Can’t Pound An Ounce Of Brains Into Their Heads

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I’ve already ordered and am waiting for my food when I overhear employees talking.

Employee #1: “How many pounds are in a gallon?”

Employee #2: “I don’t know. Can’t you Google it?”

Employee #1: “My phone is dead. There are sixteen ounces in a pound, right? How many ounces are in a gallon?”

Employee #2: *Checks his phone* “128.”

Employee #1: “So, there are eight pounds in a gallon, right?”

Me: *Internal screaming*

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(I work at a fast food restaurant that has survey coupons for a free [largest size] drink on the receipts, so this happens quite a bit. I’m a cook, but I take orders on the speaker if the people working up front need me to. Also we can’t input that you have a coupon until we ring up your items.)

Me: “Welcome to [Restaurant] in [City], this is [Name}, how can I help you?
Customer: “I have a coupon for a free [largest size] drink.
*5 seconds pass*
Me; *sigh* “What drink would you like?”

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What’s My Trash is Your Trash

(When I work at the shop, there is always at least one person who gives me their trash, despite there being two large trash cans on either side of where they are standing and one small bin on the counter for straw sleeves;)

One scenario:

Me: (Hands a lady her drink) Thank you, have a great day!

(Lady proceeds to rip open a new straw from its sleeve and stuff it into my tip jar.)

Another scenario:

Man: I want [drink] in a medium, please.

Me: Alright, that’s going to be-

Man: Can you please throw this away? (Holds a wad of dirty tissues.)

Last scenario:

(I just finish handing a large family with children from the ages 5-18 their drinks.)

Family: (Opens up straws, ripping the sleeves into tiny bits and leaving them on the counter.)

Me: …

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I work at Burger King and we currently have a deal where you get 2 Whopper meals for $10. Knowing some customers say they want two of the deals but only want the two meals not four, I always clarify. But then this happens.

Customer: I want two of the 2 for $10 deal you have going on.

Me: Ok so then you wanted 4 meals total, correct?

Customer: Yes.

After handing her the cups for all four meals, she tells me she only wanted two meals. I had to have my manager issue her a refund in the middle of lunch rush.

Moral of the story, make sure you’re listening to the person who is taking your order.

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(I work at a burger joint inside a mall, and overheard a customer tell this to a coworker)

Customer: “I can’t have any tomatoes on my burger, I’m severely allergic. Can I also have extra ketchup on that?”