Listen To Yourself Not Listening! Part 2

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Me: *holding a bag of food*  “[Speciality Sandwich] meal with a [Soda] and two cheeseburgers?”

(The waiting customers stare at me, but no one responds.)

Me: *trying different phrasing* “[Speciality Sandwich], fries, [Soda], two cheeseburgers?”

(More staring; still no response. I think I remember whose order it is, though.)

Me: *to a specific customer* “What are you waiting on?”

Customer: “A [Specialty Sandwich].”

Me: “As a meal?”

Customer: “Yeah…”

Me: “With two cheeseburgers?”

Customer: “Yeah…”

Me: “Then this is yours that I’ve just been calling.”

Customer: *offended* “Don’t you have it written down? You should know what I ordered!”

Me: “I do. That’s what I was calling.”

Customer: *flounces off angrily, railing against me for no discernable reason*


Listen To Yourself Not Listening!

Childish About Child’s Drink

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I work at a drive-in fast food restaurant. We have credit card readers on every stall, but the payment doesn’t always go through on the first swipe. We often have to pull the payment screen back up or take the cards to our reader inside.

One of my coworkers was taking out orders to cars. She comes inside holding a drink and says “This lady would like to speak with a manager. She says she paid already and I tried telling her it didn’t go through but she won’t listen–”

Just then this customer throws our door open and screams at my coworker, “EXCUSE ME, YOU CAN’T JUST WALK AWAY WITH MY DRINK!” We calmly try to explain to her that we can’t give customers their orders until a payment has been received, but she isn’t having it. “I DID PAY. THE SCREEN SAID MESSAGE RECEIVED!”

“No, ma’am, that means that your order went through, not the payment–” my manager starts, but is again interrupted. “THAT DRINK IS FOR MY CHILD AND YOU KEEP WALKING AWAY WITH IT. HOW DO I KNOW YOU HAVEN’T SPAT IN IT? I WANT MY GOD-D*** DRINK!”

We try to assure her no one would spit in it but she keeps screaming, “I ALREADY PAID! I’M NOT SWIPING MY CARD AGAIN! I WANT MY DRINK! MY SON IS VERY UPSET!” (Might I point out, she had left her son in her running car to come in and scream about a drink that is currently half price at 80 cents.) Finally my manager gives up, hands her her drink, cancels the ticket so my coworker won’t come up short, and proclaims that customer as our crazy of the day.

You Wouldn’t Think It Would Rock The Boat

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(I’m order-taking and cashing out drive-thru orders at a very well-known fast food chain. The order screen is on the east side of the building and the windows are on the north side, meaning once you’ve place your order, you need to make a corner to pay and pick up your food. So many times, somebody is pulling a trailer or boat behind their truck, places their order, and then realizes they can’t make the corner. When this happens, they CANNOT walk up to the window and pay. This is for their safety and ours. They HAVE to actually come inside and pay. I take someone’s order and it’s not until I look out the window that I see them pull into the parking lot with a large boat that I realize they can’t make the corner. The driver steps out of the car and begins walking up to the window.)

Me: “I’m sorry; you can’t walk up to the window. I need you to come inside to pay.”

Customer: “But my boat can’t make the corner.”

Me: “I know. I just need you to come into the lobby to pay.”

(He turned away annoyed, like I gave him some impossible task. He got back in his car and I thought he was either going to park or drive off, but instead he BACKED UP, got back in the drive-thru lane, and tried to make the corner again! This time he made it, we said nothing to each other as I took his payment, and he got his food and drove off. I will never understand why people go to such measures to avoid walking into the lobby.)

There’s No App To Make Burgers Cook Faster

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(I live in a little more affluent area where a lot of people work in tech. I am ordering some fast food to go, inside the restaurant. I walk in when it’s pretty quiet, with only one other person ordering and one other person in the lobby. I hear the end of the woman’s order and the cashier is reading back the order.)

Cashier: “So, that’s going to be [laundry list of food, enough to feed six or seven adults and a few kids]. That’s going to be [total].”

(The woman pays.)

Cashier: “Thank you. Here’s your receipt; you will be number 256.”

(I walk up, order a single burger and a drink, pay, and get number 257.)

Cashier: *two minutes later* “Order 257 ready.”

(I begin to walk up, but before I get to the counter…)

Woman: *shouting* “You’re kidding me! You give him his order first?! I was here before him, and I want my food, and I want it now! Are you guys racist or something?!”

(I’m Asian and she’s white. The staff here are a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The manager comes running out to see all of this.)

Manager: “Ma’am, you need to calm down or I will ask you to leave. He got two things; you got about ten times the amount of food. Your order will take a bit more time.”

Woman: “I want my food; my husband is CEO of [Big Tech Company]!”

(I rushed to the counter to grab my food and leave. As I left, I just heard more shouting but I just wanted to get out of there.)

Fast Food, Slow Reply, Worth The Wait

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A friend of mine lives in the US. One day, he mentions going to a popular fast food chain that doesn’t exist in Germany. As I’m a curious person and always eager to try new foods, this makes me want to try said chain. I already know it doesn’t exist in Germany, so I do a bit of research; there are only two stores of this chain in all of Europe, and I feel it’s not worth it to travel all the way for some fast food.

I’m sure a lot of people will call this story fake because what I do next is flat-out absurd, but I decide to write to this company. This, however, proves difficult. Their webpage has a contact form, but you need a receipt from one of their stores, and a valid US address and phone number to use it, neither of which I can provide. Frustrated, I do a bit of research, and after a while, I come across the mailing address of this fast food chain’s parent company. Thus, I take a pen and a sheet of paper and start writing:

“Dear Sir/Madam!

Ever since hearing about [Fast Food Chain]’s food from a friend who lives in the USA, I’m eager to try it myself. Unfortunately, there are no [Fast Food Chain] stores in Germany. Could you please open a store here, preferably in [City I live in] or [Next City]?


[My Name]”

I then find an old postcard with a floral design in my desk, put it in the envelope with the letter, and add:

“PS: In case you’re not the person in charge of this decision, could you please forward this letter for me?

PPS: I added a postcard because unfortunately, if I sent you real flowers, they’d probably die before this letter arrives.”

I then send this letter, not really expecting a reply. A few months go by without a response, and I nearly forget about the whole thing.

Then, a package arrives. It contains a lot of [Fast Food Chain] merchandise — a shirt, a tote bag, a water bottle, some plastic fast food toys, etc — and a notebook with a reply to my letter on its first page.

“Dear [My Name],

Thank you so much for your letter! It totally made our day. The postcard is now sitting on our desk. Unfortunately, we don’t know if or when we can open a [Fast Food Chain] store in Germany, but we forwarded the letter for you. In the meantime, please enjoy these gifts from [Fast Food Chain].

Your friends at [Parent Company],

[Employee #1] and [Employee #2].”

There’s still no store from this chain in Germany, but I’m now saving up money to visit them some day and try [Fast Food Chain] together with my friend.

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