Wait Until You Tell Him What Free-Range Means

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Our business makes egg-free cakes and pastries, and we put this on a sign on the product. We’re selling them at the markets when a customer comes in.

Customer: “I want the free egg.”

He kept pointing angrily at the sign while we all tried to work out how to tell him.

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(I’m looking at some cherries at the local market, and an employee behind the counter offers me a sample. There is clearly a sign right in front of me that says “PLEASE ASK BEFORE TAKING A SAMPLE.” As I’m eating my sample cherry, a woman comes up next to me and grabs a couple cherries off the display and pops them into her mouth.)

Employee: *clearly annoyed* “Hello! Would you like to ASK for a sample?”

Woman: “Oh it’s not a problem, I just wanted to taste.”

Employee: “Yes well, it’s considered polite to ask before you take one.”

Woman: “Ah, but in California they always say please go ahead, taste whatever you like!” (note: I have no idea why this was relevant. She had a french accent and clearly wasn’t American, and every farmer’s market I’d been to in California (where I grew up) had the same rule about sampling.)

Employee: “Yes, well we’re not in California. Also, these cherries on display have been sitting here for two days, and haven’t been washed. If you had asked me first, I could have given you a clean one from behind the counter.”

Woman: *accusingly* “Oh, so you think I am going to get sick?”

Employee: “Well, probably not but I have no control over it since you chose to eat dirty fruit.”

(They go back and forth for awhile, neither of them willing to let the subject drop and the woman still unwilling to apologize. I would have left but I had to awkwardly wait until they were done before I could pay for my fruit.)

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Berry Frustrating

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This takes place during certain health crisis restrictions. Everyone has to wear a mask, there are designated lines and distancing rules, etc.

My husband and I stop at a fresh product market to buy some strawberries. There is a sign that says, “No picking through strawberries,” which I assume means that you can’t pick through the baskets.

My husband picks a basket, careful not to touch any others, and while I collect a few other things, he looks more closely at his selection.

Several of them are moldy.

Husband: *To an employee* “I’m sorry to do this, but is it possible to give you this one back and pick a different basket? A bunch of these are moldy and you can’t tell from the top.”

Employee: “No, we have a sort of ‘you touch it you buy it’ policy.”

Husband: “But these are rotten and there’s no way to tell without picking it up.”

The employee just shrugged while putting out new baskets of berries. 

I get trying to reduce cross-contamination, but it’s not an excuse to bury old produce and trick people into buying it.

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Getting Down And Dirty About Pricing

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I was working at a farmer’s market. The vendor next to me was selling carrots for $1 a bag — pretty good price, excellent produce. A customer whined, “[Big Box Low-Price Grocery Store] has them for $0.79!”

[Vendor] looked him in the eye and said, “I crawled on my hands and knees in the mud to harvest these. They’re a dollar!”

The customer meekly paid and took the bag of carrots.

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The One Time That Actually Worked

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My sister and I both work at the same farmer’s market, but our hours don’t usually coincide. On this particular day, I happen to be working the opening shift while my sister is on the closing shift. I had to deal with an unhappy customer for quite a while earlier in the day but thought that the issue had finally been resolved. However, this incident happens shortly after I leave for the day.

Customer: *Complaining to my coworker* “The girl who was here earlier told us we couldn’t pick into bags, but those people there picked into bags!”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but they weren’t supposed to. It’s against our policy.”

Customer: “But why did you let those people pick into bags? The other girl told us that we couldn’t!”

The customer suddenly spies my sister walking by.

Customer: “That girl there! She was the one who told us that!”

Sister: *Confused* “Sorry, but I don’t remember helping you earlier.”

Customer: “Yes, it was you!”

Sister: “No, I’m sorry, but I don’t think it was me.”

Customer: *Very sarcastically* “Oh, so you have an identical twin or something?”

Sister: “Yes.”

Customer: “Oh.”

She kept her mouth shut after that!

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