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Your Number Is Up. This One.

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Penguava | November 7, 2022

Customer: “I have a pick-up order for [Customer].”

Me: “We don’t have that order in our system.”

Customer: “I called and placed the order like twenty minutes ago. I spoke to a girl.”

I gesture at my coworker.

Me: “Then she would have taken it, but we haven’t had an order in the past hour. What phone number did you call?” 

He might have called our other location thirty minutes away.

Customer: “This one.” *Points downward*

I’m already 90% sure he called the wrong place at this point, so I just repeat myself in a flat tone.

Me: “What phone number did you call?”

Customer: “This one.”

Me: “What. Phone. Number. Did. You. Call?”

He is a bit irritated at this point and raises his voice.

Customer: “This one.”

He pulls out his phone and reads the first three numbers:

Customer: “7XX—”

I stop him immediately.

Me: “Our phone number starts with a 9.”

I pointed at the menu glued to the counter listing our number.

My coworker nicely explained that he had probably called our other location. He left without saying a word.

You Want They Should Switch To Carrier Pigeons?

, , , | Right | November 6, 2022

I’m working in a fast food place, and I answer the phone. The caller starts trying to place an order.

Me: “Ma’am, we’re not equipped to take orders over the phone, but you can order through our app or through a delivery service.”

She is LIVID.

Caller: “Why do you even have a phone, then?!”

Me: “It’s for customer complaints and questions and for employee communication.”

Caller: “Well, I have a complaint! You shouldn’t have a phone!”

I chuckled a bit and hung up. She tried calling back, but I told my coworkers it was a prank call and to not answer.

You Think He’d Remember A Lifesaver

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Opposes | November 5, 2022

Two customers come in together.

Customer #1: “I’ll buy lunch today.”

Customer #2: “Okay.”

[Customer #2] proceeds to talk to my coworker, since they are mutual friends. [Customer #1] brings up their items and I ring them up.

Me: “Your total is $20.37.”

He hands me a twenty-dollar bill.

Me: “It’s $20.37.”

He looks at me, opens his wallet, and then pats his pocket.

Customer #1: “That’s all I got.”

Me: “It’s fine. I can cover the rest.”

Customer #1: “Thanks! You’re a lifesaver!”

Then, we get to talking about how he’s new around here, moved from opposite sides of the country, from a large city to a tiny town, etc. It probably lasts ten minutes, and it’s a good conversation.

[Customer #2] comes up, and suddenly, [Customer #1] looks at me.

Customer #1: “Don’t I get change?”

Me: *Dumbfounded* “Uhh, no. I covered the rest.”

Customer #1: “But I gave you a fifty!”

I open my till to look and, lo and behold, there are no fifties in my drawer. I lift up my drawer and search, have my coworker search, and offer to count out my till and empty out my pockets, which [Customer #1] is quick to say no to.

Customer #1: “You must have gotten caught up in the conversation and misplaced it. It sucks that I lost thirty bucks.”

Me: “I have no idea what to tell you. There are no fifties in my drawer. If I give you thirty, I’ll be thirty short.”

It finally ends when [Customer #2] comments:

Customer #2: “It must have been a twenty if there are no fifties in there.”

I counted my till at the end of my shift, and it was balanced. People are weird.

At Least You Made That Little Girl Happy (Meal)

, , , , , | Working | November 4, 2022

I work at a fast food chain. A little girl came in with her dad and ordered a [Kids’ Meal], and the toys that came with it were from an insanely popular movie. We were sold out, and she looked so heartbroken; it was depressing to see her face fall.

Me: *To her dad* “If you give me your mailing address, I’ll mail the toy to you when our next shipment comes in.”

He gladly gave it to me and the girl seemed hopeful.

Then, I learned that, due to some internal corporate problem, we weren’t getting any more of the toys.

I knew I had made a promise, so I mailed the girl a €10 gift certificate to [Toy Store Chain]. The dad wrote a thank-you letter to the restaurant for everything…

And I got written up for “acting egregiously out of scope without consulting a manager and making unreasonable promises to customers”.

About To Bowl Her Eyes Out

, , , , | Right | November 4, 2022

I work at a burger place that offers a burger bowl option on the menu; it’s pretty popular. I get a customer who recently went to a chain restaurant and tried their burger bowl, and when she saw we offered one as well, she ordered it. Her husband and daughter ordered something else.

About thirty minutes after she ate 90% of it, she came back angry.

Customer: “This is nothing like the one they serve at [Chain Restaurant]! I want my money back! And a free meal!”

Manager: “We’re not affiliated with [Chain Restaurant] in any way. We’ll gladly give you a refund, but we’ll have to take your food back, and we won’t give you anything for free.”

Customer: *Fuming* “I want to speak to the manager!”

Manager: “I am the manager.”

She flipped out, walked out, brought the car around, and waited there for another hour until her husband and daughter were done with their food. Her husband came up to us.

Customer’s Husband: “I’d like to apologize for my wife’s behavior. There really is no excuse.”

They were so pleasant and understanding that (with the husband’s permission) we gave him and his daughter a small free ice cream. His wife saw the whole thing and came back in, grabbed their ice creams, threw them, and started screaming.

Customer: “You shouldn’t give people free stuff because you don’t know if they have food allergies! Everything my family eats has to be run by me!”

She then pushed her family out the door and never came back.