A Supersized Delayed Realization

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(I’m the dumb customer in this story. It’s 2015 and I order a combo meal at a fast food restaurant known for “supersizing” its meals; it’s such a part of this restaurant’s identity that a documentary was once made that incorporates this phrase in the title. I eat here occasionally, and though I’ve never before asked to have my combo supersized, I’m especially craving a lot of nice salty fries on this day, so I go for it.)

Me: “A number one combo, no pickles, please.”

Cashier: “What size?”

Me: “Supersized, please.”

Cashier: “Large?”

Me: “No, supersized.”

Cashier: “You mean large?”

Me: “Uh, supersized, please. The largest.”

Cashier: “Oh, a large, then.”

Me: *rather puzzled at the resistance to what I think is a pretty easy and common request* “Can’t you supersize it?”

Cashier: “Uh, no. I don’t think we don’t do that, anymore. Large is the largest size.”

Me: “Ohhhhkaaaay…”

(After lunch, I looked it up online and found that this fast food chain phased out its supersized option to much fanfare in 2004 — 11 YEARS AGO. I somehow went a decade without ever noticing this.)


Caring Is Blaring

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(I am a manager in a fast food restaurant in an area with a lot of drug use. It isn’t uncommon to have to deal with someone who is a little strung out. I’m in the kitchen helping my cook with orders when I hear a customer come in sounding very upset while talking to one of my cashiers. Thinking I’m going to have to deal with an irate customer, I tell my cook I’ll be right back, then head up front.)

Customer: “I want a big burger. But I don’t want to pay that. Where I come from, it’s only $1. Ring it up! But I don’t want to pay that. I said ring it up! But look, you just rang it up. I only wanted ketchup and pickle. You didn’t let me say that. But you don’t care. YOU DON’T CARE! You know what? I don’t care, either.”

(The customer then slams out the front door and is gone before I can get to the front. His entire tirade took maybe 45 seconds.)

Me: “What was that all about?”

Cashier #1: “I don’t even know.”

Cashier #2: “He came up and was already upset.”

Cashier #1: “He just started yelling.”

Cashier #2: “I think he was on something. He was going on about how he didn’t want to pay for the burger, but wanted her to ring it up and when she did, he got mad because he only wanted ketchup and pickle.”

Cashier #1: *picks up the sleeve of cups she was working on stocking when the customer came in, and starts walking away* “But at least he was right about one thing. I don’t care.”

Having The Conman Outnumbered

, , , | Right | March 1, 2018

I was a cashier at a popular fast food chain, in the days before automated registers.

I was also a math nerd, who could do most of the totals and tax in my head and could shake a handful of coins and give an accurate total.

One day, a guy comes in, gives a fairly complicated order, and pays with a $20. Then, after he gets his change, he asks to exchange some of it for other bills and starts a long back-and-forth about the original bill and the exchanges.

I am keeping close track, but feel something is off. His order comes up, then he gives me a funny look and leaves.

I call a manager, asking for a drawer count, because I think I might have just been short-changed.

Turns out I am $5 up.

The manager compliments me on not only making it through a very expert short-change con, but coming out ahead. That explains the odd look from the con artist.

Eventually Sweet About It

, , , , , | Right | February 26, 2018

(I work in a very popular fast food chain. The following happens a few minutes before we close at midnight.)

Me: “May I help who’s next in line please?”

Customer: *comes up with a smile* “I just need a sweet tea. No sugar.”

Me: “All right, one unsweetened tea.”

Customer: “No… I said a sweet tea. No sugar.”

Me: “Uh, okay. So, an unsweetened tea. That’ll be—”

Customer: “NO! I want a SWEET TEA. NO SUGAR!”

(I stare at her a second, then to both the tanks containing the iced teas. She is getting angry and impatient. The few other customers in line are laughing quietly.)

Me: “Ma’am… I… I don’t…”

(It suddenly hits her and she literally face-palms.)

Customer: *quietly* “I need a sweet tea. No ice.”

Me: “Okay. That I can do!”

(I get her drink and she pays.)

Customer: “It’s been a long night.”

Me: “Same here. Have a good one!”

Pay It Forward Doesn’t Go Back Very Far

, , , , | Working | February 26, 2018

(I’m going through the drive-thru of a fast food chain. I am driving, and my daughter is sitting directly behind me. We order our food, and when pulling up to pay, I decide to be nice and pay for the food for the car behind me.)

Me: *at window* “Hi. I’d like to pay for the person behind me, please.”

Cashier: “The person behind you?”

Me: “Yes, please. Can I do that?”

Cashier: “Sure? That’s [original total].”

Me: “That’s for my food. What about the car behind me?”

Cashier: “The car behind you? OH! I thought you meant the person sitting behind you. You wanted to pay for her food.”

(Yes, cashier guy. I’m a horrible person and making my daughter buy her own food.)

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