Can See A Red Alert Coming

, | Ames, IA, USA | At The Checkout, Food & Drink

Customer: “I’d like an Arctic Rush.”

Me: “What flavor?”

Customer: “Red.”

Me: “Cherry, watermelon, or strawberry kiwi?”

(I had this conversation nearly every time someone ordered an Arctic Rush.)

One Onion Ring To Rule Them All

| NJ, USA | Crazy Requests, Food & Drink

Customer: “I need to make a complaint about your onion rings!”

Boss: “What is the problem with them, sir?”

Customer: “They are elliptical in shape. They are not rings; they are ovals!”

(My boss actually had to have someone go through a bag of onion rings to pick out enough perfectly circular onion rings to remake his order.)

That Was The Last Straw

| Tucson, AZ, USA | Food & Drink, Health & Body

(I am working the lobby of my work place during a lunch rush. A beverage station is getting messy and low on supplies, so I am cleaning it up and restocking the lids. A woman fills her cup up and I am in the way of the lids.)

Me: “Sorry about being in the way. Just doing some cleaning and stocking. Here you are.” *I hand the woman a lid for her beverage along with a straw*

Woman: *with disgust* “Eww, I don’t want that. Your filthy little fingers were all over that. I’ll just help myself, thank you.”

Me: “Oh… uhh, all right…”

(It was difficult to not make a sarcastic retort about how I had to touch all the lids anyway since they don’t stock themselves, but I constrained myself. I can understand germaphobes, for which I always take the extra precaution of washing my hands before handling anything that customers have access to, but no need to be rude.)

Don’t Drink And Drive-Thru

| Cushing, OK, USA | Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

(I am manning the drive-thru.)

Customer: “Do you have anything like the [chicken strip-combo] but without the drink?”

Me: “Yes, we do! We have a chicken strip dinner; it comes with the chicken and gravy, fries, roll, and no drink.”

Customer: “Oh, good! I’ll have that.”

Me: “All right, is there anything else I can get for you today?”

Customer: “A large cherry limeade.”

Me: “…”

A Spoonful Of Onions Helps The Customer Line Go Down

| Canada | Food & Drink

(Our store mainly sells made-to-order smoothies, but we do have a small selection of pre-made sandwiches and wraps available, too. Due to the amount of time it takes to prepare the sandwiches and wraps, we only make them at the beginning of the day, unless a customer wants something custom made.)

Customer: “What ingredients are on your chicken wrap?”

Me: “There’s chicken, salsa, onions, and cheese.”

Customer: “Could I get a wrap with not too many onions on it?”

Me: “Well, all of our wraps have only a teaspoon of minced onions, so there’s not very much on them to begin with.”

Customer: “Oh, my! That’s far too much!”

Me: “Well, we could make you a wrap with no onions on it, if you’d prefer.”

Customer: “No, no. I want one with LESS onions. Could you maybe put half the amount on?”

Me: “You’d like a wrap with… half a teaspoon of onions? Instead of a full teaspoon? It will take an extra 10 minutes to make. Are you sure?”

Customer: “Yes! That would be great, thanks!”

(So, despite the line-up of customers out the door, we set one employee to the task of making one wrap with HALF a teaspoon of onions on it.)

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