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(My friends and I are getting food at a [Fast Food franchise]. They’re still in line, so I wait at the side, next to the registers. The kitchen area is in plain view from there, and I notice someone wearing an ‘Assistant Manager’ tag walking around agitatedly while holding a phone.)

Assistant Manager: (into phone): “No, what the f**k is going on? This is bullsh*t!”

(He keeps walking around between counter and kitchen area, alternatingly yelling into his phone and stopping to berate the employees. They all just keep working calmly – it seems they are already used to his tantrums. I shoot them a sympathetic glance, wondering if there is anything I can do.
Suddenly the Assistant Manager stomps back into the kitchen and THROWS his phone, which crashes onto the ground. Several people flinch.)

Assistant Manager: (to one of the male employees): “P**s off, f**ing f*gg*t!”

(My jaw drops. Being a short gay man who has been physically attacked several times and thus reacts badly to open aggression, I just want to get the heck out of the situation, but I still have to wait for my friends who are oblivious to the last comment. Needless to say, my appetite is gone.
I tell my friends later and they are as shocked as I am. I’ve since sent an online complaint detailing the situation and asking for feedback, but so far I haven’t heard back…)

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(I’m at a well known sandwich chain. shopping for my lunch. I have observed one of the staff members who is making sandwiches handle meat, dairy and fish products with the same gloves. As someone who does not eat meat, I find this quite upsetting. He gets ready to serve me.)

Me: “I would like a tuna salad on wholemeal please, but can you change to fresh gloves first please!”

Server: “It is okay, sir, it is all Halal.”

(This cannot be true since several of the meat products are pork based which cannot be Halal. I was going to let the whole thing slide with just a change of gloves but his attitude has upset me further.)

Me: “Actually, pork which you have handled is not Halal, in addition I don’t eat meat so it’s irrelevant if its halal or not. So can you put on fresh gloves?”

Server: “Honestly, I’ve touched everything now so what does it matter?”

(Several other people in the queue have been listening and start to chip in about quality control and food standards. Eventually a manager comes out to see what the fuss is. I eventually explain to him what took place. He apologizes profusely and offers to make my sandwich for free with fresh ingredients.)

I’m Speaking American But I Sound Swiss

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(I am driving home one night after a draining day of work. There’s a chicken fast food place on my right that I’m kind of in the mood for, but I remember there’s a burger place on my left that’s known for their fresh burgers. Fresh sounds better than fried this night, so I decided to go there instead. I pull up to the speaker box, and after about 45 seconds a lady announces herself.)

Worker: “How can I help you?”

Me: “Hello there. Can I have a double deluxe burger basket? And can I have it with Swiss cheese instead?”

(I always ask for this; there’s a small up-charge, but I don’t mind.)

Worker: “It already has cheese.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Worker: “The double deluxe burger already has cheese.”

Me: “I know that; I just want Swiss cheese instead.”

Worker: “But it comes with American cheese on it. Is that what you want?”

Me: “No, I want the double deluxe with Swiss cheese instead of the American.”

Worker: “But it comes with American… You want me to put the Swiss cheese on top of that American cheese, too?”

(My brain is frazzled, I’m tired, I want to go home, and I am convinced I’ll get a wrong order, no matter what I do.)

Me: “Okay. I’m done here.”

(I drove to the other side of the road and got the fried chicken, instead. Apparently I got there right after a freshly-fried batch was finished, too!)

Fire Past The Firing Customers

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(I’m a cashier working in the drive thru of a fast food restaurant, and an older customer comes up and complains to me.)

Me: “Your total is $5.14.”


Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am; it’s a very busy day, but—”

Customer: “I’m going to tell your supervisors to fire all of you; I already got everyone fired at [other Fast Food Chain] and I can get you fired!”

Me: “Thank you, and have a nice day.” *closes window*

(The next car came in and asked me to spit in her coffee, which made it better.)

Making A Mocha-ry Of Mochas

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(It’s early morning and I pull into a fast food restaurant for a mocha. I usually buy it there, and have since as well.)

Me: “Can I have a mocha, please?”

Worker: “We don’t do that here”

Me: “You don’t make mocha anymore?”

Worker: “No, we only do coffee or hot chocolate. If you want anything fancy like mocha you will need to try elsewhere.”

Me: “Okay. Then can I have a coffee with a spoonful of chocolate powder mixed in, please?”

Worker: “Sure thing.” *makes my mocha*

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