Fries Are Too Fresh And Other Ridiculous Complaints

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I work in a popular fast food restaurant that is especially famous for its curly fries, which we try to keep as fresh as possible. We only let the unsold fries sit under a warmer for seven minutes before we throw them out and cook new ones. Needless to say, not many people can complain about getting old fries.

One day, this old lady comes up to the counter and slams her tray down while glaring at me. I ask her what the problem is, and she responds with, “These fries are too fresh! They are too crunchy for me to eat, so now I’m going to have to wait at least an hour so they are soft enough to eat! This is all your fault!”

I just stand there speechless as she walks away with her tray. True to her word, she proceeds to sit in the restaurant for over an hour before asking for a to-go bag and smugly taking her cold fries home to eat.

A Customer Experience To Shake You

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My first job was at a local fast food joint famous for its hand-scooped shakes. Out of everything on our menu, it was one of the more expensive items.

One day when I was fresh out of training, my manager was standing next to me when a male customer came in. He ordered food and a shake and was entirely normal up until I handed him back his card. That’s when he suddenly narrowed his eyes at me, pointed, and said, “You no make shake,” before walking away.

I looked at my manager, confused. She rolled her eyes and told me to make it, anyway, because she was busy. I went behind the counter out of sight and made it for him, all while he kept trying to peek around the counter.

I handed him his shake with a smile and he stared at it, then at me, and then slowly, without making eye contact, backed halfway across the room to a trash can, lifted one eyebrow pointedly at me, and dropped the shake into the trash before leaving… without the rest of his food.

My manager and I just stood there staring, dumbstruck, at the guy, before my manager shrugged. “Oh, well. His $5.”

We never saw him again, and it wasn’t my worst tale at that horrible store, but it was definitely the weirdest!

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(this happened while im eating at a local fast food i used to work at)

customer: this burger isnt cooked at all i want it remade.

manager: sorry about that sir we will get a fresh one made right away, it will be about 5-7 minutes.

the customer, after about 2 minutes returns to counter claiming it is taking too long for his food to be made. and demands a refund. the manager obliges and gives him his money back.
the customer, now getting louder and more rude, demands that another apoligy is due.  the manager states that he already apoligized and tried remaking the meal, and while that wasnt good enough for said customer, refunded his money and didnt feel another apoligy was needed.  the customer grabs his soda and storms out, but not before he runs right into a full glass window, causing his soda to explode all over his face and clothes, he drops the soda and storms out the correct door, needless to say the hole store cracked up and karma worked rather quickly that day

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(I work as a hostess but sometimes I feel it’s more of a fancy term for busboy. Please note I’ve short hair but a very big chest and from the back I look like a man)

Me:*wiping down bench*

Old lady:*coming up behind me and speaks to small child* oh we’ll sit here after the young man is done wiping it down.

Me:*straightens out and stares down the old lady* excuse me?

Old lady: oh you are a girl? Next time put earrings in so my granddaughter doesn’t get confused.

(This is not the first time I’ve been confused for a male. Pretty sure it won’t be the last)

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My coworker and I are closing at a well-known sandwich shop. It’s a little after 10pm, so we’re cleaning but still open. An older lady comes through the drive thru.

Customer: Hello? Can you tell me if [cafe next to us] is still open?
Coworker: I’m fairly sure they’re closed, ma’am. We’re open and can get you something, though.
Customer: What about [fast food place]? Are they still open?
Coworker: I think so.
Customer: How do I get there?

And that’s how we ended up giving a customer directions to our competitor!

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