Sir, All Of Our Food Is Done Well!

, , , , | Right | March 18, 2021

I’m working in the drive-thru one morning at work, and a guest drives up. We recently stopped offering well-done items at the restaurant, which has caused some upset guests.

Me: “Welcome to [Restaurant]. What can I get for you?”

Angry Man: “I want a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, and I want it well-done! Last time it wasn’t well-done.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, we no longer offer well-done items on our menu.”

Angry Man: “Well, you did it before! I am the customer and I want it well-done!”

Me: “I do apologize, but—”

He drives off to the window. My coworker talks to him at the window.

Coworker: “Good morning!”

Angry Man: “I want my bacon well-done! Why aren’t you doing well-done anymore? I’ve always gotten it well-done here before.”

The man continues to shout, so my coworker grabs my manager to talk to him. She comes to the window and they have a heated discussion, which I don’t catch. I see my manager close the window and walk off.

Our kitchen manager, a tall man, comes up to the window to talk to the guest.

Kitchen Manager: “I understand that you ordered a bacon egg and cheese biscuit?”

The man starts yelling about well-done items and customer service, etc.

Angry Man: “And I’m never coming here again! This is f****** ridiculous!”

He follows this up with a string of expletives.

Kitchen Manager: “All right, sir. We have contacted the police and I need you to drive out of the line.”

My manager was actually on the phone with the police, since the man wouldn’t leave and was holding up the line. My kitchen manager finally got the man to drive off, never to return.

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Her Scam Is Small Fry

, , , | Right | March 16, 2021

My store gets its share of people trying to scam free stuff, but this one really takes the cake. 

Customer: “Hi! I’d like to get a small combo [number].”

The small combo comes with a sandwich, a side, and a drink.

Me: “Okay, and what side would you like?”

Customer: “I’d like medium fries.”

Me: “I’m sorry, did you want a small combo or a medium combo?”

Customer: “Small.”

Me: “Okay, then there will be an extra [price] to upgrade the fries to medium.”

Customer: “No. I want the small combo with medium fries and a medium drink.”

Me: “That would make it a medium combo.”

Customer: “No! I want the small combo!”

Me: *Fed up* “Ma’am, you are not going to get a medium combo at the price of a small.”

She opens her mouth to argue, but I just give her a flat, stern look, and she settles down, sulking.

Customer: “Fine. A medium combo.”

Seriously, we can’t just declare a medium to “actually” be small.

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I’m Sorry You’re So Stupid And Entitled?

, , , , | Right | March 13, 2021

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Restaurant]. Would you like to try our [#1 combo meal] today?”

Customer: “No, I want one of your [Breakfast Sandwiches from a more famous fast food place].”

Me: “I’m sorry, we actually don’t serve any breakfast items here.”

Customer: “I got one here last week.”

We have NEVER served breakfast. Ever.

Customer: “Are you telling me I can’t have [Sandwich]?”

Me: “Sir, that’s [Restaurant #2], not us.”

Customer: “Well, say you’re sorry and I’ll leave.”

Me: “…”

Customer: “You’re not gonna say it, are you?”

Me: *Incredulous*

Manager: “Say you’re sorry!”

Me: “I’m sorry.”

I am still angry about having to apologize for someone being stupid enough not to realize we were not the correct restaurant. How is it my fault you can’t recognize a completely different logo, even if you can’t read?

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A Price Worth Paying To Get Her Banned

, , , | Right | March 13, 2021

My first customer of the day orders two large #1 combos.

Customer: “Oh, and I talked to a manager and should be getting them free.”

Me: “Oh? Why is that, ma’am?”

Customer: “I ordered them last night and got chicken sandwiches instead of my burgers, but no one answered when I called the last night and the cashier was rude!”

We “replaced” the order and she drove off. The manager on duty and I got to talking because we recognized this as being a lady who had gotten plenty of free and replacement orders as well as refunds in the past. I went to look up the orders for the previous night for a ninety-minute window on each side of the time she said she called and found no orders matching the one we replaced.

Fast forward three hours: the woman returned with her food almost completely gone with only half a sandwich left in the bag. She insisted on getting a refund for both meals and I let our head manager know she hadn’t even paid for them.

The head manager took ten dollars — the cost of two of the sandwiches — out of my register anyway and gave it to the woman. She then let the scammer know that she was no longer welcome back to the restaurant.

I’m glad she has finally been banned. But I am also very frustrated that not only did she get a completely free meal, but she also got ten dollars she never even spent to begin with.

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No Coupon For You!

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There’s a franchise location of a very popular fast food restaurant in my hometown. I go to this restaurant a lot, and one day, there’s a coupon flyer in my to-go bag. The next time I go to the restaurant, I try to use one of the coupons from the flyer.

Cashier: “We can’t take your coupon. I’m sorry.”

Me: “Why not?”

Cashier: “This location isn’t accepting the flyers. If you look at the coupon, it says, ‘Valid at Participating Locations,’ and we’re not a participating location for that flyer.”

Me: “But I got the flyer here, at this location. Wouldn’t that make you a participating location?”

Cashier: “Um… well… it was the owner’s decision, so I don’t know.”

Me: “Is there a manager I can talk to?”

The cashier shouts for the manager, and he comes out from the kitchen.

Manager: “What’s going on up here?”

Me: “I got this flyer at this location, but your cashier is trying to say that you don’t accept the coupons here. I realize that the flyers are only valid at participating locations, but if you’re giving the flyers out, doesn’t that make you a participating location?”

Manager: “Our owner decided that we were losing too much money because everybody was getting discounts from the flyer, so he decided not to honor the flyer.”

I walked out of the restaurant without ordering and decided to call the restaurant’s corporate customer service line. Corporate was not happy hearing that this location was giving out a flyer only to turn around and not honor the coupons. When I went back to that location a few days later, they were accepting the coupons without any issues.

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