Getting That Fry-Day Feeling

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(I’m working the late shift and, after two power outages in the space of an hour, some of the equipment still isn’t working quite right. I’ve already dealt with customers who were angry about not being able to order or not being able to get ice cream because the machine hasn’t finished cooling yet. I’m already aggravated at being treated so poorly for something I can’t control when this happens in the drive-thru. The customer pulls up to the service window.)

Me: “Hello! Sorry for such a long wait. Here’s your food and drinks, and I’m just waiting for one more bag to give you.”

Customer: “Okay, can I order something else since I’m here?”

Me: *looking at the already long line behind him* “Sure! What can I add for you?”

Customer: “Oh, just another three large drinks.”

(I take his money, and his food is ready before his drinks are, so I hand him his last bag full of fries.)

Me: “Here’s your last bag of food, and it’ll take me one moment to get your drinks.”

(As I’m making his drinks, I glance over and see him and his buddy take some fries out of one of the containers and eat them.)

Me: “Here are your drinks, sir!”

Customer: *holding the now slightly empty container of fries at me* “What? You guys don’t fill up the fries anymore? Why did you give me a half-empty fry?”

Me: “Sir, it was full. I saw you eat some of them.”

Customer: “I only had two! I bet you ate some of them since—“ *gesturing at me* “—you’re so big! Why did you eat some of my fries?!”

Better That Than Shame And Misery  

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(I work in a well-known fast food chain, and this particular day I am a cashier. It has been extremely busy all day and I’m slightly flustered. An older gentleman comes up to the counter to order food.)

Me: “Would you like this for here or to go?”

Customer: “To go.”

(The normal transaction ensues, and I ring in his order and hand him his change.)

Customer: *holding up his wallet* “Would you like to see my pride and joy?”

(Not wanting to be rude, I smiled and agreed. He held up his wallet and showed me a picture with Pride spray cleaner and Joy dish soap on it. I laughed and thanked him for brightening my stressful day!)

Unfiltered Story #159859

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I work at a popular fast-food chain in the SE Wisconsin area. I’ve been asked blatantly obvious and dumb questions every day, but I feel like my Cherry Coke story beats all of them.

I’m pretty sure this was a Friday night during the Lent season, so our restaurant is LOADED with people in both the dining room and at the drive thru. Me and one of my good friends we on drive together when my friend was asked this simple question:

Customer: Do you have Cherry Coke?

Drive Partner: No, I’m sorry, we do not, we have Pepsi products.

Customer: Oh, well, do you have Cherry Pepsi?

Drive Partner: No ma’am, we do not. The closest thing we do have is Dr Pepper.

Customer: Well could you put an Cherry in my Coke?

Drive Partner (who was starting to get irritated): Ma’am, we have Pepsi. Is Pepsi ok?

Customer: I guess whatever just put a cherry in my come.

Drive Partner: Ok…. well your total is -$$- please pull forward.

After she left the speaker, me and my partner were talking about how terrible that went and how anyone could be that stupid. When they got to the drive window, one of my other co-workers, who was actually let go the other day, looked over and yelled, “Oh my god it’s my cousins!!!” And ran over to the window to talk to the people in the car. Needless to say, me and my drive partner were talking complete smack about the customer when little did we know that the people in the car were related to one of my other co workers. A little embarassing, but in the end, I only put one single cherry in their PEPSI and I’m pretty sure they didn’t even notice a difference.

They Have Bigger Combos To Fry

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(I’m late for a meeting around dinner time and decide to grab a quick bite to eat from a fast food joint. There’s a decent crowd at the counter but it’s not too busy. I place my order — just a burger and a small drink — hoping the easy order will be done fast. The cashier is foreign and hard to understand, using a mixture of English and Dutch with a very heavy accent.)

Cashier: “We out of regular burger. You want XL burger, instead?”

Me: “Yeah, no problem.”

(She gives me my total, which is for a normal burger and the drink. I pay and she then goes to make a drink, which she places in front of me along with a receipt with a number. I grab the drink and receipt and stand back, waiting for my number to be called for my burger. The cashier sees me standing, then impatiently beckons me over.)

Cashier: “This not yours! This other order!”

(She snatches the receipt and drink out of my hands.)

Me: “My apologies! Since you placed them right in front of me, I figured this was my order.”

(She disappears to the back, leaving me without a receipt with an order number. I don’t want to make a fuss so I just stand back again, keeping a close eye on all the outgoing orders to see if mine is there. After a while, the cashier comes back with a tray with what seems to be my order, as she also makes eye contact and beckons me over.)

Cashier: “One [burger] combo.”

Me: “Hold on, I didn’t order the combo. Just the burger and a small drink. You can keep the fries.”

(She snatches the tray out of my hands and places it on the counter behind her, out of my reach. I’m in a real hurry now and just want my food. I try to get her attention but she is now busy helping others. After two other customers she turns to me again.)

Cashier: *impatiently* “What?”

Me: “I said, you can keep the fries. I still want my burger.”

Cashier: *raised eyebrow silence*

Me: “Can I have the tray back?”

(She grabs the tray again and gives it to me.)

Cashier: *rudely* “I thought you didn’t want the combo? Now you suddenly want combo?”

(I grab the tray, take off the fries, and place them on the counter.)

Me: “Here. Problem solved. Stick those fries anywhere you want for all I care.”

(I walk out hurriedly to catch my meeting and start eating while walking. The burger was so cold that the cheese on it was stiff.)

Surveying The Fast Food Landscape

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(At my restaurant, we get surveys we have to hand out to customers; they go on our website and give us feedback. We often get some strange ones, like:)

Answer: “The food was great, the cashier was smiling, tables and floor were clean, all around nice, but since you are fast food you can’t be a good restaurant.”