Trying To Stay Sane Involves Snacks

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My coworker is talking to someone in the drive-thru.

Customer: “I have a coupon for five [snacks] for $5. I only want one right now. I’ll get the rest later.”

Employee: “What do you mean by ‘later’?”

Customer: “I’ll just get one now, and then you can write on my coupon that I still get four more.”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but to use the coupon, you’ll need to buy all five at once.”

Customer: “But I only need one, and it says I can use it up to five times!”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but it actually says you can use the same coupon for five sets of five snacks, up to twenty-five in your order.”

Customer: “Well, that’s pretty ridiculous. Who would want twenty-five snacks at once? I’ll just have one. How much is that?”

Employee: “$1.50 plus tax, ma’am.”

Customer: “Do you have a senior discount?”

Employee: “We offer fifty-cent fountain drinks to seniors.”

Customer: “I don’t want a drink. Can’t you just take fifty cents off my total?”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we can’t do that.”

Customer: “Well… okay. You drive a hard bargain.”

Employee: “Your total is [total], and I’ll see you at the window. Thank you!”

Me: *To the employee* “What is your secret to staying sane? Meditation? Medication? Whatever it is, I need to try it.”

Thankfully, I was making the food and not serving it this day, so I didn’t have to deal with the customer face to face. I only heard the exchange through the drive-thru speaker.

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Customer: Let me get a burger with no steak. Just bread and lettuce

Coworker: Excuse me?

Customer: Ya, we have steak at home we just want bread and lettuce

My coworker gestures to the Manager to get on the line and since we are slow he does so immediately.

Coworker: Anything else?

Customer: Uh ya…we want a milkshake with no milk-

Coworker: Okay, I think you guys need to go to a different drive thru

Customer: But we at this drive-thru and we ain’t leaving

My coworker tries talking to them but I can hear through the head seat that the customer is talking to her. She eventually says goodnight and just lets the customer ramble.

Customer: We gonna stay here all night until we get out bread and lettuce and milkshake with no milk!

Manager (takes over): You can stay here all you want. Please pull up to the front so we can talk

Customer: You f*cking bitch, you eat a lot of dick

The customer drives off but we got their licence plate and reported them to the police for harassment and general mischief.

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(I work at a popular fast food restaurant, and a lady comes to my register and asks for 12 nuggets. I put through 2 six packs, as they only come in 6 or 10. A few minutes later, she comes back.)

Customer: Excuse me, I asked for 12 nuggets but you only gave me 6.

Me: Oh, there should be 12 in there, let me check.
(I look in the bag to see that there is in fact 12 nuggets, 2 packs of 6.)
Me: There’s 12 in here, see, 6 plus 6?
Customer: Oh. I wanted 12. Never mind. *walks away*

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(It’s about 1 am and my friends and I are pretty baked. Naturally, we get the munchies and decide to drive through a local 24-hour chain. I’m driving)

Cashier #1: Hello, welcome to [Major chain], can I take your order?

Me: Um…yeah…can I get…some…uh…tacos……uh…

(This goes on for another few minutes as I ask my friends what they want as well. Our total order ends up being quite large)

Cashier #1: That’ll be [total]. Please pull forward to the first window.

(I drive around a corner to get to the first window. Before I get there, I can see the cashier in the window with his hand up)

Cashier: Stop! Can you please back up?

(I back up slowly as he motions me with his hand until he motions to stop. We’ve backed up about 6 feet. My friends and I are all looking around and see no other cars and nothing else happening. We sit there for about 15 seconds)

Cashier #1: Ok, thanks, go ahead and pull forward.

(I give him my card and we pull forward to the next window, where we have to wait a second since our order is so large)

Cashier #2: Wow, you guys have got quite the order here.

Me: Yeah…uh…fourth meal, you know?

Cashier #2: Well, here you go, have a nice night!

(As soon as we clear the parking lot) Friend: WHAT THE F*** JUST HAPPENED?!

(We all burst into laughter. We’re pretty sure they were messing with us. To this day I have never again been asked to stop and back up as I’m making my way through a drive thru, even at 1 am.)

This Cashier’s A Little Wet Behind The Ears

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My fiancee and I are doing some shopping at a local mall, and before we head home, we decide to head through the drive-thru since I haven’t eaten all day. We come up to the menu board where I select a meal, and my fiancee opts for just a small cup of water.

Me: “I’ll have the number two meal, extra-large, with a Coke… and a small water.”

Cashier: “Uh…” *Long pause* “We don’t have small drinks. We only carry medium, large, and extra-large.”

I check the menu; their drink sizes DO only range from medium to extra-large. 

Me: “Okay, give me the smallest size you have.”

Cashier: “But we don’t have small… only medium.”

My fiancee is blinking audibly by this point. 

Fiancee: “They have three sizes. One of them has to be the smallest by default regardless of what they call it.”

Me: “Okay. Is the medium the smallest size you have available?”

Cashier: “Let me check.” *Long pause* “Yessss.”

Me: “Then give me the medium water.” 

Cashier: “Oh. Okay, please pull around.”

We got to the window, mildly confused. The window person handed us a medium cup of water… and not the rest of the meal that was ordered. We accepted it and opted not to point out that they had skipped the rest; they hadn’t charged us for the water or anything else. We decided not to confuse them anymore, and went somewhere else to get my food.

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