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We Could Guess, But We’d Have To Censor It

, , | Right | October 3, 2021

At the fast food place where I worked, there was a lady who came through the drive-thru and ended up missing something from her order. She came inside and got in line behind an elderly woman.

When the person at the register was done, the lady pushed the elderly woman aside and began yelling about her missing food. We checked her order and got her the stuff that was missing. The entire time, the woman was yelling and insulting us.

As she walked out the door, someone commented on her being a b****. At this point, the elderly lady was at the register giving her order. The other woman immediately turned around, walked back to the counter, and stood next to the elderly lady, shrieking for the manager. She screamed at the manager and demanded that someone be fired.

I don’t know what the manager said to her, but she left without a word.

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If Only You Could Disinfect That Image From Your Brain

, , , , | Right | October 2, 2021

When I was working in food service, a family and their two kids came in. While they were ordering, the young girl with them put a bag on the counter and loudly threw up in it. The family still dined in, and my coworkers and I never found the bag so they must have taken it home. Gross!

We never saw them again, either. Maybe it was because I made it a point to visibly disinfect everything they touched.

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Welcome To McKing; Can I Get You A WhopMac?

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Exact_Roll_4048 | September 30, 2021

I work at a fast food place — one where you order from your car and we bring it out. When people order food from another place, we simply repeat the order back with our menu item name.

I read an order back to a lady three times for her [Our Burger] and she keeps saying:

Customer: “No, I want a [Other Store’s Burger]!”

Finally, my manager gets on the headset.

Manager: “This is not a [Other Store]. If you want [Other Store], the closest one is in [Town] and you are welcome to drive twenty minutes to get it. Do you want your [Our Burger] or not?”

There’s a long pause.

Customer: “That’s fine.”

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Non-Confrontational Coupons

, , , | Working | September 27, 2021

My parents and I decide to stop at a fast food restaurant on our way home one evening. We’ve eaten here before and had no real issues, but this night is slightly different.

We order, get drinks, and head to a table. There are a handful of other people in the building, already eating or finishing their meals. A couple of women have just finished ordering before us, but I don’t pay attention when they get their food. We wait a little longer than is probably normal, and my mom comments on it.

Me: “They probably have a lot of people in the drive-thru. They probably prioritize those first.”

We’re not mad or anything, just a little unused to this kind of wait time at a “fast” food establishment. A few minutes later, as my dad brings our food back to our table, a gentleman walks over and hands us coupons for a free meal.

Gentleman: “You shouldn’t have had to wait twelve minutes for your food. These are for you.”

After he walks away through an employees-only door, my mom says:

Mom: “I guess I complained a little too loud. I wasn’t upset; it was just weird.”

I’m not a confrontational kind of person, and I’m used to weird wait times for my food. The day before this, a “fast” sandwich place had been so busy it took them almost an hour to deliver my sandwich and I had an event to get to. But to be the only table (or one of two) in the building waiting for food for that long seemed a little excessive.

Thanks for the coupons, I guess?

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General Manager, General A**hole

, , , , | Working | September 17, 2021

I show up to my fast food franchise for an afternoon shift and find we are already knee-deep in OMG-ville. The lineup is huge, with lots of students and various other downtownies. I clock in five minutes early, wash my hands, and take stock of garnish.

We are almost out of tomatoes, low on lettuce, low on onions. I run to the back fridge where all the toppings are kept, only to see that things are so hectic that there are no backup bowls of garnishes prepared!

As quickly as I can, I make a bunch of bowls of lettuce and onions and bring those up front along with tomatoes and put away the extra bowls.

General Manager: “[My Name], you need to work faster! You were too slow getting up here with three bowls of stuff.” 

I try to explain that I was actually filling three or four bowls quickly so we’d have more when we ran out — every thirty minutes or so — but she just scoffs, turns her back on me, and barks at me to get to the cash. 

Roughly five minutes later, she literally starts screaming at me — IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS — to get off the registers and get back to garnish. At this point, I have had enough and I admit, I snap.

Me: “[General Manager], I am sick and tired of being constantly belittled and badgered about every little thing. I’m doing my best to help my coworkers out and you screaming at me isn’t making things better.”

General Manager: “You don’t seem to value your job. I can easily fire you and find someone to replace you quickly.”

I guess she expects me to roll over and grovel for my job. That doesn’t happen.

I look her dead in the eye without even flinching. I am admittedly on new-employee probation, but my probation has been nothing but verbal abuse from her. This is still in front of all the customers and ALL my coworkers.

Me: “I can walk right out of this place right now and leave you deep in the weeds. The threat you made about my being under probation and how you can get rid of me at any time goes two f****** ways! I can quit without notice, too!”

She grabs me by the elbow. Yes, you read that right: she GRABS me. I’m not sure what she thinks this will do, but the one thing it does NOT do is deescalate the situation.

I shrug off her hand once and tell her not to touch me, but she grabs me again. I shrug her off again.

Me: “If you touch me one more time, I will charge you with assault. I do not want you to touch me, and you have no right to touch me. I have multiple witnesses, so kindly back the f*** off of me.”

She abruptly left me alone and was very cheery and kind to me, but I typed up my resignation that night and handed it to her the next day.

She got a hilariously panicked look on her face. Apparently, having her bluff called made her realize exactly how dire her straits were. She tried all sorts of tactics to make me stay, like telling me how I was leaving my coworkers in the lurch and how hard it would be for me to find another job, and when that didn’t work, she practically begged me to at least give her two weeks.

I told her to take the job and shove it. It wasn’t worth my self-respect.

Because we were chronically understaffed as it was, the look of sheer despair on her face as I walked out gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. The fuzzy feeling got even warmer after I made a phone call to her higher-ups, with some very specific details. I never did see her at that franchise again.

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