A Lot Of Nuggets Of Stupidity

| WI, USA | Right | July 10, 2017

I’m working in the grill area of a well-known fast food restaurant. It’s during the dinner rush and we get hit with two HUGE orders, one after the other. They both will take roughly five minutes to make. One of the orders also includes several pies that will take ten minutes to bake, though the staff up front offer to give him the rest of his food when it’s ready and to bring the pies to him when they come up. The other order calls for sixty nuggets.

I’m new to grill so I’m already annoyed by having to suddenly make so much food since I have only the vaguest idea of what I’m doing. Still, the food is made and sent up within a reasonable amount of time and everything’s fine.

Then one of the managers comes back in disbelief and tells me I need to put down the sixty nuggets AGAIN. I find out later that they prepared the order with the nuggets and called out the number. Somebody responds, takes the tray, and sits down. Five minutes later, he comes up and says he’s missing sandwiches and that the sixty nuggets aren’t his. A manager looks at his receipt and, surprise, he took the wrong huge order, even though the orders were nothing alike. The man then tries to keep the wrong sandwiches he didn’t pay for and only wants to return the nuggets, to the point a manager has to warn him that they won’t give him his food until he returns the ENTIRE ORDER he has taken.

Thankfully, the woman who HAD ordered the sixty nuggets is understanding that it isn’t the staff’s fault and waits patiently for her entire order to be remade. (She ends up waiting a half hour for her food, though she is refunded for the trouble.)

The kicker was that while the grill team was busy remaking the order, the man who started the mess in the first place had the nerve to ask when his pies were coming up.

A Spoon-Full Of Sugar Helps The Transaction Go Down

| New Zealand | Right | July 7, 2017

(I work in a well known fast food restaurant in small town New Zealand. On this day I am working the drive-thru, and am just taking payment when I notice a company name on the card.)

Me: “Was that sugar company on your card?”

Customer: “Yeah, Chelsea Sugar Company.”

Me: “Is that why you’re so sweet?”

Customer: *looks at me for a few seconds before I speak again*

Me: “Am I the first to make that lame joke?”

Customer: “No, but most people just call me ‘sugar daddy.’”

(I love customers with a sense of humor.)

Wants You To Work Second-Class

| Bendigo, VIC, Australia | Working | July 7, 2017

(We are timed from the moment we start serving a customer to the moment we serve off their order. The customer should only be waiting 120 seconds for their food. This particular day, I am the person in charge of bagging orders, when my boss comes up to me.)

Boss: “So, [My Name], what’s the maximum time a customer should be waiting to be given their order?”

(I didn’t actually know the answer to this, as the majority of my shifts were, up to this point, in the kitchen. However, whenever I was bagging orders, I always tried to keep my times down below 100 seconds.)

Me: “Umm, I’m not sure, but for me, I like to keep my times around 90-95 seconds.”

Boss: “For you, I want you to keep them at 120.”

Me: “You mean you want me to work less hard, and make the customer wait longer to be given their meals?”

Boss: “Just keep it at 120, and don’t argue.”

Me: “So your expectations of me are lower than the expectations I set for myself?”

(My boss just walked off and didn’t answer. Months later, her attitude hasn’t changed. She goes on holidays in about a month, and the employees simply can’t wait!)

More Think Gets You Drink

| CA, USA | Working | July 4, 2017

(We pull up into a drive-thru of a common fast food chain.)

Me: “I’d like two orders of tacos and three [Burgers] with a small vanilla [Soda].”

Cashier: “Okay, pull up to the window, please.”

(We get there and she hands us the food. No drink.)

Cashier: “Okay, thank you. Come again.”

(We just sit there until she comes back.)

Cashier: “Are you waiting on something?”

Us: “Ya. We ordered a small vanilla [Soda].”

(She looks like I just asked her to solve an algebra problem and she turns to her (I assume) assistant manager as she walks away.)

Cashier: “Can you deal with them? I have no idea what they want.”

That Doesn’t Cut Any Icee With Me

| TN, USA | Right | July 4, 2017

(I work at a very well-known fast food restaurant in a small town, which happens to be right next door to our biggest competitor. I’m listening to this exchange in our drive-thru via headset.)

Customer: “Can I get an Icee?”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, sir, we don’t sell Icees.”

Customer: “What? Look, I just want an Icee. A cherry one.”

Coworker: “Sir, we don’t sell Icees. Can I get you something else?”

Customer: “The f*** you mean, you don’t see Icees? I’ve gotten one before. Just get me a d*** Icee!”

Coworker: “Sir, we don’t, nor have we ever, served Icees. If you go next door, I’m sure they can help you out.”

Customer: “You mean this isn’t [Competitor]?

Coworker: “You’re at [Store].”

Customer: “S***!”

(He drove away without a single apology.)

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