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A lady comes to the counter, looking a bit disheveled
Me: Hi what can i get for you?
Her: How much is *BURGER #1*?
Me: $5.95
Her: How much in a meal?
Me: A medium meal is $10.05
Her: Can i get one of those without *lists half of the ingredients that come on burger*

*she then cancels her burger and changes her order 4 times, by this stage a line has formed behind her*

Me: So you would like *Burger #2* and 2 *Burger #3 is that correct?
Her: Actually, forget it. I don’t want anything.

*after 10 minutes of trying to make up her mind she turns around and leaves. After explaining the interaction to my co workers they tell me she does the same thing at least 3 times a week and is most likely high on drugs*

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(I work at a well-known fast food chain that is known for being home of a famous burger named similarly to a common candy. I had barely walked in the door to begin my shift when I started to hear this exchange.)

Customer: You guys f ***ed up my sandwich!

Manager: (Already fed up with this customer for the way he presented the problem.) I don’t see any issue here. What’s wrong?

Customer: This sandwich is supposed to have 6 full pieces of bacon. Mine only has 6 half pieces!

Manager: That is exactly how many it is supposed to have sir. Advertisements can be misleading.

Customer: I don’t care. Look at the ad right above your head. Maybe have the cooks look at it too so they know what it looks like.

Manager: Sir, the cooks already know what it looks like. They have several diagrams to show them how to make sandwiches, and this sandwich is one of them.


Manager: Fine sir, I’ll have a new one made.

(The cooks halted everything to make this one sandwich, and put several extra pieces of bacon on it.)


Manager: Sir, I’ll say it again; ads are misleading. Do you see the mayo on the sandwich in the picture? That’s not mayo; it’s Elmers glue.

Customer: I don’t f***ing care. It should look like the picture, or else it’s false advertising.

Customer#2:(Highly irate due to this man yelling and cussing with her children present) If you don’t like the way it looks, maybe you should just leave.

Customer#1: I’m not leaving until I get my sandwich YOU B***H!

Manager: Here’s you sandwich. Now get out of my store!

(The customer leaves)

Manager:(Turning to me) If he ever comes back, nobody is to serve him.

Me: I didn’t plan on it.

(I cannot believe how much he wanted his bacon. I definitely would not have been able to handle it as well as my manager did.)

I give editors permission to paraphrase this if needed.

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(I’m the customer in this one. My boyfriend wanted to buy a coffee, so I agree to take him to a fast food joint to get him one. We get into the drive-thru, order, and pull up to the first window. The window opens, and the employee has a headset on.

Employee: “Okay, that’s 1.08. Would you like any sauce?”

Me: *confused, thinking maybe the order got mixed with another* “Um… we ordered a coffee?”

(Suddenly, my boyfriend starts laughing hysterically. I’m still confused as I hand over the money, until I realized…)

Me: “Oh God… she was talking to the guy behind us, wasn’t she?”

(My boyfriend, laughing to hard to speak, merely nods with tears in his eyes. Luckily the employee didn’t say anything about it. It’s amazing how they can multi-task like that, though!)

Any Given Sundae, Part 5

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Me: “Welcome to [Fast Food Place]; how can I help you?”

Customer: “I’ll have a fudge sundae and a small [smoothie].”

I instantly recognize him by the order; he’s an older customer that always orders a dessert and the same smoothie before canceling the dessert, wasting our time in making it. Sure enough, when he pulls up to my window…

Me: “That’ll be [price].”

Customer: “That doesn’t sound right.”

Me: “The smoothie is [price] and the sundae is [price]; with tax means your total is [total].”

Customer: “How much was that sundae?”

Me: “[Price].”

Customer: “Cancel that; get me a pie, instead.”

He pays and drives over to the second window. After he leaves, I switch my headset to talk to the other employee, one of the managers.

Me: “Take a shot in the dark at who canceled their sundae.”

Manager: “I now have two motherf****** sundaes up here. Come make one disappear.”

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A Burger Delivered By Any Other Name…

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My brother loves biking and is looking to earn some extra money, so he signs up for a food delivery app aimed at bicyclists. Another delivery app gets more orders but is intended for people with cars. He decides to sign up anyway and just bike the orders, but he has to use his girlfriend’s driver’s license to validate it as he doesn’t have one. When speaking with customers, he uses a masculine name one letter off — so a plausible typo — from her name, which is displayed on their screen. He often works both apps at the same time.

One day, my brother is delivering an order to an apartment building where he needs to be buzzed in. He calls the customer.

Brother: “Hi, this is [Brother] from [Delivery Service #1].”

Customer: “I didn’t order anything from [Delivery Service #1]?”

Brother: “Oops, I mean this is [Girlfriend’s Name Slightly Altered] from [Delivery Service #2].”

Customer: “…”

The customer still let him in, despite using two completely different names, neither of which was actually the name on the app!

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