Better Business, Stupider Scammers

, , , , | Legal | January 27, 2021

I manage security for an aeronautic electronics plant. My position is at the front visitor’s desk where I answer the main phone line. I take a call from an obvious scammer.

Caller: “This is the Better Business Bureau. We have a complaint against your business, so put me through to the owner, now!”

Me: “Oh? Well, you called the [Local] sub-division of [Corporation], owned by international corporation [Parent Company]. He would probably be in the business offices in either Newark, Milwaukee, our new Mexican office, Tel Aviv, or Los Angeles. Would you like me to find those numbers for you?”

Caller: *Click*

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A Spot Of Bother Over Spots

, , , , | Working | January 8, 2021

I work at a very large factory. At my particular spot in the factory, we work in a two-hour rotation for twelve hours a day on most spots on the line, save three. These three are super easy spots where you stay there all day and are therefore coveted.

Today is my first time at this specific spot since I started three weeks ago. I sign into the station and sit down on the provided stool. A coworker whom I have never met, running late, comes up, signs me out of the spot, signs herself into it, and sits down on the other stool.

Me: “Hey, that’s my spot. You are over there.”

Coworker: *Loudly* “Nope, it’s my spot! I just worked eight days in a row. I need to be here!”

And she turns her back to me and starts talking just as loudly to another workmate.

Me: “No, it is my spot. I was assigned to it.”

Coworker: “Well, I’m taking it!”

I’m a very shy and non-confrontational gal, so I shut up for a second, completely taken aback by this obnoxious behavior. A minute later, I decide to compromise with her. 

Me: “Okay, well, you take it for this quarter, but it’s mine after that. Or maybe we can do every other one?”

She only looks at me with a glare, which I return. 

During that day, she bullied a guy into buying her a soda, forced another girl to let her have another easy spot and made that girl take the hardest on the line, and was loudly belligerent to anyone coming near her.

It turns out she was able to give others negative marks on their work when she was assigned to that spot, which not everyone gets. Those who kissed her behind were not given marks. Those who did not, like me, were given mark after mark.

After too many complaints against her, she was demoted. She now refuses to look at me and requests others to sit in my spot if we have to work together. I happily comply.

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Reading Too Much Into It

, , , , , | Right | December 22, 2020

I run the scale at a waste facility and have struggled with already cranky customers getting mad at me because I struggle to hear them with their masks. Most of my customers are contractors and can be a little dense.

Customer: “How come you’re still wearing that button? The election is over!”

Me: “Did you read it?”

The button says, “Please be patient; I’m hard of hearing.”

Customer: *Turning red* “Well, how was I supposed to know?”

Me: “Maybe read the button you’re looking at?”

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Getting To The Meat Of The Problem

, , , , | Working | December 15, 2020

My company has asked a load of us to help out in the factory on a special project. It means long days in the cold, but it’s extra money and they promise to feed us.

Day one is tough, but we make it fun. Lunchtime comes around and they take our orders for pizza — meat and vegetarian options. Everyone kicks back and tucks in.

Day two is just as difficult as before, but we are in a rhythm, we work hard all morning, and they come round and offer fish and chips. Most have fish; some just have chips. It’s really cold and the hot food goes down well.

Then, one of the younger guys pipes up, going on about fried chicken.

Coworker: “Yeah, let’s get fried chicken tomorrow.”

Me: “Err… not everyone eats meat. I just can’t eat it. We should have something everyone wants.”

Coworker: “Nah, it will be great! Let’s get chicken.”

Me: “Do what you want, but these meals are for everyone, not just what you want, okay?!”

A few more people chime in to agree; they don’t eat meat or just don’t want greasy chicken. I think nothing more of it until the next day.

On day three, we are getting tired and people are making mistakes, but we make it through to lunch. Management comes round asking what chicken meals we want.

Clearly, [Coworker] has gone behind everyone’s back. I am honestly a bit pissed off.

Manager: *To me* “So, what meal can I get you?”

Me: “Oh, nothing for me. I can’t eat it.”

Manager: “Oh, really? [Coworker] said he spoke to everyone and they were happy.”

Me: “Not really, but if most people are happy, then I can just get my own.”

Manager: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yeah, it’s fine.”

I take a long lunch and grab myself something to eat. I come back to find half of the team missing. The manager is stressed, worrying about finishing the work on time.

It turns out that [Coworker] didn’t bother to ask anyone. Half of the team wasn’t happy, either, and decided to get their own lunch. Some were stuck in traffic, some were just late, and some were chatting or went back to the office first.

Things were so delayed that we didn’t finish our quota for the day. A couple of guys — including me — volunteered to work even longer to make up the time lost. When asked, [Coworker] stated that he “didn’t want to” and left.

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This Transaction Has A Number Of Issues

, , , , , | Right | December 7, 2020

Customer: “I’m looking to place an order.”

Me: “Okay, what do you need?”

The customer gives a lengthy description of the pipe fitting that they need. I spend five minutes searching based on their description.

Customer: *After five minutes of silence* “I have a part number; would that help you?”

In what universe would that NOT be helpful?

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