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I worked nights during the week and long day shifts on the weekends at a popular burger place, known for their thick burgers. I have been on the clock for two hours when I hear yelling. It’s slow so I had to the back where the manager is yelling at the cooks. It turns out the young fools were bored and decided to play with the hose. They not only broke the sprayer but have torn the hose apart.

Just standing there looking at this fifteen-foot hose, I prayed I wouldn’t need it to clean the bathrooms. The connection to the sprayer was just hanging like a slinky and the sprayer was broken in two. One cook had the hose with the slinky, while the other cook had the handle part of the sprayer in his hand. Both boys were standing there soaked. The back half of the restaurant was soaked. Guess who had to clean up the dry stock and floors, ME. The fools had to clean the kitchen and freezer, it was right next door to where the hook up for the hose was located.

So the night continues, though the two bone heads now try to joke with me about cleaning the bathrooms, which I am dreading. I check the bathrooms. Woman’s is good, just some wiping down and sweeping but the men’s. There is one stall in there… just one… the rest is urinals. Will at some point a cherry bomb or a firecracker had been put in the toilet when it was full of SHIT. I just could not see someone pooping all over that stall because the ceiling and top part was also covered. This stall was ceiling to floor enclosed so a very small space with poop on every surface. Plus it was the farthest room from the front. I really needed that hose. Oh did I forget to say it was all dry and smelled.

No one complained about it and I had no clue when it happened. So I turned around walked right past the fools, who were snickering and right to the manager. I just told her to check out the men’s. She looked at me then the fools and went to see why I was near tears. I really was because I had no clue how to clean it or if I had time. Before she even returned I decided I wasn’t going to. The fools were back joking me and saying how I would be here all night. When did they learn I can’t say I just had a sinking feeling they had a hand in it.

My manager that night was the best, also she was pregnant. When she came back she was pissed. I mean fuming. She just watched them act a fool as she reached over to grab the buckets and brushes we kept near the hose before whistling.

“Since you think it is so funny, why don’t you go look yourself!” She said to them very calmly. They turned toward the kitchen to get back to work only for her to step in their paths. “Oh no. Since you boys broke the hose you are cleaning the men’s bathroom. Like you told (my name) it will take all night.” At that she thrusted the buckets and brushes into their hands and escorted them to the men’s. Her last parting words before turning the corner, “Start with the ceiling as that shit is going to be the hardest place to clean!”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. The cooks never cleaned the bathrooms because they had to stay with the food. As will as the cross contamination that could occur.

That night I learned how to make food and that my manager was a firm believer in Karma. They stayed in the bathrooms for the rest of the night. As I was leaving they were outside the men’s gagging and one of them had a streak down his back. His friend was trying to wipe it off with toilet paper. It was hilarious.

They never joked me about cleaning or ever touched the hose again. I stayed for another few years before I found a better job.

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Me – Hi there, can I help
The customer wasn’t from the country but had a good grasp of English, however he seemed pretty drunk.
Customer – Give me [Sandwich]
Other guy on shift takes over making said sandwich
Employee – Any salad?
Customer – Lettuce *mumbles something*
Employee – What was that sir? I couldn’t quite hear you
Customer – Lettuce, no look. Pepper, no look.
Employee – You don’t want me to look at you? (incredibly confused)
Customer – No look *said in an angry way*
Employee – If you’re going to keep being rude, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.
Customer – *Blows raspberry, sticks middle fingers up* FUCK YOU THEN *leaves shop*

One Born Every Hour

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(While we are usually a 24-hour store, for the past two days, from between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am, we have been closed due to renovations. This has been advertised on our social media page, as well as on large signs posted around both the store entrance and the drive-thru for the past week. These sorts of things have been happening several times an hour, despite stacking milk crates four-high — average person height — across the drive-thru, all the outside lights being off, and tradies almost constantly bringing large tools and material in and out of the store. First story:)

Me: *opens the locked door to let tradies in*

Customer #1: *following behind tradies* “Are you open?”

Me: *repeating line I’ve been saying all night* “Unfortunately, no, we’re closed until 6:00 am due to renovations.”

Customer #1: *trying to push her way in* “But you’re a 24-hour store!”

Me: “As I said, we’re currently closed until 6:00 am for renovations. However, since it’s only 9:00 pm, our other locations are still open.”

Customer #1: “But you’re 24 hours!”

Me: “All our equipment is taken apart for the renovation, and there are no registers open for you to buy anything; it’s impossible to make your food and there is literally no way for you to pay for it. Please, try one of our other locations on [Main Street]; it’s only a few minutes away.”

(She finally takes the hint and leaves. Second story:)

Customer #2: *drives straight through milk crates blocking the darkened drive-thru and screams into the ordering box* “WHY THE H*** ARE THERE CRATES IN YOUR DRIVE-THRU?!”

Manager: *through the headset, which he is only wearing for this exact reason* “We are closed until 6:00 am. Please drive through.”

Customer #2: *yelling* “This is bulls***! There aren’t any signs!”

(There are several signs around the customer. One is even taped to the order box in front of her.)

Manager: *visibly restraining himself from sighing in frustration* “There are several signs around you, including those on the milk crates you drove through.”

Customer #2: *still yelling* “How the h*** was I supposed to know?!” *reverses, knocking over more crates, and almost damaging our brand-new menu boards, before taking off over the speed limit*

They Don’t Want Any Given Sundae

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(I work in a fast food restaurant where we also serve ice cream. One day I am wearing a headset so I can hear the orders from the drive-thru to the kitchen when I hear this gem of a lady.)

Lady: “I would like an ice cream cone, but in a dish with chocolate syrup on it.”

Coworker: “I think you mean a chocolate sundae, ma’am. I will gladly make you that.”

Lady: “No! I want an ice cream cone in a dish with chocolate syrup on it!”

Coworker: *rolls her eyes* “Okay, ma’am, I will make you that exactly!”

Tonight Takes The Taco

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(I’m a manager at a very popular taco fast food place. Like most late night managers and other employees, we get our share of crazy. The phone is ringing.)

Me: “Hi, thanks for calling [Taco Place]. This is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Caller: “Yes, do you deliver?”

Me: “No.”

Caller: “Do you sell burgers?”

Me: “No. You called [Taco Place].”

Caller: “Can you put hot dogs in a burrito?”

Me: “No.”

Caller: “What if I bring my own? Will you do it then?”

Me: “No, it’s cross contamination. Plus, I can not bring anything from over the counter back to the cooks.”

Caller: “Well… what if I threw s*** at you for not accommodating your customers?”

Me: *face-palm* “I have cameras everywhere. You will be caught and the police will be called.”

Caller: “You don’t know who I am or where I am.”

Me: “We have caller ID if that’s what you’re getting at.”

(Clearly, this caller has lost their marbles.)

Caller: “I will get you fired for not doing your job!”

Me: “My job is to make burritos and tacos. You called [Taco Place]. I am doing my job. You’re wasting your time. Now, if there isn’t anything else I can get you or help you with, have a good night.”

Caller: *hangs up*

(I will never understand customers and their sticks up their butts.)

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