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(I work at a drive thru and a customer pulls up at the window without looking at the menu. By the way, I’m the manager.)

Me: Um, sir?

Customer: Give me a free burger. I’m the manager’s friend.

Me: Sorry, I can’t do that.

Customer: Fine, I’ll just go to another store and get a free burger.

(He pulls up again after about 45 minutes.)

Me: Where’s your free burger?

Customer: Can you just give me a burger please?….

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Where I work, the debit machine is broken and you can only swipe your card.  We tape off the slot where the cards would be inserted and write “no chips”. This does not stop anybody from furiously banging their cards into the tape and then looking up at me in confusion.   At least once a week somebody will pull the tape off, and stick their card in, even though the words ” no chips” are CLEARLY written on the tape.

Dreaming Of The Food

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(A woman has stood a little off the registers staring at the menu boards. We’ve just left her to decide, assuming she will step forward when she is ready. She finally does.)

Me: “Hi! What can I get you?”

Customer: “Where’s my food?”

Me: “Did you order already?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “What did you order?”

Customer: “Do I really have to say it again?!”

Me: “Sorry, it’s just that I have been here the entire time, and all you’ve done is stand there for ten minutes and then come to me.”

Customer: “Well, I’m not leaving without my food. I want it for free, as well. The service here stinks!”

(I call a manager and try to explain, but she persists that she did order and that I’m just being rude and lazy. The manager goes into the office just off to the side of the registers and checks the camera footage.)

Manager: “Sorry, I have just checked the last half hour. You came in, stood a metre back from where you are, and stared at the menu. That’s all you did. You haven’t ordered.”

(The woman’s eyes lose focus temporarily and then snap back.)

Customer: “Oh, I guess I was daydreaming.”

(She then left without another word.)

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This is a little story from the customer’s POV, well, from the daughter of the customer. My mother and I were at a popular fast-food joint going through the drive-through. We’d already paid, gotten change and were waiting for our food. After the employee hands over our bags of food and drink my mother says jokingly; “Normally I’d just drive away now!”

Employee at Window: *slightly worried* “And what are you planning on doing differently today, Ma’am?”

I was wondering the same thing as we drove away, both of us embarrassed at my mother’s little slip-up.

(She told me later that she’d thought she’d forgotten something at the time, but it came across as sounding very weird.)

A Little Nugget Of Information

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(Overheard between two employees at a popular fast food place:)

Employee: “[Coworker], can you stop eating the chicken nuggets long enough for me to fill this order?”

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