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(We don’t start serving lunch until 10, this takes place aroung 8:30-9)
Customer: Do you have a senior double cheese burger?
Me: No ma’am, we only have senior drinks here.
Customer: Okay, do you have a senior menu?
Me: No ma’am we only have senior drinks here.
Customer: Okay, are you serving cheeseburgers now?
Me: no, we don’t start serving lunch until 10
Customer: Okay thanks……. NOT

You Need To Have A Hard-Shell To Deal With These Customers

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(I am second in line for a counter service that sells both Mexican and American food. The customer in front of me walks up and begins making their order.)

Customer: “What is in the soft-shell beef taco?”

Cashier: “A flour shell, beef, lettuce, tomato, and cheese.”

Customer: “What is in the soft-shell chicken taco?”

Cashier: “A flour shell, chicken, lettuce, tomato, and cheese.”

Customer: “What is in the hard-shell beef taco?”

(This goes on as the customer asks the ingredients of every item on the menu top to bottom, left to right — tacos, burritos, burgers, sandwiches, salads, everything. He finally gets through the whole list. There is now a rather long line of people waiting.)

Cashier: “Have you made up your mind?”

Customer: “I’ll have a small French fry, please.”

(I can see the cashier is starting to lose their cool but is keeping it together.)

Cashier: “Anything else?”

Customer: “No, just the fries.”

(The customer happily paid and went to the end of the counter to wait for their food while close to twenty people stared in either amazement or downright hatred. The customer was blissfully ignorant and had a joyous calm that would have made a zen-master proud.)

More Than A Nugget Of Entitlement

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(I am in line at a popular fast food restaurant drive-thru when this occurs. The woman driving the SUV in front of me places her order.)

Customer: “[Several value meals plus drinks], and one chicken nugget.”

Employee: “And what size chicken nuggets meal would you like?”

Customer: “Not a meal. Just one chicken nugget.”

Employee: “Okay, no meal, but what size? They come in orders of five, ten, and twenty nuggets.”

Customer: “I only want one nugget.”

Employee: “Please pull forward.”

(After pulling to the window…)

Employee: “I’m sorry, ma’am, we only sell nuggets in five, ten, or twenty sizes.”

Customer: “This is ridiculous! I demand to speak to a manager.”

(When the manager tells her the same thing, this angry woman spends the next five minutes giving him an earful because he will not sell her a single chicken nugget, before paying for the rest of her order and driving off in a huff.)

Me: *after pulling up to the window* “Did she really just scream at you for five minutes because she wanted one single nugget instead of paying $1.50 for five?”

Manager: “Yes, she did.”

Me: “Did you see she was driving a Cadillac Escalade?”

Bear-ly Understand You

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(I’m working as a cashier at a fast food place.)

Me: “What would you like today?”

Customer: “Bear.”

Me: “I’m sorry, what?”

Customer: “Bear!”

Me: “A hamburger?”

Customer: “Bear, I want the bear!”

(He is looking behind me at the menu sign, so I turn around and follow his gaze, trying to figure out what he means. Nothing could be construed as being “bear.” I grab the large-text paper version of the menu we have and hand it to him.)

Me: “Can you point out what you want to eat?”

(The man shoves the menu back at me, angry.)

Customer: “I want the bear!”

Me: “I really don’t know what you mean, I’m sorry.”

(He storms across the lobby finally, pointing at the display case where we show off the toys that are in the children’s meals. One is a cartoon character who sort of looks bear-like.)

Me: “Oh, you want the children’s menu with a toy?”

Customer: “Yes!”

(He gave me the rest of his order, and I realized he was with a family that was already seated.)

Fast Food Customers Pulling A Leroy Jenkins

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(I work the night shift at a  fast food place from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. Needless to say, we get many strange or unusual customers, which I usually have to deal with due to working the front.)

Group Of Drunk Customers I See A Lot: *sees me* “AYYYYY! LEROY!”

(Leroy isn’t my name.)

Me: *grinning* “Hello!”

(That group proceeds to call me Leroy whenever I walk by or am just bagging orders.)

Drunk Girl: “Hey, [My Name]! What are you doing tonight?” *to her equally drunk friend* “If I show off my boobs will I get faster service?”

Me: *thinking the answer is obvious*

Drunk Girl: *in my direction, honestly I have no clue if she’s asking me* “If I sucked a d**k would I get faster service?”

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