go to h***!”

Manager: “What did you do?”

Me: “I remained calm and very polite while he tried to berate me… I think it pissed him off!”

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