Always Wanted To Be The Meat Between Two Buns

| WI, USA | Working | November 10, 2016

(My boyfriend and I go to grab food from a well known fast food chain. We usually have our order figured out, but my eye catches a new item on their menu as we roll up to the speaker.)

Cashier: “Hi, welcome to [Chain]. How can I help you today?”

Me: *long silence*

Cashier: “…Hello?”

Me: “Oh, sorry. I was a bit speechless. I just saw this bacon three-way burger.”

Cashier: “Yeah, most people are. Just let me know when you’re ready to order, and don’t forget to breathe!”

Boyfriend: “Did he just…?”

Me: “Remind me to breathe? Yes. Yes, he did.”

(We ordered. I did indeed get that burger, and the cashier was really cool and wished us to enjoy the three-way. He was awesome.)

She Needs All The Sweetness She Can Get

, | USA | Right | November 9, 2016

(I am working at a well-known fast food restaurant when a lady comes in and asks for a large vanilla iced coffee with two extra pumps of sugar. We already put five pumps in all large iced coffees. A little while later she comes running back up to the counter. I hear the conversation between my manager and her.)

Lady: “You got it wrong again! This is too sweet! How hard is it to make a god- d***ed iced coffee with TWO extra sugar!?”

Manager: “I’m sorry about that, ma’am. I will be happy to replace your coffee but I have to ask you to refrain from cussing. There are children here.”

Lady: “Fine! Just get me my coffee. ONLY TWO extra sugars! Not 20 like you always do!”

(My manager goes to make her a new iced coffee. He hands it to her and asks her to try it.)

Lady: “Finally! Someone can get it right.”

(She storms out of the store without another word and I walk over to my manager.)

Me: “Sir, I made that coffee and I can assure you I only put 2 extra sugars in it.”

Manager: “I know. She comes in every now and then and does the same thing. What she really wants is ONLY two pumps of sugar.”

Me: “Has anyone told her?”

Manager: “Yes, but she insists that extra means only.”

Can You Be A**-Hole Phobic?

, | WI, USA | Friendly | November 7, 2016

(My mom has flown out to visit me, so we decide to meet up to have lunch. The restaurant we choose is fairly busy with only one person on the register and a fairly long line. Directly ahead of us is two women who are obviously together, holding hands and whispering to each other. After a minute or so, they start kissing, just as the cashier calls them up to order. They keep kissing, so my mother clears her throat to try and get their attention.)

Girl #1: *angrily* “What?! Do you have a problem?”

Mom: “No, but it’s…”

Girl #2: “Bet she does. Does it make you uncomfortable to see two women kissing? Huh? Well, too bad! The law’s on our side now!”

Mom: *after a short pause* “Actually, I just wanted to point out that you can order.”

(She gave them both a big smile, while they kept glaring, before turning to order. They kept shooting nasty looks at us, and we made sure to take a seat away from where they were sitting. Maybe they thought we were homophobes, but we just didn’t want to deal with their nasty attitudes.)

Closing On A High

| Orem, UT, USA | Right | November 3, 2016

(I’m a 19-year-old closing shift manager, who has one other employee with me. I come from a very strict religious family, in a very conservative town, so I can say that I’m a bit naive about certain things. One night just as I am walking to lock the doors at 10:58 pm, someone walks up and catches me.)

Customer: “Aww, are you closing? I just wanted a couple of burgers.”

Me: *thinking that technically we had two minutes* “Well we are about to close, but we can make a couple of burgers. No problem.”

Customer: *at the register* “Okay, let me have 18 burgers, 16 fries, 2 onion rings and 18 [Soda]s.”

Me: *knowing that once he is in the store, by policy I have to serve him, I’m fuming* “Okay, sir, but that is a lot of food, and we aren’t set up for that much. Everything has to be cooked from scratch. It’s going to take quite some time.” *hoping he will change his mind*

Customer: “That’s okay. I’ll wait…”

(After spending almost twenty minutes cooking all this food, it’s finally ready.)

Me: *trying to hide my anger at having to stay well past the end of my shift* “Thank you for you order; here you go.”

Customer: “Hey, thanks, dude. Here, I have a tip for you, since you were so nice to stay and cook for me.”

(The then hands me a small envelope. I just want him to leave, so I can go home, so I take it and walk him out. I head back to the office and start with my closing duties.)

Fellow Employee: “So what did that guy give you in the envelope?”

Me: “I don’t know. I didn’t look.” *opening the envelope, it’s full of marijuana, which I’ve actually never seen before in my life* “What the heck is this?”

Fellow Employee: “Well, that explains a lot.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Fellow Employee: “He had the munchies…” *turning around, leaving me holding my first and last bag of weed*

A Combo Of Errors

| Shawnee, KS, USA | Working | November 2, 2016

(It’s the weekend and my mom and I are at home while Dad is checking on something at his job. My mom decides to go to a burger drive-thru place to get some lunch.)

Worker #1: “Hello! What can I get you?”

Mom: “Hi, I’d like a #2 combo with nothing on it, and a cheeseburger.”

Worker #1: “So.. two [wrong order] combos?”

Mom: “No, a #2 combo with nothing on it, and just a cheeseburger.”

Worker #1: “Okay, hold on.”

(There’s some shuffling in the background as my mom waits.)

Worker #2: “Okay, what can I get for you today?”

Mom: “A #2 combo with nothing on the cheeseburger and a normal cheeseburger.”

Worker #2: “So, two #2 combos?”

Mom: “No, only one #2 combos, and there’s nothing on that. The other is just a cheeseburger.”

Worker #2: “Okay, I think I got it. That’ll be [total].”

(When she got home, they had given us two combos, but not charged us for them. I opened my burger, to discover a single piece of onion.)

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