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(I work drive thru during the night shift at a fairly busy fast food chain. At 10pm our dinning room closes and drive thru is open until 12am)

*Drive thru beeps around 11:55pm*

Me: Thank you for choosing (name of place) my name is (my name) how may I help you?

Customer: *with attitude* can you just hold on one moment?

Me: Yeah! Just let me know whenever you’re ready

*two minutes pass*

Me: Can I help you find anything?

Customer: I’m ready I’ve just been waiting on you

Me: Oh, my apologies. Go ahead

*customer then orders three sandwiches, four free water cups and pulls away before I can give him his total*

Me: *opens window* that will be $6.87

Customer: NO! I asked for FREE water. F R E E

Me: yes and you were not charged for the water, the food cost $6.87

Customer: why does it cost so much then?

(at this point my manger is standing near me prepping to close and doing his counts)

Me: the sandwiches are $2.29 and you ordered three, correct?

Customer: NO NO NO! The menu said $1.99!

Me: Yes, thats the price without cheese, you wanted to add cheese which is thirty cents per sandwich.

Customer: Whatever I’ll pay for the stupid cheese

(At this point I’m thinking “well yeah, you want cheese you have to pay for it? Thats how it works” but I just cash him out with a smile and hand him his food. At this point it is 12am and we are closed)

(Not even five minutes later the drive thru beeps)

Me: I’m sorry, we are now closed and can no longer serv-


(My manager then takes over the drive thru headset)

Manger: How can I help you?

Customer: That B*TCH forgot my fries and cookies

(Manger pulls up the order on the screen)

Manager: Sir, you were not charged for fries or cookies. Just three sandwiches

Customer: I demand to have my fries and cookies!

Manager: Since you were not charged and since we are now closed, I can not give you either of those items

Customer: Well f*ck you and that dumb b*tch. I want my food. I WILL be back *he then drives away from the speaker*

(I walk to the back to put away my headset and when I went back to the front I caught the guy taking apart his food and throwing it at the window. At that point all I could do was lock the window and laugh)

Lunch Breaks Are Sadly No Longer Considered Essential

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My mom’s friend’s daughter works at a regional hamburger and ice cream chain store that also has a small retail area that sells basic groceries. This chain does not have a break room for the employees, so they are expected to eat on their breaks in the main dining room.

During the recent outbreak, the dining room is closed, but the drive-thru and the grocery section are still open. A customer comes in and sees her eating in the dining room.

Customer: “I thought the dining room was closed! Why is she in there?!”

Manager: “She works here. She’s just taking a break.”

The customer then threw a fit and called the county health agency. She made such a stink that the managers from then on were forced to make the employees take their lunch break in their cars.

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She Put A Hit On You

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I walk into a fast-food restaurant. There are two cashiers at the registers, a big open space on this side, and then two ladies, both standing well back from the counter over by the pick-up area. I head up to one of the open registers. As I approach, one of the ladies suddenly calls out.

Lady: “We were here first!”

I glance over and then just nod.

Me: “Okay.”

I then turn back and finish walking up to the register.

Worker: “Hi. What can I get for you?”

Me: “I’d like to get—”

A hand clamps down on my shoulder and tries to turn me around.

Lady: “You aren’t—”

Without looking at her, I slap her hand off my shoulder, hard. She shrieks and takes a few steps back, before she starts to shout.


The cashier in front of me looks rather uncomfortable, while the other cashier just looks annoyed.

Me: “I’d like [combo].”

The cashier types it in and takes my money, all while this lady is still standing there, screeching, “HE HIT ME!” I get my receipt, go fill up my cup, and then go back up when my order is called to see the lady still standing there yelling, at a manager now, while the other lady hasn’t moved from where they were originally standing.


The manager didn’t do anything as I collected my food. I went to sit down and eat it. I didn’t hurry, but I didn’t take too long, either. When I finished, the lady was still there shouting at an entirely different worker as I walked out the door.

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Message Clearly Receipted!

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I work at an ice cream store. The two main options of paying are cash and credit/debit card. The way our card scanner works is the employee takes the customer’s card, scans it, checks to see if the last four numbers on the card match the numbers on the screen, punch in the price of the yogurt, and print a merchant’s copy of the receipt.

We are required to ask if the customer wants a receipt, as well, due to the screen asking if the customer wants one. Most people generally don’t, so we just hit the “no” button and move on. This takes place after a grandma makes a credit card transaction.

Me: “All right, ma’am, would you like a receipt?”

Grandma: “What?”

I speak a little louder, thinking she can’t hear me due to the other customers.

Me: “I said, ‘Would you like a receipt?’”

Grandma: “Yes! Of course, I would! What a ridiculous question! Why would you even ask such a thing? You got me all confused at first by asking me! I always get a receipt, everywhere I go, and I don’t even have to ask for one! Don’t ever ask me such a confusing question ever again!”

Me: “Okay, ma’am, sorry to confuse you. Here’s your receipt.”

Grandma: “Humph!”

She snatched her receipt from me and stormed out.

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Let’s Talk Turkey, People

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I live in a French part of Canada, but I studied the language with a teacher from France, so my foreign accent does not always make sense for them. I’m hungry, and I go to this fast food chain to order a sandwich. All this conversation goes on in French.

Me: “Hi, I’d like a grilled cheese with turkey.”

Cashier: “A grilled cheese with what?”

She doesn’t understand the French word for turkey, “Dinde,” which I pronounce “Dand,” and I later learn that she expects “Deind.”

Me: “Turkey.”

Cashier: “Sorry, sir, a grilled sandwich with what?”

Me: “Turkey.”

Cashier: “I don’t understand.”

Me: “You have grilled cheese with two options, correct? One is with bacon, and the other one is…?”

Cashier: “…?”

Me: “Okay, it’s a big bird like this, and we eat it during Christmas.”

The cashier pauses, imagining who would eat a big bird during Christmas.

Cashier: “I’ll call my supervisor; hang on.”

Superior: “What do you want, sir?”

Me: “I want a grilled cheese with turkey.”

The superior thinks for an uncomfortably long time.

Superior: Ohhh! Turkey! He wants turkey!”

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