When Greeting Is Fleeting

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(I work in a fast food restaurant. I go to the register to clock in and there is a customer standing there. Note that it is morning, and I am only expected to greet customers when they arrive, not when I arrive and they’re already there.)

Me: “Have you been helped, sir?”

Customer: *slowly* “Good afternoon. Welcome to [Restaurant].”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: *again, clearly trying to prompt me* “Good afternoon. Welcome to [Restaurant].”

Me: *looking him in the eye* “Thank you. I’m glad to be here. What can I get started for you?”

Couldn’t Make The Complaint Fly

, , , , , | Working | June 26, 2018

(This happens to my friend one day when he goes to a fast food restaurant known for serving breakfast foods alongside normal burgers and stuff all day. He is a big fan of their tacos and orders a couple of them on this visit. After getting back to his table, he brushes off the lettuce and finds a dead fly in one of his tacos. He takes a picture of the offending fly, then takes his taco up to ask for a new one.)

Friend: “Hey, man, I just found a dead fly in my taco. Can I get a new one?”

Worker: *takes taco back into the kitchen for a moment, then comes back with the same taco, minus one fly* “I didn’t see any flies on there.”

Friend: “Um, did I mention I took a picture of it?” *pulls out his phone and pulls up the picture of what is very obviously a dead fly, wings and all*

Worker: “That just looks like a piece of ground beef to me.”

(The worker refused to give my friend a new taco. They lost my business, since now I can’t even think of the restaurant without feeling nauseated. Amazingly, my friend still goes there. He really likes their tacos. Now he always brushes off the lettuce and checks for flies before he eats them, though.)

How Tired Is Your Soul?

, , , | Right | June 21, 2018

(A customer of about college age comes in to the store. We’re going to close the store in ten minutes and it’s dark out.)

Me: “Can I help you?”

Customer: “Can I have the souls of the innocent, please?”

Me: *confused* “Er… could you repeat that, sir?”

Customer: *slightly irritated* “Can I have the souls of the d***ed, please?”

Me: “Sir, we’re a fast food place, and we don’t dabble in black magic of any kind.”

Customer: “What?”

(I then notice the dark bags under his eyes and realise he’s either high, tired, or both.)

Me: “You asked for the souls of the innocent?”

Customer: “S***. Sorry, I haven’t slept properly since Monday… seven years ago.”

Me: *laughs* “Well, it’s okay. What can I actually get you?”

(The rest of the order went without a hitch, but he was very embarrassed and apologised the entire time he was in the store.)


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(This little girl around seven years of age comes into our store with her mother. I spot them and joke with my fellow coworker, telling her she should take this order.)

Me: “Hey, [Coworker], this one’s all you.”

Coworker: “Nah, dude. It’s your turn.”

(I reluctantly agree and step up to the register to take their order. The little girl speaks in an extremely condescending tone. It seems she heard what I said to my coworker.)

Girl: “I agree; you should let her do it.”

(I do a double-take, a little shocked.)

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Girl: “You told her she should take my order. I agree. Let her do it.”

(The little brat’s mother doesn’t care at all about how her daughter is speaking to me. As my coworker is taking their order, the little girl continues to make rude, snide remarks.)

Coworker: *after taking the mother’s order, now speaking to the daughter* “All right, and what can I get for you?”

Girl: “Nothing. Your food sucks. I think I’ll stick to [Other Fast Food Chain], thanks.”

(I just walked away, shaking my head. This girl couldn’t have been more than seven years old, and she was treating both my coworker and me like she was our superior.)

A Heavy Burden Being Right

, , , , , , | Working | June 19, 2018

(The general manager is talking to one of the supervisors in the middle of the kitchen. I don’t hear the entire conversation, but it sounds like it is about the supervisor’s shift the previous day.)

General Manager: “…and you didn’t do [list of duties] yesterday. [Very Pregnant Coworker] had to lift a bunch of heavy syrup cases to hook them up to the machine!”

Supervisor: “Uh, [General Manager]… I didn’t work yesterday. You did.”

General Manager: “Oh.”

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