Not In Receipt Of Common Sense

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I work in a Mexican fast food restaurant. We give everyone a receipt with a number on it for their order. Today, the receipt machine is broken, so we are verbally telling our customers their numbers. Most people remember their number, but we write it down if they ask us to. An older guy who’s already ordered comes up to the counter.

Customer: “Where’s my food?!”

Me: “What’s your number?”

Customer: “I don’t know! The lady never gave me a receipt!”

Me: “Okay, well, what did you order? I can just look for it.”

Customer: *Extremely exasperated* “I don’t remember!”

Me: *Blinks* “You don’t remember what you ordered?”

Customer: “I. Don’t. Remember!”

Me: “Um, okay.”

I look down at a chicken taco sitting on the counter that I called the number for a few times and no one ever showed up for.

Me: “Did you order a taco?”

Customer:No! I would never order a taco!”

I look at the other food we have lined up that is for the families waiting, none of it for a single person.

Me: “Are you sure you didn’t order this taco?”

Customer: “I said I would never order a taco! Why didn’t she give me a g**d*** receipt?!”

I give him the most unamused look possible because, at this point, he’s just an a**hole.

Me: “Okay, well, if you don’t know your number and you don’t remember what food you ordered, then you’re just going to have to look at the menu and order again for free; that’s your only other option.”

I walk away because we’re busy and I have lots to do and I’m not going to keep arguing with him. My manager approaches him.

Manager: “Is there a problem, sir?”

Customer: “I want my food and they won’t give it to me!”

My manager looks down at the same taco that’s been sitting there through all of this.

Manager: “Did you order a chicken taco?”

Customer:Yes!*Takes it and leaves*

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With Some Fast Food, It’s Buy Or Die

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Our debit/credit machine has broken down in the drive-thru, so we are only able to accept cash as payment. This happens during the global health crisis.

Coworker: *Over headset* “Good morning. Unfortunately, our debit machine is not working at the moment. Are you paying with cash today?”

Customer: “No, I only have my card.”

Coworker: “In that case, we need you to come inside to order so you can use a debit machine.”

Customer: “I can’t come inside; I have that bug everyone’s getting and am supposed to be isolating.”

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Irene-y Wish For Better Managers

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In August of 2011, the east coast of the United States got hit by Hurricane Irene. While my city usually didn’t get hit too hard by these things, this time we had widespread power outages and trees down all over the place.

I called in to my job at [National Burger Chain] because I was new to driving and was nervous about trying to navigate through streets clogged with downed trees.

Manager: “Well, we need you to come in; we’re short-staffed.”

Lesson learned for next time: just say, “I can’t leave my neighborhood,” and hang up.

Sigh. So, I went in.

A couple of hours in, just before lunch started, we partially lost power. The freezers, coolers, and registers stopped working, but the managers decided that this wasn’t enough of a reason to close. After all, the fryers and other cooking appliances were somehow still working just fine.

We had to write out all the orders, using a calculator that only half-worked and a list of prices that was no longer accurate. Because we had to yell orders to the kitchen, we started directing all customers to order inside instead of in the drive-thru, so as not to overwhelm the kitchen. But then, the managers decided that for the entire lunch rush, we had to have both the drive-thru and front counter open. Because reasons, I guess.

This should have been my sign to quit, as it was extremely stressful with what amounted to a skeleton crew and half our tech not working. But no, not yet.

After my break, I returned to the front counter to help take orders. Since our registers weren’t working, I would frequently have to yell an announcement that we couldn’t accept credit cards — cash only. You can probably guess how many actually listened.

Just after one of my announcements, a man came up to the front counter.

Rude Customer: “Y’know, I could sue you for this!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sue us for what?”

Rude Customer: “If you’re open, you’re legally obligated to accept any form of currency that you’re given!”

Me: “Sir, the system isn’t working.”

Rude Customer: “Give me the number for your manager, the regional manager, the corporate manager, whoever. I need to tell them about you pulling this illegal s***!”

I was stressed and done with the nonsense.

Me: “I would call Hurricane Irene; it’s her fault.”

A girl standing next to him in line explained that she was a student in law school and warned him that we were not legally obligated to accept an impossible-to-accept form of currency.

Rude Customer: “I don’t care if you’re in law school! I know my rights!” 

He turned and stormed off.

Did I quit after that? Nope. I hadn’t broken yet.

Two days later, I headed in to start work and my coworker pulled me aside.

Coworker: “I wouldn’t get anything to eat here if I were you. They’re selling the stuff that thawed out in the freezers.”

I was struck speechless.

THAT’S when I quit!

I quietly turned around, walked back out the door, made a phone call, and calmly walked back to my car. The burger joint was closed the next day due to a health code violation, anonymously reported by a concerned employee.

Luckily, I applied to a local bank branch for a part-time teller position a few days later and got a phone interview, and then they set up a full interview a day later. A few hours after the interview, they called to let me know they wanted to hire me!

The burger joint is under completely new management.

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Sometimes It’s Worth Giving Your Two Cents

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I am disabled, so in high school, most of my classes were virtual. Art class was not. It was a minimum one-hour bus ride, and the stop was over a mile from my house. Mom would drive me in the morning, but I had to walk home.

Walking home was h***. It was worth it — for the teacher and the friends I made — but it was h***. Truthfully, I shouldn’t have been walking so far in my condition, but I was lonely. Going to art class was the only chance I had to have friends and be included.

On this particular day, I was in more pain than usual. I decided to ride the bus one stop further so I could eat at a fast food joint before making the long trek home. A burger was $1 plus a ten-cent tax, which was exactly what I had.

Cashier: “I’m sorry. The city recently upped the tax to twelve cents.”

I wanted to cry.

Me: “Oh. I’ll just take a water, then, and I’ll be out of your hair soon.”

The cashier gave me a water cup.

Cashier: “You have $1.10, right? That’s fine. I’ll cover the two cents for you.”

This actually made me cry. I know it’s just two pennies, but it meant the world to me. I thanked her profusely and handed over the money. The food gave me the energy I needed to walk home. I will never forget her kindness.

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Now Even Sexism Is Available At The Drive-Thru

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I work as a cashier in the drive-thru of a fast food place. I’m a twenty-nine-year-old woman and today I have a teenage boy as a coworker next to me taking the orders. 

The first customer has an English car. He wants to pay by card but can’t reach because he is on the opposite side of the car. We both hang outside our windows to get the machine and the card as close together as possible. 

The next customer comes up.

Customer #1: “Can you hang out of the window for me, too?” *Winks at me*

I shrug it off and help the next car. This one folds his money and hands it to me.

Customer #2: “I could fold you if you let me.”

I silently finish the transaction and the next customer comes to the window. 

Customer #3: “If you give me a discount, I’ll marry you!”

After finishing this transaction, I turn to my coworker and see his mouth hanging open. His eyes are wide.

Coworker: *Mumbling* “Does this happen every time?”

Yes… Every male and sometimes even female make sexist comments. I’ve had people ask me if I wanted to switch jobs and become a phone sex caller. But the best/worst was a drunk sixteen-year-old asking me if he could pay with a condom for a €1 ice cream; he even offered the actions intended for that condom.

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