I’m Not Serving Myself Up On A Tray For You

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(I’m seventeen, working my first job as a cashier at a fast food joint. We have a soda fountain located behind the counter, but customers are allowed free refills within reason. The cashiers are required to clean off the trays. A customer in his 30s and his friend have been in the restaurant for nearly an hour, ordered one soda, and have been getting constant refills, but no one else is here and it’s hot as balls, so I’m letting it slide. They are loud and rowdy, but again, no one else is here, so whatever. I am wiping down a stack of trays at the counter.)

Customer: *ambling over* “Hey, so, what do you do here all day?”

(I get the feeling I’m being hit on by this older man.)

Me: “I serve the customers and clean up, sir.”

(I smile and indicate the trays. He continues chatting and leaning into my space as I work, but I’m young and shy, so I say nothing and give noncommittal hums to his questions. I finally finish drying off my 40+ trays and smile politely.)

Me: “Sorry, I have other chores to get to. Just call if you need a refill and someone will be out to help you, okay?”

(In response, the guy pretends to stretch and carefully shoves my stack of trays, and all of them clatter to the dirty floor. He leans back over the counter and smiles smugly as I step back in shock. His friend howls in laughter.)

Customer: “Can I get a refill?”

Me: *discovering that I’m not THAT shy* “You don’t deserve one! Get out of my store!”

(They call me a b**** and leave. My supervisor — an angry, sixty-year-old feminist with butch tendencies — hears the noise, comes to investigate, and after hearing the story, pats me on the shoulder.)

Supervisor: “Next time an a**hole tries that s*** with you, just shout for me or something. See him try it on me.”

(I did indeed call on her once or twice, and surprisingly, the same men were much less likely to hang around the counter after she took over my position.)

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Cheese Displease

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(The order is three crunchy tacos, extra cheese. Admittedly, we are told to put the smallest amount of cheese possible on the taco at any time, and extra cheese basically just means double of almost nothing, but I’m a nice guy, so I put a good amount on there — more than my managers would like. I wrap up the tacos and put them in the bag, go up to the counter, and hand it out. The woman is standing right there at the front, staring at me.)

Customer: “Can I get some extra cheese?”

Me: “I put it on the tacos for you already.”

Customer: “No, you didn’t. I was watching you. There’s barely any cheese on them. I paid for extra.”

Me: *smile froze on my face* “I put the extra cheese on the tacos already. I’m sorry if you couldn’t see that from there.”

Customer: *sighs and says, like she’s doing me a favor* “Fine, can I just have some extra cheese on the side?”

Me: “Sure.” *smiled wider* “If you’ll just go over the registers, one side of extra cheese is thirty cents.”

(She swore at me and left.)

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(I recently started back at the place I used to work, and money’s been tight for a while. Because of when I was hired back in and how they only pay every other week, I don’t get a paycheck for three weeks. My parents have been letting me live with them for a while but they’re not doing well financially, either. I’m on the front register towards the end of a 9 hour shift when a man comes in with his wife and daughter. They’re the only customers in the lobby after a huge rush that left me exhausted, so I tend to them and then get ready to go out and start cleaning the lobby. This happens as I’m wiping down the tables.)

Man: Excuse me, miss?

Me: Yes?

Man: I just wanted to say thank you for cleaning up out here. Every time I come in there seems to be a mess on every table, and I really appreciate you taking the time to wipe it down for the customers.

Me: Oh, no problem. It’s my job.

Man: Yes, but you’re also very friendly and kind to your customers, which a lot of people aren’t. It’s nice to see for a change.

(He pulls out a $5 from his pocket and hands it to me)

Man: Now, I know it’s only $5, but I really do appreciate you doing your job. I know it’s hard because you’re understaffed and busy, so here. Keep it and keep smiling, hon.

(I was so choked up I could only smile and say thank you as I took it, but afterwards I went to the backroom to stop myself from crying. It may have been only $5, but it makes a difference when you’re basically living off spare change. That man didn’t realize how much what he said and did meant, but I’ll always remember it. Thank you, random customer, for making my day.)

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Careful That You Don’t Catch WiFitis  

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About ten years ago, I was a starting manager at a popular fast food location on a Saturday and had to close for the night. I had some issues with an employee during the closing shift, but that’s not for today. When I was finished with all my duties, I tried to set the inner alarm one hour later at 3:15, but after a minute, it went off. So, I had to turn it off and answer the call from the security company, and I had to direct them to my supervisor for the secret question. This went on three times, and then it was escalated to the restaurant manager. He called me to let me know to not set the alarm for the inner area, as I locked the door and the alarm would be set for the outer area in about 30 minutes by the cleaning crew. 

Around 3:30, I wanted to go to my bike to head home. That’s when I noticed a car with a running engine, standing in the dark next to my bike. Because it’s considered a security risk — due to a possible robbery — it was procedure to stay inside and call the local police. They were on site with three cars within five minutes. They had one regular police van, a car with a spotlight and a camera, and a car with a dog handler. The officer on the phone asked me to stay inside and turn on the drive-thru microphone so the police on site could contact me without me getting in danger, and to stay away from the windows, so I did. 

On the cameras in the management office — in the inner alarm area — I saw an officer talk to somebody in the car, and after a while, a guy came out. The dog handler took his dog and let it search the car and the area around it. After a while, the officer came to the drive-thru microphone and began to speak to me. The guy was a businessman, and he was using our free WiFi to watch porn at night because the WiFi at the hotel was paid. 

Within a month, all restaurants had a feature installed that closed down the free WiFi an hour after their scheduled closing times.

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I work the graveyard at a fast food place. I’m wearing a headset for the drive thru when a car pulls up. I’m busy with something so I inform them I’ll be with them shortly. I can still however hear and see them on camera.

Passenger: Dude I really have to pee.
Driver: Just hop out and go.
Passenger: yea but like is there a camera here or anything.
Person in the back: I don’t think so
Me (over the headset): There is a camera there yes.
Driver: Oh my god you can still hear us?
Me: Yep