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I was working front till for a popular fast food chain while in post secondary when a man walks in with his son

Man: [Son’s name], make sure you do well in school otherwise you’ll up like this poor sap.

He then walks out without even ordering anything and everyone I was working with just looks at me in sympathy.

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I work in a drive thru fast food restaurant that also does barista made coffees, those being small, regular or large in size

A lady has come around to the pay window to pay for her coffee and my manager asked me to double check what size as she said ‘small medium’ at the speaker.

Me: Hi sorry was that a small cappuccino?
Customer: A small regular cappuccino thanks
Me: So were you after a small or a regular?
Customer: A small regular, you know like a small standard?
Me: Sorry but a small and a regular are 2 different sizes, were you after the smallest size *using my hands to demonstrate* or the middle size?
Customer: Oh the smallest one thank you

Choose Your Bunless Battles

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I work at a burger place and we offer bunless options for those on a diet or with allergies. There are only three of us working and we are unusually busy, so we are a little backed up. An elderly couple walks in with two more couples behind them.

Female Customer: “Yes, I’d like a bunless cheeseburger.”

Me: “Okay! And what would you like on that?”

Female Customer: “I’d like tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos, green peppers, and mayonnaise.”

I wait a few seconds to see if she adds anything else. She does not.

Me: “All right! Would you like—”

Female Customer:I’m not finished! I want my peppers grilled, but I only want the jalapenos on the burger.”

Me: “So… you want your tomatoes, lettuce, and green peppers on the side?”

Female Customer:Yes! Why is that so hard to understand?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I just wanted to make sure I had your order correct.”

The lady moves out of the way and her husband steps up.

Male Customer: “I’d like the exact same thing she ordered.”

Me: “Okay, so another bunless cheese—”

Male Customer: “What? No! Of course, I want a bun!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I thought you said you wanted the exact same thing she has.”

Male Customer: “That is what I want!”

Me: “Okay, so you want a regular cheeseburger with all the toppings she has. Do you also want everything on the side?”

Male Customer: “I already said I want the exact same thing! I want everything on my burger except the green peppers! Put those on the side!”

Me: “I’m not sure you know what ‘exact’… Yes, sir. Your total is [total]. Have a nice day.”

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Giving Them A Grand Opening To Exit Peacefully

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Customer: “I was in here a few weeks before and gotten shorted on one of my carryout meals. We were leaving town and we didn’t notice until we had driven too far to come back for it, Can you please give me another meal to make up for it.”

Me: “I’ll need to check with the owner for that.”

The owner is nearby so I call him over and ask the customer to repeat the story. The owner asked him to verify that it was a couple of weeks before, which the customer does.

Owner: “I see. I want to know if you noticed the ‘Grand Opening’ sign on the building as you walked in, as we’ve only been open for two days.”

He comments as he quickly slouches his way back out:

Me: “I… have not noticed the sign. Maybe he was thinking of a different restaurant…”

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So A Turkey Is Made Of…?

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Me: “Hi, welcome to [Fast Food Place]! How may I help you?”

Girl: “Hi, can I get a turkey cheddar bacon without the bacon?”

Me: “Sure. Anything else today?”

Girl: “No, but can you make sure there is no bacon on the turkey cheddar bacon? I’m a vegetarian.”

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